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The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1447

Chapter 1447

“I understand.”

Delainey nodded lightly, stood up, and said, “I’ll return to my room to get ready. Then, I’ll go with James to the Southern Plains.”

“It’s good that you’re such an astute child.”

There were no other words that needed to be exchanged between the two.

Delainey picked up the book on the table, turned around, and left the library.

James had been waiting for about 20 minutes in Mount Thunder Sect’s reception hall.

20 minutes later, Jackson walked back into the hall with a woman.

The woman was relatively young and looked like she was in her early twenties.

Mount Thunder Sect was covered with snow all year round, and the temperature was relatively low. Despite the cold, the woman only wore a white dress, and her long black hair danced in the breeze.

Her face was fair and her cheeks were rosy.

She followed behind Jackson as they entered the reception hall. They stopped in front of James. The woman crossed her hands to the right side of her lower abdomen and elegantly bowed. “Pleased to meet you, Mr. Caden.”

Jackson smiled and said, “James, I’m sorry for making you wait for so long.”

James stood up and returned Jackson’s smile. “It’s alright.”

Jackson turned to Delainey and instructed her, “Delainey, you’ll accompany James to Mt. Thunder Pass in the Southern Plains to his battle so that you can analyze and identify his opponent’s martial technique. Do you understand?”


“Mr. Caden is in a hurry, so remember not to drag him down. Now, go with him.”

“Okay.” Delainey nodded.

After reminding her of the purpose of the journey, Jackson turned to James and placed Delainey’s hands into his. Then, he smiled brightly. “Mr. Caden, I’ll leave Delainey in your capable hands.”

Delainey lowered her gaze shyly.

James quickly withdrew his hand and replied with a smile, “I won’t let any harm come to her.”

After reassuring Jackson, he turned to Delainey and said, “Let’s go.”


Delainey kept her head low as she followed behind James.

The two walked out of the reception hall.

“Delainey, the sword…”

She turned around, and a sword hurtled toward her.

Delainey caught the sword and unsheathed it.

It was a broken sword.

The sword was transparent, its blade was crystal clear like ice, and it exuded a white mist.

James looked at the sword and immediately recognized it as the Mount Thunder Sect’s Divine Sword, the Frost Sword that had been shattered by Celestial Sect’s leader.

Jackson walked toward them and said, “The sword is broken, but keep it with you and remember that no matter where you go, you’re still a disciple of Mount Thunder Sect.”

Delainey was slightly taken aback.

She was unable to understand the meaning behind Jackson’s words.

After standing in a daze for a couple of seconds, she resheathed the broken sword and nodded resolutely. “I understand. I’ll be sure to remember my origins.”

James did not say anything and continued to make his way down the mountain.

Delainey quickly followed behind James.

The two soon left Mount Thunder Sect’s property.

Jackson stood on the staircase outside Mount Thunder Sect’s mountain gates and watched as the two figures disappeared down the mountain.

“A massive storm is brewing, and the ancient martial world is about to be dyed in blood.”

His face held an inexplicable sorrow.

All hell was about to break loose in the near future.

The extent of it was something he could not imagine.

He only knew that the current strength of ancient martial artists was historically the greatest it had ever been.

“Can a Spirit Turtle really bring forth a ninth-ranked grandmaster?

“Who will be the first one to break the last shackles and reach the legendary realm?”

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