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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 95

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 95

The manager took a glance at the few salespeople who remained seated and frowned. They ignored the customers. Did they no longer care about their performance evaluation?

Were their brains full of shit?

The salespeople lowered their heads and pretended not to notice their manager’s gaze.

“They might be engaged with other customers, that’s why they couldn’t come for you. It’s my fault that I’m not stern enough with them, I hope you can forgive me. I’ll try to make it up for you, is that alright?” The manager had an apologetic smile on his face.

Yu Doudou wanted to continue complaining but Lin Xinyan stopped him. The manager was already doing his best, they should let him off.

Yu Doudou coughed. He realized that he had been agitated and had said too much.

“I’ll make a call to ask when the test drive car will be available. The sales of this car had always been good.” The manager took out his phone and made his call.

She did not know what happened, but the manager was furious after listening to the call.

“Why don’t you just drive it out of the country? Don’t you know you can’t let the person drive out too far? Are you going to pay for petrol?”

The customer had driven out to the countryside. It would take them at least an hour before they could come back.

Guan Jing had told him to keep them here, and he had tried his best, but without the test drive, how was he going to keep them here?

“How about this? I’ll come back next time.” Lin Xinyan stood up. It was already past four, Zhuang Zijin should be coming back with the children. They must be tired after playing all day. She had to go home and prepare dinner. She could not be wasting her time here.

There was cold sweat on the manager’s forehead. What should he do? He looked at the office and saw Guan Jing crossing his legs on the chair while watching him.

The manager felt lost. First, it was terrible service, now he had no cars available for test drives, what was he going to say?

The manager handed her his name card. “Please call me the next time you come; I’ll be serving you.”

Lin Xinyan reached out and took the card. “Alright.”

The manager sent them out the door.

At the parking, Yu Doudou opened the car door for Lin Xinyan. “I’m surprised that the manager was nice for this store.”

In comparison with their salespeople, the manager had much better customer service.

There was no expression on Lin Xinyan’s face. She just felt that the manager was too enthusiastic.

Just then, another car stopped by their car. Lin Xinyan gave a casual glance and saw the man who came down the car.

He was standing against the wind. In his black suit pants was a pair of slender legs. The shirt on him was loose, and it made him seem casual.

His expression was cold, and he was staring at her.

Lin Xinyan felt odd. Why would he appear here?

He was in no shortage of cars.

There were a few limited edition cars in his villa’s garage though she barely saw him drive those. Perhaps all men liked cars, even if they did not drive them; they still like to have them.

Zong Jinghao gaze landed on Yu Doudou, who had opened the door for Lin Xinyan. His eyes then moved towards Lin Xinyan and stared at her. There were violent waves in his eyes, and the blood vessels were stretched from the corner of the eyes to the center.

Lin Xinyan shrunk back. She had never sensed him feeling so violent under this calmness.

“Why— Why are you here?” She had no idea why her words became incoherent.

“Come down.” The corner of his mouth twitched.

Lin Xinyan sat motionlessly. “What is it?”

He was obviously angry. She did not want to interact with him right now.

Zong Jinghao narrowed his eyes. “Are you sure?”

Lin Xinyan did not reply him.

The threat was explicit. He was threatening her.

Lin Xinyan glared at him.

What had she done?

He looked at her as if she owed him money.

Yu Doudou sensed Lin Xinyan’s rejection, and he leaned over. “Do you need help?”

Zong Jinghao moved forward, pulled Yu Doudou away, and punched him. How dare he came so close to her in front of him?

Yu Doudou was stunned by his attack, and he took a few steps back. There was a metallic taste in his mouth and he wiped his lips. There was blood on the back of his hand.

He looked up at the man who had just hit him.

His mind was still blank. He did not remember meeting with this man before, but he did look familiar. Suddenly, Yu Doudou remembered where he had seen him.

He was a frequent guest on economy news.

The youngest millionaire.

When did he offend him?

Was he allowed to bully because he was rich?

Yu Doudou clenched his hands.

Lin Xinyan was not expecting him to hit others, and she hurried down to take a look at Yu Doudou. The skin at the corner of his mouth was torn, and it was bleeding.

“Are you alright?” Lin Xinyan asked, concerned.

Yu Doudou shook his head.

Lin Xinyan turned around to glare at Zong Jinghao. “Are you crazy? How can you just hit anyone?”

“We haven’t had our divorce yet. You’re still my wife, and yet you’re being intimate with other men. Do you think I’m blind?”

“What are you talking about?” Lin Xinyan frowned. She was confused.

Who was she being intimate with?

“Clarify yourself.” Lin Xinyan’s expression also turned cold. So now she could not even have a friend?

He was too domineering.

Guan Jing, who was hiding at the side, walked over and took out his phone. He showed Lin Xinyan the photo that he took. “I sent my car here for maintenance while I was working nearby, but I saw you and…”

He pointed at Yu Doudou. “I just took a photo on the way.”

Lin Xinyan stared at the photo with a grim look. She knew Yu Doudou was talking to her at that time, but from Guan Jing’s perspective, it looked like Yu Doudou had kissed her cheeks.

She mocked, “That’s a great angle.”

Guan Jing huffed. What did she mean by that? This was what he had seen.

It seemed like they were having too loud of a commotion, as people had started crowding them. Zong Jinghao was well known, and to avoid any gossiping, Guan Jing suggested for them to first leave the place. “This place isn’t suitable for talking.”

Lin Xinyan also did not want to argue with him in front of a crowd.

“I know a place.” Guan Jing said.

Lin Xinyan was about to enter Yu Doudou’s car before her wrist was grabbed by Zong Jinghao and she was shoved into his car.

She wanted to struggle but saw the warning look that Zong Jinghao gave her. “Be obedient. Do you want to make a fuss here?”

Lin Xinyan’s face was twitching. If it was not for the crowd, she would have argued with him here and now.

Who was the one fussing?

He was the one who had punched someone without reason, how could he say that she was the one fussing?

She suppressed the fire in her heart and sat motionlessly.

The location was one of Guan Jing’s properties. It was furnished, but he did not stay here. Someone had been cleaning this place frequently, as the place was clean. It was quiet here, which was suitable for a talk.

The group entered the house, and Guan Jing made Yu Doudou sit on the couch. “Tell me, what’s going on?”

Zong Jinghao grabbed onto Lin Xinyan’s hand and leaned against a low cupboard. His head was lowered, and he was observing and playing with her hand.

As if her hand was some artifact, and he could find out something interesting from it.

Lin Xinyan was about to struggle away before he held on even tighter. “Don’t move.”

Yu Doudou blinked. What was he supposed to tell him?

He looked at Lin Xinyan, signaling for help.

“Tell them your relationship with me.” Lin Xinyan could not struggle out of Zong Jinghao’s grasp, so she could only let him be, but she was facing outside the window instead of him.

Yu Doudou said honestly, “I’m cooperating with Ms. Lin.”

Guan Jing thought that was interesting, and asked, “What are you cooperating on?”

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