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The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 40 by desirenovel

The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 40 by desirenovel


With all the stimulation earlier—both in a figurative and literal sense—I decided to soak on the pool inside my bathroom. Rhea, for some reason, hadn’t shown herself to me and so I just helped myself, loading the pool with oils and essences enough to take off the king’s smell of cum on me. Not like I didn’t like it. It just would only make me remember our time earlier and his desertion and it would consequently piss me off.

I tried hard to avoid remembering his face, his grunts, his uhmm…cock—its size and how handsome it was—or how he gloriously fingered me, and with luck, it was a success. By the time I left the pool, I was refreshed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

So far, not one servant–or anyone for that matter–bothered to request me back into the party, so I reckoned they didn’t need me there anymore. That was fine with me. I didn’t want to see Lord Hale again and risk myself getting bitten, or even to mingle with the guests and risk my secret from leaking under a case of loose lip.

Clothed in a beige, long-sleeved sleeping gown, I climbed up the large mattress and arranged the duvet to cover half of my body. I wasn’t necessarily afraid of the dark, but I decided to leave the lampshade on. It provided enough lighting to cast most of the room’s darkness away.

Sleep easily came to me that in less than a minute, I was out cold, but like all the other nights before this, a very sexual, very erotic dream about the king and I began. I knew this because once I had groggily woke up in the middle of the night, I noticed my underwear already drenched underneath the duvet.

With the sex dream I just had and the residue of need returning to me from my last real encounter with the king, I immediately felt hot and bothered, and aroused times ten. I found it difficult to concentrate back to sleep with this and so, I decided to put matters into my own hands, literally. I tossed the duvet off of me and unashamedly decided to pleasure myself for the first time in this kingdom.

Knowing I was alone in my bedroom, I touched the parts where I was most sensitive: my breasts and my clit. I pulled my sleeping gown up and then cupped myself, kneaded it, and played with it while the other moved past my underwear and did damage control, easily accommodating two fingers inside, taking advantage of how wet I was.

“Ohhh…” I moaned into the air, tossing my head back and squeezing my eyes shut. I let the memory of the recent sex dream I had tonight flow through me and used it to stimulate me more. King Aero was certainly pounding me with abandon on that dream, the same way he dry-humped me tonight.

“Yes. Yes!” I shouted once I felt the sensation build up inside me. With still my underwear on, my legs spread apart allowing more room for my fingers to inch deeper into my opening.

Together, I squeezed my breast and rubbed my clit with force. They were both so turned on I could almost reach the finish line.

“Fuck, yes!” The words just flew out of my mouth when I indeed felt my orgasm. It was just as potent as it was when King Aero finger-fucked me earlier.

Huffing, my hands fell limp on both sides for a short while. After finding the energy to move, I repositioned my clothing and myself on the bed; my brief self-stimulation now turned to memory. I looked up into the clear glass ceiling and sighed. There were so many stars in the sky. I never expected to see so much in one place let alone in this realm.

“Thank you for the wonderful show, my queen.”

I suddenly jerked up when I heard the king’s voice somewhere in my room. I scrambled to stare at an area where there was total darkness and noticed a movement in it.

As if a bucket of ice was dumped on me, I shivered when I realized the king had just referred to me finger fucking myself.


He undoubtedly saw everything and because of that, my face burned red in its highest shade.


Watching on the sidelines as the queen pleasured herself, I couldn’t help but grow aroused too. I felt my cock twitch. Against my pants, the hardness was already painful. I wanted to free it and stroke it too, but I held myself and chastised my weakness.

What the hell was I doing? A woman. I shouldn’t forget that she was a woman. I shouldn’t forget that I hated them and abhorred their bodies.

I kept on reminding myself this, but still, I couldn’t keep my eyes away and I couldn’t bring to transport myself in another place far from her.

Her moans grew louder, dissecting my eardrums with its volume and erotic sound. Triggered by this, my wolf and lycan sides howled inside. The two were fucking partying, happy to see her in self-absorbed action. This would have supposed to disgust me, but it didn’t. I couldn’t deny that I was enjoying it too.

I took note of every erotic face she showed, every movement of her fingers inside her underwear, and every caress of her breasts—the breasts that would perfectly fit my hands if I were to touch them. I wasn’t aware I was completely hypnotized with watching her until it was already too late. Damn.

Once she climaxed, I found myself holding my breath. Dents formed on the arm handle of my chair brought about by my disappointment—of what I was disappointed about, I couldn’t really say, but it seemed to dangerously lean on the fact that it wasn’t I who gave her that orgasm.

Her face was a picture of satisfaction when it was done. I relaxed, finally thanking that my ordeal was over, but I sure wasn’t satisfied. Hell, a big part of me wanted to join her.

