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The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1453

Chapter 1453

James was still fairly new to the concepts of swordmanship.

Although he could easily bring forth the Thirteen Sword Energies, he could not control them as he pleased.

Delainey continued. “I know you haven’t been a martial artist for long and only learned about sword techniques relatively recently. The only advice I can offer you is that practice makes perfect. I don’t know much about the Thirteen Heavenly Swords besides it being the best sword technique in the world and that the fourteenth sword is immensely powerful.”

“Mount Thunder Sect’s ancient book recorded that Thirteen and Sword within the technique’s name are just nouns. The main essence of the technique is the word, Heavenly.

“The word ‘Heavenly’ is intended to convey absolutism and inimitability. It’s a breathtaking technique capable of turning any situation around.

Delainey shared the information she had read about the Thirteen Heavenly Swords with James.

Upon hearing this, James fell into deep thought.

After a while, he turned to her once more. “Did you read all these in your ancient books?”


Delainey nodded, smiled, and said, “Not only has my sect documented past events and martial art techniques within the past thousand years, but we also have a good relationship with the Omniscient Deity. When I was younger, I’d often visit the Jade Sect.”

James tilted his head at the unfamiliar term. “Jade Sect? What is that?”

“It’s a neutral sect established by the Omniscient Deity and is also the intelligence network of the ancient martial world. The Jade Sect’s intelligence network spreads out globally. For a thousand years, there is nothing the Omniscient Deity does not know.

“The Omniscient Deity is a title given to every generation’s sect leader in the Jade Sect,” Delainey explained once again.

“I see.”

James suddenly came to a realization.

He would have never known there was another sect called Jade Sect or about the Omniscient Deity in the ancient martial world if Delainey had never mentioned it to him.

However, he did not continue to inquire about them.

Instead, he continued to ask more about the Thirteen Heavenly Sword and the fourteenth sword of the technique.

“The fourteenth sword?”

Delainey shook her head and said, “I don’t know much about it. Apart from a brief mention, our ancient books have no detailed records of the fourteenth sword.

She glanced at James and smiled self-depricatively. “My swordsmanship is much inferior to yours, Mr. Caden. The things I’m telling you may not be entirely accurate as such. You should continue training as usual.”

“Mhm, alright.” James nodded.

He did not ask any further questions after that.

James sat in a lotus position on the ground and closed his eyes.

The sword moves from the Thirteen Heavenly Swords flashed in his mind.

In his mind, he repeated and performed every move.

The human imagination was limitless, and the human brain was an infinitely capable thing.

One could imagine anything.

At that moment, James lost himself in his thoughts.

Soon, his mind started to clear up.

His train of thought drifted from the sword technique, gradually entering a mysterious state.

Under this state, the sword moves he was thinking of a few moments ago began to play out in his mind.

The Thirteen Heavenly Swords and more than a thousand moves of the Polaris Sword Art surfaced from his memories

All these countless techniques whirled around in his head.

Seeing that James was attempting to suddenly have a revelation, Delainey quietly stood aside and did not interrupt him.

Meanwhile, a woman stood on a cliff on the opposite mountain.

She was dressed in a baggy black robe and had a mask in her hand.

Her flawless face was breathtakingly beautiful, and any man would be mesmerized by her appearance.

It was none other than Thea.

As soon as James left the Capital, Thea rushed to the Southern Plains and arrived at Mt. Thunder Pass before him. She had been secretly watching him and also noticed the daughter of Mount Thunder Sect’s leader had followed him to the Southern Plains.

At that moment, Thea’s beautiful face was neither happy nor sad. She simply focused intently at the opposite mountain peak.

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