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The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1443

Chapter 1443

“Would you like me to go with you?” Thea asked for James’ opinion and tilted her head to the side.

She was worried about James.

Although he was an eighth-ranked grandmaster and had considerable strength, there were quite a number of eighth-ranked grandmasters aside from him in Sol. These people’s strength must have also increased significantly with the Spirit Turtle’s core. Thea was worried James would get injured at Mt. Thunder Pass in the Southern Plains.

“That won’t be necessary. You can just stay here at home and wait for me to return.”

James placed his hands on Thea’s shoulders and reassured her, “I promise I’ll do whatever it takes to survive and I’ll be extra careful no matter what happens.”


Thea gave him a small nod.

Although she did not say anything else, she had already secretly decided to follow him and provide him assistance in critical situations where necessary.

She wrapped her arms around James’ head, tiptoed, and leaned into James’ lips.

James embraced Thea and reciprocated her kiss.

The two gradually made their way to the bedroom while breathily locking lips.

Inside the room, Thea buried her face in James’ chest. Her face was flushed as she asked softly, “When are you leaving?”

James looked at the time and saw that it was eight in the evening.

“I need to leave for Mount Thunder Sect as soon as I can.”

James was pressed for time.

He needed to meet with Jackson as soon as possible to discuss some countermeasures. Then, he would have to find a place in Mount Thunder Sect’s domain to meditate in seclusion for a few days.

Thea pulled the blanket over her curvaceous figure. She looked at James with concerned eyes and reminded him, “Be careful.”

James replied with a smile, “Don’t worry. I know how to take care of myself.”

He rolled out of bed and got dressed.

After he put on his outfit, he bid farewell to Thea and left for the military region to take a private plane to Mount Thunder Sect.

After James left, Thea slowly got dressed.

Then, she walked into the living room.

After thinking for a while, she rang up a subordinate from Celestial Sect and ordered them to look up Delilah and Xavion’s whereabouts.

Eventually, James reached the military region and boarded a private plane to Mount Thunder Sect.

By the time he reached the foot of Mount Thunder Sect’s location, it was already 11 at night.

He stood at the base of the mountain and looked up at the white snow-capped mountains ahead of him.

The last time he visited was when he participated in Mount Thunder Conference.

Although several months had passed, the events during the conference were still fresh in his mind as if they had only happened yesterday.

After returning to Sol, James learned a few things about Sol’s ancient martial world.

He found out about the powerful Celestial Sect.

Celestial Sect’s leader had defeated the Grand Sect Leader of Mount Thunder Sect, Simon.

Due to this, Mount Thunder Sect started siding with the Celestial Sect and was willing to provide help whenever necessary.

After snapping out of his thoughts, James strode toward the snow-capped mountain in front of him.

His movements were nimble, and he was already halfway up the mountain with a couple of steps.


An afterimage ascended from the mountain foot and eventually stood in front of Mount Thunder Sect’s entrance.

“Who’s there?!”

James’ sudden appearance startled the Mount Thunder Sect’s disciples guarding the mountain.

The disciples all drew their swords at once.

After recognizing their sudden visitor’s identity, the disciples who were standing guard sighed in relief.

One of the disciples walked over, clasped his hands together respectfully, and greeted him, “It’s you, James. I was surprised and thought you might be someone with ill intentions.”

James nodded in response and asked, “Is Mr. Cabral around?”

“Yes, the sect leader is around. This way, please, Mr. Caden.”

The disciple guarding the entrance made a welcoming gesture and invited James into Mount Thunder Sect.

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