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The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1429

Chapter 1429

Upon seeing James leave the cavern, Archbishop Polaris walked over to him and flashed him a bright smile, asking, “How was it, James?”

James shook his head and said, ‘This is too profound for me.

I can’t gain any insight at the moment. I have no choice but to record them. I plan to return for now. Once I have the time, I’ll cultivate it.”

“Are you leaving already?”

“Mhm.” James nodded and asked, “By the way, how many days did I stay in the Sacred Fire Cavern?”

Archbishop said, “About three days in total.

Since you intend to leave, why don’t we have a meal first? I should at least organize a farewell banquet for you.”

James smiled and said, “It’s alright.”

“Alright, then.” Archbishop Polaris did not force the issue.

“By the way, how did the investigation go?”

Archbishop Polaris said, “It’s still ongoing, but I believe the news will arrive soon.

Why don’t you stay here for a little while longer? You can leave after the investigation is complete.”

‘That won’t do.” James shook his head and said, “I have to head to Durandal and bring the army back to Sol. Many matters await me.”

“Alright then. Do you plan to leave now or tomorrow at daybreak?”

“I’ll leave at once.”

James had witnessed the Nine Scriptures of Ordeals and the Polaris Sword Art in the Sacred Fire Cavern.

Now that he had attained his objective, there was no point in staying any longer.

“I’ll see you off personally.”

Archbishop Polaris made a welcome gesture and personally escorted James down the hill.

A car was ready by the side of the road.

Polaris said, “I have arranged a car for you. It will bring you straight to the airport.”


‘There’s no need to thank me. By the way, once I resolve the internal affairs of the sect, I’ll go visit you in Sol. I look forward to researching martial arts together.

“Sure thing, you may come anytime.”

“Alright now, I won’t bother you any further.”


James got in the car, and the driver sent him to the airport.

In the meantime, James shut his eyes and meditated. Images of the Polaris Sword Art flashed through his mind.

Every move was sophisticated, and he had the urge to grab a sword and practice the martial art technique.

However, he suppressed the desire. He knew that this was not the time.

Soon, he arrived at the airport.

The Polaris Sect was truly an influential sect not only in the ancient martial world but also in the outside world.

The Archbishop had arranged for everything. Once James arrived at the airport, he would hop on a plane headed to Durandal.

James boarded the plane.

At daybreak, he arrived at Durandal.

Yelena had been at home for the past few days. She was depressed after James refused to take her to Mount Olympus.

Although she remained in the comfort of her house, she had a rough understanding of the events that took place there.

She knew that many martial artists from Sol appeared at the International Martial Arts Conference and that Archbishop Polaris, ranked third on the Elysian Ranking, was defeated by James.

Not only that, Excalibur was snapped in half, and its current whereabouts were unknown. Meanwhile, Koehler Keyes, family head of the Keyes and a martial artist ranked second on the Elysian Ranking, was killed in action on Mount Olympus.

In an exquisite room…

Yelena sat in front of the desk and supported her chin with her hands, murmuring, “It’s been so many days. Why isn’t he back yet?”

At that moment, a hurried voice came. “Your Highness, Your Highness… James is back.”

Upon hearing this, Yelena’s face lit up, and she stood immediately.

A twenty-year-old-looking and glamorous woman rushed in and said, “Your Highness, James is back. He’s now headed to Durandal’s Royal Military Region. He seems to be returning soon.”

“What? He’s returning already?”

Yelena momentarily froze before rushing out of the room.

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