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The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 29 by desirenovel

The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 29 by desirenovel


Garbed in a long dress I had no recollection of wearing, my feminine figure was pressed up perfectly against a lean, muscular shape that was the king. He was a big man sure, but with all things considered, the right parts met in order; like how my lips were near his, how my torso lined up well with his, and most especially, how his cock reached my inner thigh, fitting itself there like it wanted to play house.

How big and how hard he was I just couldn’t describe. I wanted to justify the situation and reasoned to myself, hey, this was just a normal male reaction near the presence of a woman. However, judging from the REM action of his eyes, I had no doubt he was in a deep sleep and had no idea he was embracing me, or even trespassing my side of the bed for that matter.

But his cock continued to twitch and undeniably, I was beginning to feel it poking my folds. Despite my best efforts, I was beginning to feel stimulated with this also.

Staring at the king, I debated to myself whether I should just wake him up or not. There were pros and cons in both situations; unfortunately, both would end up in embarrassment.

In the end, my choice was the latter. It was the lesser evil. My plan was to stay still and wait for him to move. Surely, he’d do that in a couple of minutes…or if he wakes up on his own and found us in this position, I would act as nothing happened. He’d probably do the same and kick me out of the bed in a heartbeat.

What I hadn’t equated was what occurred next.

King Aero started grunting and moving his hips. Though it was just a slight movement, with his cock already nestled in between my thighs, it proved to be a disaster.

I felt my whole body burn with a sudden ache—an ache that didn’t mean pain from an injury or illness. It was of a different nature. The temperature of my body increased. My breathing was the same. King Aero was affecting me so much and he had no clue he was doing it.

Trying to keep myself from moaning, I clamped my lips shut and stared at him. He was still fast asleep, but surprisingly, still grunting; his face a picture of extreme pleasure.

I couldn’t avoid thinking, was he really this sexually frustrated? He hated women. Did that mean he hadn’t had one bed action with a woman since realizing he had a body part that was created for it?

Now, look whose talking, my mind cried foul. Who was I to judge when I was the same? It was a personal choice for me to stay untouched. I wasn’t a prude back on Earth nor did I have an illogical, unattainable interpretation of what a relationship between a man and a woman should look like.

Independent or not, women deserved the best in life. It’s only proper to find a man who could give them that and be the best himself—that was what I believed in. And so far, I hadn’t come across that kind of man.

I spared a glance at the king and a wild thought crossed my mind, ‘Until now…’

I bit my lip again. His grunts of pleasure were continuous, it was entertaining my ears but murdering my brain with thoughts of what he was dreaming about.

I got my answer right then and there when without warning, he uttered a word that almost gave me a cardiac attack.

“Se…re…na…” he grunted, his voice filled with lust.

It dawned on me that not only was he dreaming a sexual dream, but he was dreaming of a sexual dream with me.



Oh god, this meant he was experiencing the same problem as me. This meant we were on the same boat. Should I be relieved of this? Should I be happy? I’m…I’m unsure what to feel but somehow at least I know I’m not the only person tormented by this arranged marriage. At least I know he saw me as a desirable woman, even if it was through his dream.

King Aero continued to groan whilst I continued to stifle my moan. The pressure on my clit caused by the slight thrusting of his cock was too much. A chill crept down my spine then. Maybe a moment from now, I’d likely explode.

Hell, I was right.

Clouded by my orgasm, I inadvertently let out a whimper. I pressed my forehead against the king’s chest and gripped his shirt. I planned to stay like that for a while, however, something wet and sticky flowed down my inner thigh, passing the thin cloth of my dress and I was certain it wasn’t my own post-orgasmic fluids.

Jerking my head, I shot a dumbfounded eye on the king’s face. I was stunned even more when I saw him already awake, as shocked as I was; his hazel-greens swirling with a silent question.


Watching the shimmering glow of the strange insect, I suddenly felt sleepy. I failed to get a restful sleep last night so as I gazed at my bed and the tempting available space next to the woman, I gave in to the call.

To hell if she was right next to me. I just need some damn sleep.

Without thinking, I claimed the space and sprawled my large frame on the mattress. Instant calmness filled me, my mind went blank and seconds later, slumber followed.

‘Hmmm… yes, please, please… move inside me…’ I heard a woman say close to my ear. My consciousness kick-started and processed what was happening. It didn’t take me long to realize I was fucking a woman…and not just any woman. As I stared at her panting form, I realized it was my fake wife.

Her smooth hands were against my chest, feeling my muscles. Her legs were wrapped up around my waist, scissoring and tightening whilst I was on top of her, driving my cock in and out of her.

Her moans and the erotic face she was showing were a perfect combination. It aroused me more and so I penetrated myself deeper and deeper, harder and harder never really caring if this was real or just a dream.

I was sure this was a dream though like the countless others I received before. On no occasion would this ever happen in real life, married or not.

‘Yes! Aero, yes!’ she cried out loudly, holding onto my shoulders. ‘That’s it!’

Every part of my body shook, the sensation of being inside her brought a wave of orgasm inside me.


My cum exploded, filling every space she offered. I heard her whimper; heard her aroused sound like it was real…



Quick like lightning, my eyes popped open. It wasn’t the ceiling of my room that welcomed me. It was my wife with the biggest surprised look and the reddest face I had seen in a person.

My reflexes kicked in and I surveyed our position quickly. I was stunned to see myself embracing her and what’s more, we were both in bed, face to face, with our legs intertwined and my pants feeling wet and sticky.

Double fuck.

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