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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 96

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 96

Yu Doudou looked at Lin Xinyan, who stood by the window, and said, “We have a common enemy.”

There was a moment of silence.

Guan Jing felt even more interested. He bent over and leaned towards Yu Doudou. “Tell me about it.”

Zong Jinghao’s head remained lowered as he continued playing with Lin Xinyan’s hand. His eyelashes fluttered slightly when he heard Yu Doudou mentioned that he had a common enemy with Lin Xinyan.

His thumb repeatedly brushed on the back of her hand.

It was not a complicated matter, yet not an easy one too. It was difficult to explain the entire matter within a few sentences.

Yu Doudou thought about it. “Let me start from the beginning. I met Ms. Lin when I was trying to get a customer. She was extremely shocked when she saw me. She seemed to know me, but I did not know her back then…”

Yu Doudou explained how he had met Lin Xinyan. “My brother died six years ago. Before he died, he was paid to knock someone down, and to cover it up as a car accident—” He looked up at Lin Xinyan before he continued. “Ms. Lin was the one who was injured. She was lucky. Her cab driver died, and she was severely injured.”

Lin Xinyan curled her fingers and her hands were wet. Yu Doudou’s words were peeled her wounds from the past and exposed it to the air. It was painful.

There were pieces of the car stabbing into her flesh, and it was near the tailbone. If she did not have surgery, it would have pressed onto her nervous system and cause her to become paralyzed. She would definitely need anesthetic for the surgery, but she was pregnant back then and could not have anesthesia.

If she did, it would affect her baby.

She wanted her baby well, and also did not want to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

She could not afford to be paralyzed. Who would take care of her children?

Who would take care of Zhuang Zijin when she grew old?

She could not be paralyzed.

She could not give up on her children. She could not bear to part with them, especially after she found out that they were a pair of twins.

The moment they started growing in her womb, they were connected to her in flesh and blood.

As long as she was here, they must be here.

She could not give up on them.

In the end, she chose to have the surgery without anesthesia.

Whenever she thought about the pain of her flesh tearing apart, she still trembled viciously, as if she was experiencing that indescribable pain once again.

She almost fainted from the pain, but pregnant women could not pass out. She had to stay conscious, or else her babies would be harmed.

The women who had caesarean delivery knew that the anesthesia only affected lower down of their bodies. Their heads were clear the entire time.

It was the same just like her needing to be conscious now.

She did not want to think about it. In fact, she wanted to forget about it. Yet the pain was immersed deep in her memory. She could not forget it.

And whenever someone mentioned about it, she would remember it in clear detail.

It was just like now. It had been six years since then, the indescribable pain still crashes into her like the violent waves in the sea.

She clenched her hands abruptly.

Zong Jinghao realized her unusual behavior and looked at her. He saw that the strands of hair by her ears were soaked with sweat. She was nervous, she was in fear.

Haunted by bad memories, she was being dragged into terror.

He reached out and hugged her. His large hands caressed her back, comforting her. “Don’t be afraid.”

Lin Xinyan closed her eyes and buried her face into his chest.

His breathing and his firm chest seemed to be soothing. Lin Xinyan slowly calmed down.

This was the first time she exposed her vulnerable side to him.

Zong Jinghao’s heart skipped a beat and hugged her tighter. His lips touched the top of her head.

“The person who bribed and killed my brother and the person who crashed Ms. Lin was the same person. That was why we have a common enemy. We agreed on cooperating with each other today. I’ve only seen Ms. Lin about three times. This time, she needed to get a car, and she wasn’t familiar with the cars here, so she had asked me for help. That’s all.”

Guan Jing rubbed his nose and took a secret glance at Zong Jinghao.

He was comforting Lin Xinyan and was not looking at him.

He let out a sigh of relief, and asked, “You know who that is?”

Yu Doudou nodded honestly. “Yes. It’s a woman from the He family. She has some connections, so it’ll be difficult to turn the tables for this case.”

From He family?

Guan Jing licked his lips. “He family of Pioneer Group?”

Yu Doudou nodded. “He Ruilin.”

Yu Doudou knew who it was when he had heard Lin Xinyan said she was from He family.

The He family had two sons. There was major news when they found their long-lost daughter a few years back.

The room was suddenly quiet.

There were only soft breathing sounds.

Yu Doudou secretly glanced at Guan Jing, and asked softly, “Why did he punch me?”

Guan Jing did not answer him.

This was actually his fault. If he did not want to see Zong Jinghao as a laughing stock and sent him the photo without finding out what was going on, Yu Doudou would not have been punched.

Was this Yu Doudou an idiot?

How could he not see it’s because of jealousy?

He just could not bear seeing other men being close with Lin Xinyan.

Yu Doudou seemed to realize after seeing Guan Jing’s expression.

He felt wronged. All he did was bringing Lin Xinyan to look at cars, and he got a punch in return.

Feeling upset, he mumbled, “So it’s alright for the rich to bully?”

Zong Jinghao seemed laid back at a side, but he had heard Yu Doudou’s words.

He Ruilin.

“What do you want as compensation?” Zong Jinghao asked calmly.

He was not a bully. He just did not like the idea of other men going too close to Lin Xinyan.

Lin Xinyan did not realize when she had started leaning into Zong Jinghao’s embrace. Her face reddened slightly, and hurriedly left his embrace.

She pretended to be calm as she looked at her watch. “It’s getting late, I should be going back.”

Yu Doudou stood up. “Why don’t you compensate me some money?”

After all, he had been punched. Some compensation would be normal.

Also, Zong Jinghao had more than enough to give.

He did not want to be punched just like that.

Zong Jinghao held Lin Xinyan’s shoulders, and said, “I’ll send you back.”

Lin Xinyan wanted to reject, but Zong Jinghao held tighter. “I’ve lent you my chest. Are you planning to burn the bridge after crossing it?”

Lin Xinyan realized she will never win him in these. She sighed and decided to let him be.

When they walked past Yu Doudou, Zong Jinghao eyes were looking straight as he warned, “She’s married, stay away from her. Tell Guan Jing how much you want.”

After finishing his sentence, he held Lin Xinyan and left.

In the car, Zong Jinghao buckled her safety belt.

Lin Xinyan lowered her eyes and watched him. “Don’t you think you’re interfering with my life?”

“No.” He did not think he did anything wrong.

“I’m not your item. I have my own life and my own social circle. You shouldn’t do this anymore.” Lin Xinyan was not keen for this to happen again.

“We are husband and wife; don’t you belong to me?”

“We are not husband and wife.”

“We have a certificate.”

Lin Xinyan was speechless.

She lost her words upon hearing his.

She did not go through the divorce earlier, so it was now something he can hold against her and use it to disrupt her life.

“Tell Guan Jing to settle that—”

Before she could finish her sentence, the back of her head was grabbed and her lips were pressed upon—

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