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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 94

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 94

“Mmm.” Guan Jing gave a quiet hum in response.

He had sent his car for maintenance. He had matters to settle here today, so he had driven his car over for maintenance.

Guan Jing was an old client. His off-road and coupe were bought from this dealership.

The manager was respectful towards old, rich clients.

Lin Xinyan was looking at a commercial seven-seater. The model, interior, and safety features fit her preferences perfectly.

“Excuse me, can I test drive this car?” Lin Xinyan asked.

There were a few salespeople seated on the couch. Some were playing with their phones and some were making calls. A saleswoman who had heard Lin Xinyan’s question coldly answered, “No.”

“It seems like we’re not buying cars here. We’re just buying attitudes.” Yu Doudou said quietly.

Lin Xinyan could only laugh helplessly.

This was new. She could not spend her money even when she wanted to.

“Your car, sir.” The manager handed him the keys. “The car is stopped by the entrance.”

Guan Jing took the keys. When he walked to the door, he saw someone who looked like Lin Xinyan from the reflection of the glass door. He turned around and saw Lin Xinyan talking with Yu Doudou.

Was this not the man who harassed her the other day?

Why did they seem friendly today?

“Why don’t we go to the other stores? They’re not the only ones who sell cars.” Yu Doudou said quietly beside her.

“I quite like this car.” Lin Xinyan liked this model.

From Guan Jing’s angle, Yu Doudou’s actions seemed intimate.

He frowned.

He was about to move forward to pull Yu Doudou away, but he had second thoughts. Instead, he took out his phone to take a photo and sent it to Zong Jinghao.

If he did not realize what Zong Jinghao’s thoughts were earlier, he now did after seeing Zong Jinghao break off the engagement with He Ruilin. It was obvious he cared about Lin Xinyan.

Would he be angry if he saw Lin Xinyan being intimate with other men?

The more Guan Jing thought about it, the more excited he became.

It was rare to see Zong Jinghao as a laughing stock.

This is an opportunity, he thought as he pressed on the send button.

Then, he added: I’m driving at 4S and saw Lin Xinyan and a man buying a car together. Their actions were intimate.

After that, Guan Jing spun the keys on his hand and walked out the door.

He turned to look at Lin Xinyan and Yu Doudou and smiled as he wondered about the expression on Zong Jinghao’s face when he saw the picture.

How exciting.

Guan Jing’s mood was good. He hummed as he sat in his car. Just as he started his car and was about to leave, his phone rang.

He took his phone out and looked at the screen. It was Zong Jinghao’s number.

“That’s fast.” That was quick of Zong Jinghao to call back.

Guan Jing cleared his throat before answering the call. “Mr. Zong.”

“Where are you?” There was a hint of anger in his tone.

He felt an uncomfortable squeeze in his heart when he saw that she was being intimate with other men.

“BC4S.” Guan Jing replied honestly.

“Watch her for me.” And the call ended.

Guan Jing huffed and stared at his phone screen. “Is he angry?”

He kept his phone and was about to get down from his car when he saw Lin Xinyan and Yu Doudou walking out of the store. He sat back into his car. It seemed like they were about to leave the store. Zong Jinghao had asked him to watch her, but what was he going to say when she leaves?

No, he could not let them just walk off.

After Lin Xinyan and Yu Doudou walked out, he came down from his car and went in through the left door into the manager’s office.

The manager immediately stood to greet him when he realized it was Guan Jing. “Is there something wrong with the car?”


Guan Jing waved at him. “Come over.”

The manager hurried over.

“Do you see those two people out there?” Guan Jing pointed at Lin Xinyan and Yu Doudou, who was across the window.

The manager nodded. “Yes.”

“They were looking at cars in your store earlier. Now, you have to make them stay.”


The manager did not comprehend.

They were walking further now. Guan Jing’s expression turned cold. “Why? Can’t you do it?”

“Of course I can.” The manager had climbed his way from a salesman to a sales manager.

Not only was Guan Jing rich, but he was also Zong Jinghao’s man. That was why the manager was so respectful of him.

He could not offend a person like him.

The manager was smart. He went out of his office and ran towards Lin Xinyan and Yu Doudou.

“Hold on.” The manager called out at them.

When Lin Xinyan heard someone calling for them, she turned around. She saw a man near his forties wearing a black suit with a beer belly and a friendly smile.

“Were you looking at cars in our store earlier?”

Lin Xinyan nodded.

“Did you fancy any?”

“Yes.” Lin Xinyan answered honestly.

The manager breathed a sigh of relief. If she was interested in a model, that meant he had an excuse to bring her back into the store. He smiled as he asked, “Did you buy it?”

“We were interested to buy, but you didn’t seem interested to sell.” Yu Doudou said, indignant.

“That can’t be it. We sell cars. If you’re going to buy, we can’t possibly be not selling.” There was a constant smile on the manager’s face.

Although his body shape was fat, his words sounded good to the ears.

“Your salespeople were looking down on us.” Yu Doudou pointed at himself and at Lin Xinyan. “It seemed like they thought we could not afford the cars, so they just ignored us. Even when we wanted to know more about the details, no one bothered. I used to think that customer was king, but I’ve learned today that this was wrong. Not all customers were king, it depends on the person. We’re not rich, so there’s no need to do this.”

Yu Doudou was frustrated, and he complained at the given opportunity.

“This is the first time I’ve met a car dealer who wouldn’t sell when the customer wanted to buy. Isn’t it interesting?”

“This actually happened?” The manager’s expression turned grim, and he seemed dissatisfied. “I’ll give them a talking later.”

The manager had a smile on his face again when he talked to them. “If you’re interested in that model, tell me, I’ll serve you personally. I’m the manager of this store; it’s my responsibility for not giving you a good service. If you were to buy a car from us today, I’ll give you the best discount.”

“Alright.” Lin Xinyan thought about it. The manager seemed sincere.

Standing beside Lin Xinyan, the manager started introducing the cars. “Our cars have guaranteed quality, and we have a good reputation. You can check it online. Our sales are annually at the top.”

Lin Xinyan smiled.

The manager opened the door and invited Lin Xinyan inwards. “Zhang, pour two cups of coffee.”

The saleswoman, who was playing with her phone, looked up when she heard her manager’s voice. She saw the two poor customers and frowned. “Manager, what are you doing?”

There were other salespeople who had also looked up. “Maybe the manager thinks they have the potential to afford our cars.”

This salesman who spoke was just on the phone with a client. In comparison with the deal he was about to close, he was less enthusiastic to greet the new customers who did not seem rich.

“Hah! They don’t look like people who can afford BC.” The saleswoman had a lopsided grin on her face. “Maybe he saw that the woman looked pretty, that’s why he’s being so enthusiastic.”

“Sit.” The manager pulled the chair for her.

Zhang served the cups of coffee.

“Which model were you interested in?” The manager asked.

“That one.” Yu Doudou pointed to the commercial seven-seater that was near to the door.

“You can test drive the car here. That car has the best safety features. There are airbags for every seat. Many models only have front airbags, but this model has airbags for both front and back. Furthermore, it has an auto-brake function. If the car malfunctions and skids, the car will automatically lock the wheels to force a stop to the car’s motions.”

Yu Doudou glared at him. “Hadn’t you said there was no test drive?”

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