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The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 27 by desirenovel

The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 27 by desirenovel


After spending the entire night in my manor unsuccessfully fending off thoughts of the woman, I went back to the castle ready to bark orders and chew some bones—bones of whoever was unfortunately within my path of rage.

Surprisingly, the first person to greet me in the throne room was the crown prince who had since been missing in action yesterday night. I had expected Elijah to pester me in the manor, maybe to admonish me for leaving the woman with the healers, but he actually didn’t come.

It was a welcomed change, but I couldn’t also deny I had a moment of worry. I left him in the vampire realm after all and there was always a possibility he wasn’t able to travel back home and doomed himself there.

I was glad he was back in the flesh and reporting to me.

“I expected you to return early. What’s the reason for the delay?” I asked, unable to hold on to my curiosity.

“I had to make sure Rhea receives proper accommodation in our kingdom, brother,” he answered. My brow arched up in response.


If I wasn’t mistaken, this name was meant for a female.

“She’s the woman who took care of Queen Serena in the vampire realm,” he reminded, seeing my inability to recollect such a person.

But the moment he reminded me, my memory of this Rhea returned.

Tall and slender neck. Had a feisty aura just like the queen. Blonde hair. Ah, yes, I remember her. She’s exactly Elijah’s type.

“And where did you situate her?” I asked, digging deeper into this unexpected news.

“The South Wing of the castle, brother. She…uhm…she’ll be Queen Serena’s personal companion as she’s a human too. They would benefit each other’s company.”

My dear brother, the ever sure one, looked somewhat lost for words for a moment. This was new.

“If that’s the case then why situate her in the South Wing? You know very well the queen’s quarters are near mine, in the North Wing.”

His brows arched up for a second and then, he blinked many times as if he had just realized the situation.

“I…ah…I haven’t thought of that,” he answered sheepishly.

I cracked a grin, realizing what was happening.

“Is it my time now to goad on you?” I told him. I’d certainly enjoy teasing him to no end if I turn out right with my hunch.

“What do you mean, brother?” He looked confused. Clueless. Like a lost puppy.

Oh, this is precious. As a compulsive ladies man, he should have realized it already, but it seems my little brother here doesn’t even see it himself.

I battled to keep my expression neutral, but Heaven knew, how I wanted to burst out laughing at his situation. He was turning like a lovesick fool. This certainly was a first.

“Keep getting distracted, I like it.”

That way, he wouldn’t have to mock or boss me with my wife problem.

Elijah appeared a little bit uncomfortable for a moment. He shook his head and held my gaze as he replied, “Rhea doesn’t distract me. She merely needs my help as she begins to thrive with our kind.”

My brows knotted.

“What? You do not plan on returning her to Earth? I’m pretty sure she asked your help regarding that right?”

“What about the Queen? Do you plan to return her to Earth?” he boomeranged. I would have said an easy yes, but I carefully considered the situation.

“That woman is a different matter entirely,” I told him. “She’s ill. Until she recovers, she’ll have to stay here.”

“Fair enough,” Elijah nodded. “Then Rhea will continue to stay until Queen Serena gets better. How is she anyway?”

“I am yet to be updated on her status,” was my immediate response.

“How so?” he stated, brows furrowing. “You didn’t stay with her all night? I thought she’s ill. She would need your presence, brother.”

What an ironic thing for him to say.

“I am not a healer, Elijah,” I stated, half growling.

“Well, you’re her husband,” he lashed. “You could heal her better than any healer in our kingdom.”

I hauled in an angry breath.

“Don’t give me that crap. Just…go and be distracted elsewhere.”

He looked displeased, something that he was already used to when dealing with me.

“Fine, I have a meeting with Halcynos anyway, but as your royal adviser, I advise you to go to her now,” he stated before leaving the throne room.

“Fuck that,” I muttered as I watched his retreating back.

His words, as always, did hit me but I refused to budge. Visiting that woman would only give me mixed feelings and that’s the last thing I want to have in this kingdom.

But speaking of her, one of her healers sought an audience with me a few minutes later, no doubt to report her situation.

“Your Majesty,” the curly-haired healer stated once she stood in front of me.

“State your business,” I ordered, straightening up my spine, aligning my whole body against the intimidating throne I have.

“I bring news about the queen,” she lowered her head and said.

“Go on,” I told her, readying myself on whatever news she brought.

“The lacerations on her arms, face, and foot have already healed. Head concussion is the main reason why she is still out cold. With proper healing time and constant treatment, she’ll recover with no complications.”

“Good,” I bobbed my head up and down slowly.

“We are however worried about her memories, Your Majesty.”

My already knotted brows knotted further.

“Expound,” I ordered.

The healer went on, explaining the situation to me and its scientific side: “Her brain has been affected by the fall. As healers, we could easily heal the anatomical part of it without consequences. It is its process we are worried about, Your Majesty. This faculty is yet to be understood; how the brain stores information, how it processes it, and how it is being understood. It works in mysterious ways. We couldn’t exactly be sure if this part of her will be affected. Until she wakes up, what we can only do for now is guess.”

“So you are telling me there are three ways this could go down,” I summarized. “Either she stays normal, or experiences amnesia, or she becomes a lunatic.”

“Or she reacts to it differently,” she added. “As I said, the brain works in mysterious ways.”

I clenched my teeth.

“Just do what you are skilled to do. I’ll take care of the rest.”

She bowed her head low again.

“As you wish, Your Majesty.”

I didn’t wait for her to leave the throne room. I transported myself inside my chamber after our conversation.

“Leave us,” I barked at the two remaining healers who were in the middle of their energy treatment.

Without hesitation, they left and sensibly closed the door while on their way out.

Elijah’s words earlier reverberated inside my head then as I gazed at my fake wife.

‘You could heal her better than any healer in our kingdom.’

“I’m here now,” I stated, clenching and unclenching my hands. “Tell me. What can I do to get you out of my bed, woman?”

Her answer didn’t come out obviously. She was too deep in her sleep to actually hear my complaints.

Stepping closer to the bed, I examined her entire frame. She wasn’t pale anymore. Her cheeks had returned to its former rosy hue and her face shined again. Her lips remained plump and full but its redness had tripled. I had the craziest, damning need to touch it and feel it.

In the end, I held myself at bay. Such a feeling of need was just a distraction. Unimportant. Irrelevant. My wolf decided to sulk on the corner after growling at me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a shimmering, neon pink winged insect perch on the balustrade outside my balcony. It was my first time seeing such a vibrant creature. I was sure to myself such an insect didn’t exist in my kingdom, so I had to question myself, ‘Did this poor thing just hop realms?’ Or… ‘Did someone created it and decided to release it from its cage?’

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