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The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1441

Chapter 1441

“There’s nothing to worry about.”

Maxine continued to gaze at him calmly. “Bystanders are able to see the bigger picture. As someone caught in the game, you’re unable to see the situation for what it is. You’re not the only person in the Capital. Other forces are also present. Whether it be Mr. Lance or Lucjan who’s trying to cause an upset in the Capital, someone will surely step up and take charge of the situation to prevent it from spiraling out of control.”

After hearing Maxine’s words, realization dawned on James.

“You really do have a talent for seeing more clearly than I can. You’re right. What am I worrying about?” Maxine smiled.

She deliberately slid closer to James, leaned on his shoulder, and guided his hand around her waist.

James quickly pulled back his hand. “W-What’re you doing?”

Maxine asked with a flirtatious smile, “Say… Am I pretty, James?”

James nodded honestly, “Yeah. You’re as pretty as a nymph. It’s not an exaggeration to actually call you one.

“Perhaps we could…” Maxine wore a suggestive expression.

“I-I’m just going to take my leave.” James was slightly flustered and quickly backed away.

When she was serious, James felt that Maxine was a great ally to have by his side, but he was afraid of her pushing her limits like this.

He did not know how to respond to her coquettish charms.


Watching James run off in a panic, Maxine chuckled to herself.

After leaving the house, James sighed in relief.

When Maxine attempted to seduce him, many thoughts he should not have had began flashing through his mind.

James was worried about being unable to hold back if he stayed any longer.

He had already hurt one woman, so he did not want Maxine to experience the same thing.

Moreover, he did not want to disappoint Thea again.

He repeatedly took deep breaths and performed Ataraxia to disperse the messy thoughts clouding his mind.

After calming down, James left but did not head home.

Instead, he went to meet up with some people.

Before he left Sol for Durandal, he had instructed Blake to bring some people from the Dark Castle to the Capital with him.

He also informed the Elite Eight to rush back to Sol.

Additionally, he ordered Jake from Cansington to expand his underground intelligence network into the Capital.

He met up with these aforementioned people and instructed them to lay low while awaiting his next orders.

Afterward, he returned home.

As soon as he walked into the yard, he could hear laughter coming from inside the house.

James walked into the house and saw an extra guest inside.

That guest was Quincy.

After getting over his initial reaction, he walked over and sat down. Turning to her with a smile, he said, ” You’re here?”

Quincy glared at James and began to complain, “You sure are something. After you called me to the Capital, you left right for Durandal. I haven’t been eating or sleeping well because I’ve been swamped with work.”

“Thanks for the hard work.” James looked at her apologetically.

“You can treat me to a meal to make up for it whenever you have time.”

“By the way, how’s the Chamber of Commerce’s establishment going?

Upon the mention of the subject, Quincy’s smile left her face as she replied in a business-like manner, “It’s been going pretty well. I’ve traveled around the country and have used your name to recruit many companies.

“The first one to join the Chamber of Commerce was Zane from the north. With Overlord of the North in our Chamber of Commerce, many other companies have also been convinced to join us. The Chamber of Commerce has already grown to quite a significant scale.”

James fell deep into thought.

After a while, he looked at Quincy and asked, “What do you think we should do next?”

Quincy said, “We need to offer more benefits to people who join us. The technology developed by Blue Tech Corporation has become a worldwide sensation. If you can get your hands on this technology, we can entice more companies to join the commerce with the added benefit.”

James let out a sigh and massaged his temples.

He was still worried about this matter.

Xavion’s whereabouts were still unknown, so where would he find the technology Quincy mentioned?

On top of that, he was not the only one looking for Xavion. It was highly likely that he would not be able to find him.

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