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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 98

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 98

Lin Guoan?

Why was he here?

Lin Xinyan opened the door quickly. Seemingly remembering something, she turned around to look at Zong Jinghao. “Go back. I’m afraid that my mom won’t be happy seeing you.”

Zong Jinghao had also seen the people in the front. It was him who mentioned the divorce last time, it was normal for Zhuang Zijin to dislike him.

Furthermore, Lin Guoan was here. His appearance would be unsuitable.

He gave a quiet hum in response. His gaze landed on the little girl in Zhuang Zijin’s arms. She had black hair tied into two braids and a fair face. Combined with her arched eyebrows and watery eyes, she looked like a delicate doll. She looked cute.

His gaze turned to Lin Xinyan. His hands unconsciously gripped tighter on the steering wheel.

He could not say anything else. Her children had good genes.

The son was smart, and the girl was this cute.

“You are not that unlucky after all.” Although she was abandoned by her father, she still had her mother. And now, she had two cute children.

“What?” Lin Xinyan looked at him with confused eyes.

His words came too sudden, and she did not understand what he meant.

Zong Jinghao reached out to tuck a strand of her hair, which had been hanging in her face, behind her ear. “Nothing. Go.”

Lin Xinyan was stunned for a moment, then nodded. “I’ll get going.”

She closed the car door and hurried towards Zhuang Zijin. She pulled away Lin Guoan and stood in front of her mother as she glared at Lin Guoan. “What are you doing here?”

“Yan—” Lin Guoan looked at her with his hands by his side. “Dad was wrong.”

Six years ago, Lin Yuhan had escaped with the money. Shen Xiuqing was still locked up in jail because she had hurt someone.

When he had his difficult moments, it was this daughter that he had been ignoring that helped him.

Regardless of him being right or wrong, Lin Xinyan no longer wanted to hold him accountable. She had the peace of someone who had let go of the matter. “Don’t bother us from now on.”

She carried her son up, and Lin Ruixi was in Zhuang Zijin’s arms.

Lin Guoan ran after them. “Yan.”

“If you continue, I’ll call the police.” Lin Xinyan’s expression turned cold.

Lin Guoan looked at Lin Xichen in his arms. His eyes were a little red as he asked, “Is this your child?”

“Yes.” Lin Xinyan said impatiently.

“He had good looks, just like you.” Lin Guoan shifted his feet. “I don’t mean anything else. It’s just that, I saw your mother today—”

He looked at Zhuang Zijin as he said, “Then I knew that you were back. You can look for me if there’s anything you need.”

He hurriedly took out a name card from his pocket and handed it to Lin Xinyan.

Lin Xinyan did not take it.

Lin Guoan seemed distressed. “Just. Just treat me like a friend. What if you need me someday?”

Lin Xinyan looked at him.

Over these years he looked much older. There were white hairs at the side of his head. She went in a hurry that year, and she did not know how he had gone through his difficult times.

Lin Xinyan reached out to take the card.

Lin Guoan smiled, and moved aside instantly to make way for her.

His careful actions seemed humble, as if he was a child who did something wrong, and he just wanted to try to repent.

It would be a lie to say that she felt nothing at all.

This was her father, her biological father.

The same blood as his was flowing in her veins.

“Fake.” Zhuang Zijin pulled Lin Xinyan. “Let’s go. Don’t be fooled by him.”

Zhuang Zijin hated Lin Guoan.

He was unforgivable.

Lin Xinyan turned away with a touch of melancholy and followed Zhuang Zijin home.

At the corridors, Lin Xinyan asked, “How did you meet him?”

“After leaving the aquarium, we were waiting for a cab at the side of the road. We met there, and he kept talking to me and asking whether the two children were yours. I didn’t want to bother with him, but I wasn’t expecting him to follow me back here.” When Zhuang Zijin was talking about Lin Guoan, there was no smile on her face, just hatred.

Lin Xinyan knew how badly Lin Guoan had hurt Zhuang Zijin, so she kept quiet. It was uncomfortable for her too.

Throughout the years, her thoughts were mostly focused on the two children. She had let go of many things from her past.

Shen Xiuqing was jailed, and his beloved daughter had betrayed him.

Karma had come for him.

“You’re not allowed to contact him in the future.” Zhuang Zijin said. She was afraid that Lin Xinyan would not stand firm against Lin Guoan now.

“He abandoned us inhumanely, and made you marry—”

“Mom, that’s enough.” Lin Xinyan interrupted her. The two children were with them.

Zhuang Zijin realized with a shock, and quickly stopped. She soothed Lin Ruixi’s hair. “Was Ruixi frightened by grandma?”

Lin Ruixi shook her head. She did not understand what her grandmother was talking about. She only knew that grandma did not seem to like that old man.

However, Lin Xichen understood perfectly what they said.

That was grandma’s husband, and mother’s dad. His grandfather.

However, he did something wrong, that was why grandma did not want to forgive him.

“It’s late, are you hungry?” Lin Xinyan asked.

Lin Ruixi nodded vigorously. “I want to eat pizza.”

This little girl was the happiest. She did not think about anything, she just wanted to stay happy by eating and playing.

“Alright, let’s have pizza today.” Lin Xinyan lovingly pinched her daughter’s cheek. “In our house, Ruixi is the boss.”

“What about me?” Lin Xichen asked.

“Xichen is the second.” Lin Xinyan said with a serious look.

Lin Xichen was not happy. “Why? I’m the older brother.”

“Then tell me, will you admit to your wrongs?”

Lin Xichen instantly stopped talking.

Why hadn’t she forgotten about it, he thought.

There was regret in his heart. Why did he have to ask her?

Lin Xichen felt like he just dug his own grave.

Entering the house, Lin Xinyan changed the shoes for the children, and Zhuang Zijin retreated to her room with a bad mood.

Lin Xinyan looked at her back. She knew why Zhuang Zijin’s mood was suddenly down. She might be missing Xinqi.

Ever since the two children came to this world, Zhuang Zijin had been busy helping her take care of them. When she was busy, she did not have that much time to think about the past. When she saw Lin Guoan today, she might have thought about things from the past.

Lin Xinyan held the children’s hands and walked to the living room. She took out her phone and asked, “Which pizzas do you want?”

“Durian.” Lin Ruixi grabbed onto Lin Xinyan’s arm and asked in a cute tone, “I want to eat durian pizza.”

“Alright.” Lin Xinyan added it to her order and looked at Lin Xichen. “What about you, Xichen?”

“Cheese.” Lin Xichen looked at Lin Xinyan. “Mommy likes it.”

Lin Xinyan looked up at her son. “Why, are you trying to bribe me? Don’t go about thinking that as long as you please me, I won’t hold you accountable. If you don’t admit that you’re wrong, I won’t give you back your things.”

Lin Xichen sighed. That was hopeless; his plans were found out in a second.

After Lin Xinyan order the pizza, she put down her phone. “Xichen, play with your sister in the living room. I’m going to the room to look for your grandma.”


Lin Xichen was exceptionally obedient.

He wondered when Lin Xinyan would return him his things.

“Mommy, can I have a cup of juice first?” He was thirsty.

“Hold on.” Lin Xinyan poured two cups in the kitchen. The juices at home were freshly squeezed. There were no preservatives in it, so it was healthy.

After giving the children the juice, Lin Xinyan went to Zhuang Zijin’s room.

She held onto the handle, turned, and lightly pushed open the door. She saw—

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