“Thank you for the wonderful show, my queen,” I stated out-of-the-blue consequently revealing my presence.

Under my scrutiny, she quickly sat up, her eyes roaming all over the room, trying to catch where I stood.

I stepped out of the darkness, sporting a wide grin on my face. I never really intended to show myself to her, especially when I was in a precarious situation myself, but I refused to miss this chance of well…interrogating her.

“Aren’t you the pervert type of king,” she accused me, giving me a weak glare.

I arched a brow finding the word hilarious.

“No. Perverts don’t reveal themselves, woman. They remain hidden and continue to observe their targets. I just showed myself to you so I’m not a pervert.”

“Hmf, point taken but still it’s an alibi,” she muttered, shrugging her shoulders.

I chuckled. “Yes, my queen. A royal alibi.” I cocked my head to the side and gave her a once over. “You’re not at all flustered that I’m here. I just saw you pleasure yourself. Doesn’t that make you feel uncomfortable?”

She shook her head without hesitation.

“No, it doesn’t,” she simply stated, looking at me straight in the eye. “I witnessed you masturbate too. We are both even.”

I chuckled again and stepped forward, closer to the foot of the bed. “Indeed we are.”

Not satisfied, I rounded the corner and approached her left side. She looked up at me, staying still, staying vulnerable, but I could see she was cautious too.

I stooped low and leveled my face with hers, making her see how serious I was.

“But as I said, Serena, I don’t settle on just a tie alone. I aim to win.”

“The feeling is mutual, Your Highness,” she told me, her words like a dare, and then, without any warning, she grabbed the back of my head and crashed her lips on mine.

I was taken by surprise when she did this; my eyes turning into saucers.

But my hands, before I could stop them, traveled to her body. One hand reached out to cup her face while the other guided her back against the mattress.

I felt her palm touch my chest, traveling down my waist and then stopping on my belt buckle. She gave out a throaty moan when I stopped our kiss and caressed her neck.

With her legs spread wide, I arranged myself in between and pressed my hardened member against her abdomen.

“Then that would be a big problem, my queen,” I drawled, gazing back at her with heavy-lidded eyes. Underneath me, she looked even more beautiful. I wanted to crush her.

“Indeed it is,” she answered. It didn’t sound like this bothered her. Actually, she even sounded confident with herself.

Confident about what, I couldn’t really say. I didn’t even know just what game we were playing.

“I heard you call my name while at sleep,” I pointed out, grinning whilst tracing a finger along her clavicle, just near the dip of her cleavage.

“I did?” she blinked.

“Ask for my permission first before using it in one of your sex dreams, woman. I can’t handle insubordination.”

She chuckled and shook her head. “You’re insufferable. You used my name just this morning in your sleep too, you know. Again, we’re even.”

“No, we aren’t,” I told her, abruptly holding her wrist where the mark lay. “I’m one step ahead of you.” Then, I let out a self-satisfied smile. “Me on top of you now is one example.”

She was fast to respond, pushing me suddenly with all her might, trying to roll me over. It was pitiful to watch. Easily, I subdued her by pressing my body weight more on her.

“Hmm, no, Serena,” I whispered, my mouth close to her ear. “You won’t win against me that easily.”

“Don’t be too cocksure, Your Highness,” her teeth gnashed. “You haven’t met a woman like me. I’ll be above you before you even know it.”

I laughed as I had never laughed before. A woman — actually challenging me. It was hilarious.

“You’re acting like a luna. I’m not sure whether to be proud of it or angry.”

In the periphery of my vision, I noticed a luminescent glow pass us by. I shifted my head to look at it and she did too.

Instantly, I recognized it to be the insect from earlier. I frowned, disappointed that of all the time it showed itself, it had to be now.

From underneath me, I heard a quick gasp, then I felt Serena stiffen.

I tossed her a confused look, sensing the change of mood from her.

She flickered her eyes to me. From fiery ones, they now looked in pain. So much in pain.

“My head…” she muttered and pressed a hand on her temporal. “It hurts.”

At once, I sat on her right side and scooped her up. She didn’t look my way anymore. She was busy nursing her head.

“Wait here, I’ll get some medicine,” I stated, about to stand up, but she groaned and grunted and cried out in pain, doubling over to press her forehead against her knees.

“Ahhh!” she cried out again, her tears spilling from her eyes.


It wasn’t me to panic, definitely not my vocabulary to fear anything, but looking at her now and her distressing state, a wave of worry hit me.

‘WILLIAM!’ I barked, mind-linking my beta, disregarding the fact that it was late at night. ‘WILLIAM!’

‘Yes, Your Highness!’ he finally replied, probably just coming from a good sleep.

‘Call the healers. NOW!’

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