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The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1449

Chapter 1449

The region outside the Martial Heaven Continent was called the Wilderness.

“Do you know a man that goes by Polaris?”

Delainey nodded. “Yes, I do. There are records of him in Mount Thunder Sect’s ancient book, but this person existed more than a thousand years ago. Our sect only records things from this millennia, so there isn’t any detailed information about him. The only thing I know is that this person constantly challenged powerful subordinates of the Prince of Orchid Mountain. Ultimately, he was bested by the Prince of Orchid Mountain, and his cultivation base was dissipated. His whereabouts have been unknown ever since, and he completely disappeared from the martial world.”

After hearing Delainey talk about historic events, James was convinced that Jackson was right about her encyclopedic knowledge.

She had extensive knowledge about everything there was to know about the martial world.

It seemed like there was nothing she did not know.

However, he never expected Mount Thunder Sect to praise him so highly.

He was ranked third in this millennium, right below the Prince of Orchid Mountain and Spirit, the creator of the abominable martial art technique, Spiritual Art.

James thought for a while and asked, “Then, which martial art technique is the strongest recorded in history?”

Delainey shook her head. “There’s no such thing as the strongest martial art technique. There is always something out there that’s stronger.”

James said, “Since Mount Thunder Sect records so many events, martial artists, and signature martial art techniques of each period, there must be a detailed comparison and ranking out there.”

Delainey confirmed his theory. “There is indeed a ranking.”

She turned to James and smiled.

James was captivated by her dazzling smile.

Her smile was like a fine piece of art. It was lovely enough to melt one’s heart.

She propped her chin on her hand and looked at James. “Do you really want to know?”

Desire began to swell and bubble in his heart.

He hurriedly performed Ataraxia.

In the past, he would never have had urges like these no matter what woman he faced.

After he refined the Spirit Turtle’s core, he found himself overcome with various desires under certain circumstances.

It was a strong possessive desire for women, money, and power.

Delainey was slightly stunned by James’ actions.

She was unsure what had happened, but he suddenly shut his eyes.

After a few seconds, James finally suppressed the desire within his heart, and he opened his eyes. He

looked at Delainey, who still had her chin propped on her hand and her eyes on him.

“Please, tell me about it.”

Delainey carefully explained, “Mount Thunder Sect had indeed classified and ranked martial art techniques that have appeared throughout history.”

“In their comprehensive ranking, the Four Great Paintings left behind by the Prince of Orchid Mountain. comes in second place.”


This tidbit of information caught James’ attention immediately.

“The Four Great Paintings?”

He knew of the Four Great Paintings, which had records of unusual cultivation methods within them.

The first painting, Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge, allowed him to heal all his injuries after practicing it with Cynthia for a short while.

It was hard to imagine how terrifying the complete secret of the Four Great Paintings was.

To add to that, he was shocked to learn that it was only second in the overall ranking.

“What’s the ranked first?”

Delainey’s face became solemn upon hearing James’ inquiry about the first martial art technique. She took her time to reply, “Very little is recorded about the martial art technique ranked first apart from a mysterious person being mentioned.”


“He’s a figure that has stayed out of the public eye. No one knows what he looks like, nor has anyone seen him before. However, there are records of him being alive in the same period as the Prince of Orchid Mountain. While the Prince of Orchid Mountain was still a child, this person was already a peerless martial artist. There are even myths that he advised and taught the Prince of Orchid Mountain.”

“There are records in our ancient books of this person appearing in the Medical Valley.

“Our ancestors have sent people to the Medical Valley to inquire about him, but the Valley Master refused to say a word about him.

“The Medical Valley appeared a thousand years ago, around the same time as Mount Thunder Sect. The gap between the founding of these two groups can’t have been more than 30 years apart.”

“According to our ancient books, this person’s name is Wallen Duras.

“He’s a master of poison.

“There are myths about him practicing a martial art technique called Demonic Breath, and no one could stand against his Murderous Energy.”

Delainey slowly shared the information recorded in the ancient books of Mount Thunder Sect.

However, she had no knowledge of the precise details.

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