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The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1433

Chapter 1433

Thea panicked for a few seconds before letting out a sigh of relief. With a smile, she said, “So you’re checking my strength, Honey. During this time, I didn’t slack off in the Capital and was completely focused on cultivation. I’m already in the fifth rank now.”

James had assessed the strength of Thea’s True Energy.

It was in the fifth rank and almost in the sixth rank.

It was indeed very powerful.

However, compared to the Celestial Sect’s Sect Leader, it was not even close.

With this kind of power, she would not even be able to defend herself from a single attack from Lucjan, much less defeat Lucjan and the first Blood Emperor.

“Hmm. Not bad. I didn’t expect you to be a cultivation genius,” James said, beaming with praise. “You’ve only been practicing martial arts for a short time, but you’ve already risen to the fifth rank.”

James was certain that the Sect Leader of the Celestial Sect was not Thea based on his assessment.

Despite the fact that all signs pointed to Thea as the Sect Leader of the Celestial Sect, the difference in strength between the two was too great.

Since it was not her, who exactly was the Sect Leader of the Celestial Sect then?

James took a deep breath.

Quickly dismissing the jumble of thoughts swirling through his mind, he said, “I’m going to the Cadens’ Mansion for a while to ask Maxine about some stuff.”

“Alright.” Thea nodded and said, “Come back sooner. I’ll go get some groceries, cook a nice meal, and wait for you to return to eat.”

James nodded gently.

Then, he went out.

After James had left, Thea immediately called Maxine.

“James will visit you later, Maxine. I told him I had given you the Malevolent Sword to handle. Please don’t spill anything…”

She briefly explained what had happened.


With assurance, Maxine said, “I most certainly will not expose your identity.”

She hung up after she said that.

Once she ended the call, she waited for a while at the Cadens’ Mansion.

About thirty minutes went by and James showed up.

In the reception hall of the Cadens’ mansion…

Maxine smiled and said, “James, was it a success at Durandal?”

“Yes.” James nodded and said, “It was alright. Where’s the Malevolent Sword, by the way?”

‘Why are you suddenly asking about the Malevolent Sword?”

Maxine glanced at James and said, “I believe it’s an evil sword, so I went to Thea and asked her to give it to me.

I wanted to destroy the sword, but no matter what I tried, I couldn’t destroy it. So, I threw it away.”

‘Where did you throw it away?”

James looked at Maxine.

“Somewhere wild and secluded, of course,” Maxine said, seeing James’ serious expression.

“Really?” James was a little skeptical.

“Of course.” Maxine asked with a serious expression on her face, “Why are you suddenly asking about the Malevolent Sword?”

At this moment, Maxine’s phone began to ring with the sound of a message notification.

She could not help but pick up the phone. When she read the message’s content, her face turned solemn.

James noticed the change in her expression. “Why? What happened?” He had to ask.

“I just got word that something happened in the ancient martial arts world again. A sect was wiped out,” Maxine said with a solemn expression.

‘Which sect?”

“The Crimson Sect,” Maxine said. “In the world of ancient martial arts, it was also a powerful sect, but it was an evil faction.

News just came in that the Celestial Sect’s Sect Leader showed up at the Crimson Sect and destroyed it.”

As she said this, she took out her phone, found the message she had just received, and showed it to James.

In the message, there were also several photos.

The Celestial Sect’s Sect Leader was in the photos. They wore a ghost mask and had the Malevolent Sword in their hands.

Upon seeing this person, James was certain that they were the Celestial Sect’s Sect Leader.

He felt a great sense of relief. It appeared that his assumption was false.

Thea was not the Sect Leader of the Celestial Sect.

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