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The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 32 by desirenovel

The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 32 by desirenovel


Trying to understand Rhea’s words, I recollected everything I experienced so far, and yeah, somehow, not all were bad.

“True, this place is different than ours,” I started when I faced her. “It is attractive…”

‘Not to mention the king,’ my mind pitched in. I inwardly groaned. Of all the things to highlight, why him?

Then I remembered one basic fact Rhea might not have known.

“If…if you want to stay, I think you can, but a word of advise, know first what kind of people you are dealing with,” I stated vaguely. If I tell her head-on that this kingdom’s people including their rulers were werewolves, she’d probably think me crazy.

A small curve on her lip appeared and then I saw an undeniable recognition in her eyes.

“I know what you’re trying to say, Serena. I know already what they are. They are werewolves.”

My mouth gaped and I blinked many times.

“Wow, that fast?” I muttered.

She nodded and another blush, this time clearer, appeared on her cheeks.

“The crown prince…uhm…showed me.”

Her eyes moved everywhere except in my direction. She looked shy and cute, and quite frankly, a bit turned on judging from the look on her face—biting her lip and all.

“O…kay, I’ll leave the details for you to keep,” I sensitively stated. Although I was super curious, whatever happened to them when leaving the vampire realm was theirs to keep. I wouldn’t want to pry on their privacy as much as I didn’t want her to pry on mine.

“Don’t you want to stay here too? I mean, Earth is still our home, but you’re the queen of this kingdom, wouldn’t you want to spend your time here to get to know your people more? Think of it as a vacation,” she advised, her eyes full of enthusiasm.

I sighed and lowered my chin.

“I’ll think about it, Rhea. It’s…it’s complicated for now,” I stated, thinking of the one man that was the cause of the complication.

She nodded and took my hand. “I understand, but if you change your mind, let me know. Let’s explore this world together.”

I squeezed back her hands.

“How about we explore this castle first?” I offered, looking at her with beaming eyes. To tour the castle with someone who hadn’t also been in the place would be a challenge I know but it would also be fun.

“That’s a great idea,” she giggled and happily turned towards the door.

Rhea and I used the most of the day walking, talking and carelessly opening doors in every room we pass by inside the castle. We looked like kids exploring with not a care in the world if our mothers were looking for us. We giggled and laughed and our voices were all over the hallways.

Stationary soldiers we happen to come in contact with would react in a very funny but sweet way. They’d look surprised at first, blush next, and quickly pull themselves down the floor to attempt a perfect bow. Rhea would wink at me and pucker her lips, teasing me to give them poor soldiers a blessing. I’d quickly shake my head and control my laughter. No way would I act like the pope over these men even if I so wanted to.

When we reached an open walkway at the very top of the castle, we stopped and took the whole scenery in. The Kingdom of Phanteon was indeed grand. As far as my eyes could reach me, there was lush greenery all around, mountains, lakes, and groups of towns vibrant with colors on their roofs. There were high towers I counted down to ten guarding the castle and the castle itself was surrounded with tall walls. The gardens below were magnificent, the choices of plants and its landscaping were the same. A thick gate made of what looked like iron guarded the entry. The emblem of the kingdom was on it on both sides.

I watched completely awed by the world around us. ‘The queen… I’m the queen of this kingdom,’ my mind chanted, ‘and my husband is the king and has been doing a perfect job on it.’ Would it be wise to fool the people of this world? Wouldn’t I feel guilty about it? Could I meet their expectations? Questions slowly ate me.

Turning to Rhea, I saw the adoration in her eyes of the place. She had already made up her mind to stay. It was a quick decision and I envied her. I wished I was that damn straight. Remembering her words earlier, she was right. Earth was still my home, but I could stay in this new world and get to know more about the kingdom and its residents. What actually made me second guess then?

Oh yes, I knew the answer even before asking the question. It was simple. I wasn’t wanted. The king had clearly stated it the moment we first met. I wouldn’t fit in in this world. He was just using me. I was just a ruse queen. I didn’t have a ‘Prince Elijah’ who would be kind and generous enough to make me feel welcomed.

I was better off in my own world, but until then…until the time this mark on my wrist disappears, I’d have to do my duties as queen, even if it was in name only.

“I see that you are both having a fun time,” a familiar voice interrupted our examination of the kingdom and we both quickly turned to the source behind us.

“Prince Elijah,” I exclaimed, smiling.

Rhea was quick to perform a curtsy. “Your Highness…” she whispered which consequently earned a frown from the prince.

“Rhea, I already told you to call me by my name,” he corrected; his tone of voice a whole lot different from what I’m used to. His words were stern, but he delivered it in a manner that was gentle and full of meaning.

I bit my lip, trying to contain the grin from surfacing on my face.

“I apologize, Cedric,” Rhea stated.

“Cedric?” I parroted, my forehead wrinkling.

Prince Elijah chuckled.

“Don’t be confused sister-in-law, Cedric is my first name. Elijah is my second. My brother and the rest of the kingdom prefer to use my second name. I’m well-known that way.”

“Hmm, that is noted then,” I affirmed.

He glanced back at Rhea again and right then and there, I saw how warm he looked at her and well…she reciprocated it the same way. They were fun to watch.

“There’s going to be a banquet tonight. You two ladies are expected as special guests,” he informed.

Curious, I stepped in and asked, “Who threw a party and why?”

“The council persuaded the king,” he answered honestly, “In your honor, Queen Serena, to celebrate your recovery.”

“And my…husband actually agreed?” I cleared a lump in my throat. Really?

“Of course, he would.” He flashed a grin that was too suspicious for my liking.

“Right,” I muttered and rolled my eyes heavenward.

“Dress up and make yourselves even more beautiful ladies. Tonight, we will have wine, food, and fun,” his eyes landed on Rhea last, and again I saw some meaning to it.

I often think of what Elijah’s definition of fun was, but I guess this time it involved my new friend.

“I’ll see you tonight, Rhea,” he stated, taking her hand on his and then kissing it.

“Tonight it is then, Cedric,” she blushed.

These two, they were completely mesmerized with each other. I couldn’t shake the feeling that Prince Elijah’s existence in this kingdom influenced a big part of Rhea’s decision to stay. It that was the case, it would be quite a risk, but probably even I would take that risk if it meant I’d find the man destined for me.

Author’s Note: Look around you. He is just around the corner probably jerking off his sexual frustration.

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