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The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 37 by desirenovel

The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 37 by desirenovel

Jealousy was only for the stupid and frail. I never felt that kind of emotion before. Elijah during his mind-link however brought that thing to my attention. He actually accused me of acting like one. Here I thought he was busy with his newfound target, but it seemed I was wrong. He was onto me the moment I left Serena’s…or that woman’s side.

‘Relax, brother,’ he said, ‘Lord Hale would be the most stupid vampire if he harms the queen.’

‘You forget, Elijah, he could stop time for a whole minute. Anything and everything could happen during that lost time,’ I corrected him whilst walking back to my throne.

‘I know,’ he continued, ‘but I’m confident you could fix that.’ Then, the bastard chuckled. ‘With how jealous you are right now, I’m sure you can break his time barrier.’

I grumbled within my throat. ‘You blabber too much Elijah,’ I scolded him, then set out to monitor the queen once I seated. Unfortunately, at the spur of the moment, I released a promise to her. I always keep my promises, so despite not liking it, I knew I had to fulfill my word.

From the sea of dancers, it was easy to spot them. They were actually given a good amount of space by the others who were rather clueless with Lord Hale’s movements. I knew for certain though he was leading her to a vacant balcony farthest away from the crowd and the banquet table. I scoffed at this. He could fool the others, but certainly not me.

I kept a close eye on them. It was taxing at first, my head not open to the idea of protecting a woman, but over time, I came to accept it. It was easy when I didn’t restrict myself. In fact, it felt natural for me to care for her. It felt like I was destined to protect her and not surprising at all, my wolf and lycan sides agreed with me.

‘Yes, we’ll rip that vampire’s fangs if he so much as graze those things on her neck,’

Pulsing heat surged through me as they danced. The way Hale placed his hand on her, the way he pulled her chest to chest, the way they were close—too close for my liking—made me clench my teeth. Hell, if this wasn’t jealousy, then what was I feeling?

‘Keep an eye on the other vampires, William,’ I told my beta, diverting my attention to the distasteful thought. He looked at me from the distance with his hyper-developed eyesight and nodded.

‘I will, Your Highness. Leave them to me.’

I took considerable attention to the queen’s little hints. For some reason, I could easily read it. If I still remember correctly, before Elijah and I could mind-link, this was exactly what I experienced back when he was eight—reading little hints first until it developed and now we could fully communicate through what human’s call telepathy. Not like I want that to happen to me and that woman, but…

Fuck, never mind.

At first, the two were just talking and dancing. Whatever the topic was, I didn’t really care, but as soon as she looked at me with what I could gather as anxiety and fear, I felt alarmed.

‘Take me out of here…’ an echoing voice of a woman suddenly rang in my head. I couldn’t delineate to whose but I had an inexplicable feeling it came from the queen.

Instantaneously, sense, and reason left me. I stood up in full height, my feet not wasting time as it rammed past the dancers in my way. It was probably the fastest walk I had ever done in my life and I had no doubt, just to reach her stat, I probably would have changed into my wolf form if it wasn’t for this damn party and all these righteousness as king.

Once I was an earshot away, I heard my queen grumble out something about threats and being married. With my lycan side ready and waiting for a good fight, I looked at Hale, sending him the deadliest glare I could muster.

Closer, I could sense Serena’s distress, but she held it pretty good.

Hale and I exchanged words, but I wasn’t in the mood to sustain it so I abruptly dismissed him turning to my queen instead and grabbing her wrist.

To my relief, she didn’t complain and remained silent until we reached the hidden door at the back of my throne and that’s when all my suppressed feelings blew up. I didn’t understand what exact emotion I was feeling. I didn’t know how to express it even. My whole body just shook. My blood boiled to its limit and because of this, words left my mouth uncurbed…

But instead of tackling me head-on, the woman, foolishly confident as she was, did the unexpected.

I froze when she touched my jaw; the softness of her hands…her fingers I could liken to silk of the finest quality. She closed the distance between us and before I could stop her, she rounded up her arms around my torso and pressed her face against my chest.

She did some damage on my heartbeat that instant and I was left scrambling to normalize the rhythm. What the fuck did she do to me?

Not knowing what to do, I stilled, but seconds later, my hand traitorously reached up and patted her. It was such an awkward action that I wanted to chastise myself. I could do better than this, so…so much better. I could have reciprocated her embrace, squeezed her tight just to feel her presence, and maybe…just maybe kiss those lips that had been enticing me to no end after our wedding. Yet, I limited myself.

But that was just the tip of my suffering. I hadn’t anticipated this woman would make a move that would force me into betraying my hardened hatred of the female population.

I’d be the biggest werewolf idiot if I act like I didn’t know exactly what she was talking about. My ears probably perked up, filtering her raw words when she declared she wanted to ‘return the favor’. If I recall correctly, this morning I tasted her; lapped her juices despite the underwear she wore. I was out of control at that time. If it wasn’t for Elijah’s interruption, I would have continued devouring her disregarding the consequences thereafter.

Now, in this hidden chamber where only a large couch and a wooden table was set-up, there was certainly no one to interrupt us.

“Choose your words wisely, woman,” I muttered, not moving an inch when she pressed herself to me. My already semi-erect cock hardened even more when I felt her hand rest on top of my belt buckle.

“I am,” she softly answered, looking up at me with desire-filled eyes. “At this moment, there’s nothing more I wish to do other than to please you, Your Majesty.”

My wolf and lycan sides howled in chorus. They were completely ready for it. I could feel them excited beyond compare. My wrist mark throbbed deliciously crazy too. What’s left was for me to just allow it to happen…

And I did. I allowed her hand entry where no woman had entered. I wanted to reject her. I really do. I wanted to push her away from me, but deny as I may, I wanted to accept her brazen offer.

Without waiting for my expressed permission, she unbuckled my belt faster than I could on normal days, then she slipped her hand inside my pants.

“Urgghh,” I groaned when her fingers met the tip and I clenched my jaw when she wrapped her palm around my shaft. I tossed my head back when she squeezed it, probably testing if it was indeed hard as steel.

‘I bet it was,’ my mind thought as I cracked up a proud grin inside.

My fingers against the wooden door flexed and out came my claws. They dug deep into the wood and created splinters just as this woman started pumping my cock.

I closed my eyes, took my sweet time relishing the feel of someone jacking me. Many, many times had I done this all to myself. They were all good, those sessions. I climaxed many times and wasted my cum many, many times, spilling them on my hands, on the bed, on the chair, and sometimes on the floor—tiled, marbled, or carpeted. Now, someone else was doing it for me and all I could do was to savor it—savor each pump, each squeeze, each glorious contact of her hand around my cock.

“Fu—ck…” I gritted my teeth as she suddenly squeezed the head, eliciting quickly my precum. “Se…re…na, damn you.”

In response to my crude word, she just hummed a tune of enjoyment and continued brutally wasting me.

Her other hand decided to join in and grabbed my balls. I jerked at the contact, shot her a surprised look, but right then and there, saw her kneel down; her face…her mouth just inches away from my erection.

‘Fuck,’ I cursed to myself. Boy was she really going to return the favor…

Author’s Note: And you’re going to love it.

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