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The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 12 by desirenovel

The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 12 by desirenovel


I wasted my time worrying about our sharing of a room when it turned out, my new husband had another plan in mind. In the middle of the celebration, I saw him leave in a hurry and this was after he called a blue-haired man, his second-in-command maybe, and conversed through whispers.

I cared less what they were talking about. Anyway, I couldn’t hear a word they said because of the noise inside the throne room. A little later after he vanished, men in lavish suits—the royal council—as far as I know, stood up and left the party.

I recognized them in a gathering I attended a day earlier with Elijah. That gathering was weird in a way. It was held in the highest mountain in the kingdom, over a stretch of grassy clearing a kilometre away from the castle. There were a lot of attendees. I say tens of thousands probably. The same as at the wedding.

I reckoned it was the population of this realm. Their appearance looked human, but I knew beneath their normal-looking eyes, a wolf was hiding. Throughout the gathering, I kept my composure intact and diverted my attention to my acting skills. Somehow, my Mass Communication course helped me converse with the council in a natural way. I was glad enough Elijah chose to educate me on their history and culture. I was able to at least ride on with the conversation because of it.

Elijah was truthful enough to tell me about the purpose of the mountain gathering. It was called Ma’tisste. He said it was their annual celebration to welcome the new moon of the year and the highlight activity was what he called ‘the howling’.

It was obvious enough what he was trying to tell me.

“Do you want to see?” he said nonchalantly.

Are you kidding me?! My mind stressed.

I looked at him and quickly shook my head. “No, thanks. Seeing people get naked and turn into a wolf is not my thing.”

He just grinned at me and then led the way to the coach.

When we were a few miles away from the mountain field, I heard the howls of the many wolves through my window. It both frightened and amazed me.

“Don’t worry,” Elijah caught my attention, “you’ll get used to it.”

“I won’t,” I replied, looking at him with grave eyes, “I’ll be out of this realm before you know it.”

He threw me a silent smile in response.

When I decided to leave the throne room thirty minutes after my husband left, six servants followed me. They were all women, thank God. Elijah wanted me to have them despite his brother’s aversion to our gender.

But I was an independent woman, so by the time we reached the so-called King’s chamber, I dismissed all of them. They didn’t seem to mind leaving me in a hurry. I guess there still was fear engraved in their hearts towards the King despite my marriage to him. Poor them.

Opening the double doors of the King’s chamber was easy. Walking inside the receiving room was the same. For a moment, I gaped at the details of the whole room. I had been in his sleeping chamber already, no thanks to the unknown force that brought me here so I knew the interior design of the place.

His receiving room however was another story. It was stunning. It had a collection of odd objects that were foreign to me. They were placed in glass shelves situated against the wall and were labeled with names I was clueless of except for one: Earth.

The object was a movie ticket dated, September 24, 1999, under the title, “The Matrix.” It was encased in a glass box and lined with a blue velvet cloth.

King Aero had already told me he had been in the human realm before. I never thought he’d actually enjoy its entertainment when he expressed so much hate with my kind.

I was born in the year 1993. Doing the math, I realized I was six back then when the movie came out. I also remembered liking the movie and had been eager to watch it because I had a huge juvenile crush on Keanu Reeves. In the end, I wasn’t able to watch it obviously because kids my age weren’t allowed.

Aside from the movie ticket on the glass shelf, another object caught my eye. It looked like a rock with crystals encrusting it. The label stated, ‘Ehnrelil.’ Probably a name or a place or a precious element in their realm.

What attracted me to it was how it glowed a soft green in the center. It looked like it was alive and as weird as it sounds, I actually wanted to touch it.

In the end, I held myself and went on to the room next door.

I knew I didn’t need to actually lie on the King’s bed. There were no eyes on me in this room so I decided to choose the farthest couch there was to become my sleeping area. It was located near the balcony door. It was comfy and clean just the way

I like it.

No words could express how relieved I was that the King was preoccupied with something else. I didn’t want him to see me undress from my wedding gown and I was sure he was the same. Truth be told I didn’t even want to share a room with him, but we had no choice. We had to keep up appearances.

Slowly, I slipped out of my gown. I adored it the moment Elijah’s mistress who was a seamstress showed it to me. I even considered taking the gown to Earth once I leave this realm. Surely, the King wouldn’t mind. I’d gladly keep it as a remembrance

I was left on my chemise again since I didn’t wear what Elijah had bought for me.

I sat on the couch thinking of the events of the day, but I guess I was too tired to continue. After a few seconds, I was in deep slumber.

However, my sleeping was interrupted when my ears picked up a growling sound. I quickly sat down, sensibly covered my chest area with the sheet I pulled from the bed and watched in horror as the biggest head of a metallic black wolf greeted me.

It had its mouth opened, flashing its sharp enamels at me. It had mesmerizing golden eyes, and it had the shiniest fur I had seen in an animal. Its size was larger than the couch I was in. I ultimately felt like a dwarf under it.

This was my first time seeing a wolf in this realm. It would have been only natural to scream on top of my lungs in fear, but I didn’t. Instead, I straightened my spine and stared at the wolf without blinking.

“King Aero?” I called out, hoping it was him.

I expected it to growl some more and maybe even bit my head off, but to my surprise, it licked me.


From my chest up to the side of my face.

My mouth dropped, feeling surprised. I didn’t see that coming at all.

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