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The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1427

Chapter 1427

Had the Prince of Orchid Mountain crossed into the ninth rank?

Upon seeing this, James contemplated.

“James, what are you standing there for? What’s written on it?”

Archbishop Polaris и.σ.ν.єℓє.вσ.σк.¢σм asked and looked at James in anticipation.

James recollected himself and glanced at him, asking, “Can’t you read these words?”

“How would I know these words?”

Archbishop Polaris wore a bitter smile.

James looked at the Sect Elders.

Seeing that they were staring at the stone wall with confounded looks on their faces, he asked, “Can any of you read this ancient text?”

Everyone shook their heads.

James suppressed a snicker and said, “Guys, this is the information age.

Couldn’t you find an expert to decipher the meaning of this ancient text?

I assure you that those people are adept at it. Just grab a few here and everything will be done in no time.”

Upon hearing this, everyone looked at one another. They were stunned.

“Why didn’t we think of this?”

‘That’s right! After deciphering the meaning, it’ll be way easier to understand the martial art skill recorded on it.”

‘This is my first time being here. I don’t know what it’s like in here.”

Many conversed in whispers while looking at the Archbishop.

Archbishop Polaris blushed. Indeed, he had never thought of this.

The technological revolution only exploded a few decades ago.

Besides, he seldom wandered around the outside world and only remained in closed -door meditation.

How would he know that there would be people deciphering ancient texts?

Upon seeing their expressions, James suppressed his laughter.

Though the patterns of the sword technique were recorded, there was no way they could learn anything without understanding what it all meant.

“James, why don’t you tell us what’s written on it?” Archbishop Polaris laughed awkwardly.

James pointed at the front and said, “It all began here.

It first recorded the life of the Polaris Sect’s founder.

It recorded what he went through. He returned here after being defeated.

Then, he gained insight into the signature martial art skill while in closed-door meditation.”

“I see.”

Realization dawned on Archbishop Polaris’ face.

James said coldly, ‘This is an ancient Solean text from a thousand years ago.

I’m not sure about overseas, but I’m sure many people decipher ancient texts for a fee in Sol.

There’s too much information on the stone wall, so I can’t tell you everything in what little time we have.

You should seek help from the translators.”

“Sure thing.” Archbishop nodded after a brief moment of thought.

He knew James’ identity and the current dynamics of Sol. James was currently preoccupied with other matters.

So, he would have the leisure to explain things to them. It would be better to find an expert on this matter in the case.

“Alright now, please return for now, my fellow Sect Elders.

I’ll send someone to find an expert from Sol. After everything’s translated, everyone can cultivate.”

Archbishop Polaris began chasing them away.

The Sect Elders left reluctantly.

Meanwhile, James looked at him with a slight grin, “Will I be able to stay here for a couple more days?”

“No problem at all,” Archbishop Polaris said smilingly.

“Martial arts are best practiced with friends. The more the merrier, as they say. Once we managed to cultivate it, we can spread this far and wide.

If you truly cultivated the martial art. I hope you can impart your knowledge to me when you are free.”

“Of course.”

James smiled.

He could not wait и.σ.ν.єℓє.вσ.σк.¢σм to read about the Nine Scriptures of Ordeals.

He was curious to see what the supposedly best sword technique in the world would be like.

After all, the founder of the Polaris Sect even named the sword technique after him.

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