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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 88

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 88

He Ruilin was wearing a greyish-pink dress and white high heels, with delicate makeup and wavy hair.

She was standing at the entrance and staring at her with her folded arms, as if she had noticed Lin Xinyan long ago.

Lin Xinyan didn’t want to have any argument with her. Although she wasn’t afraid of her, she dragged Qin Ya over and entered the hotel from the side to avoid confronting her.

But He Ruilin didn’t want to let her go easily.

If it wasn’t for her, why would Zong Jinghao break off his engagement with her?

She stood right in front of them wherever Lin Xinyan wanted to go.

“Is there something wrong with you?” Qin Ya was infuriated after they were being blocked several times.

“There’s something wrong with you!” Staring at her, He Ruilin’s gorgeous face was slightly contorted with anger.

“Why are you blocking our way if you are alright?” Qin Ya was staring at her too.

I’ll stare at you too!

“It appears that Miss He and Ms. Lin are there.” As Guang Jing passed by and saw a few people arguing at the entrance of the hotel, he pulled over and told the man who was sitting at the back.

Zong Jinghao was going through some documents, with those that hadn’t been read on his legs. He wore a white suit that looked untucked, while his jacket was put aside on the seat. The top two buttons from his collar were undone, revealing his long and slim neck as well as partly visible collarbone. He seemed to be rather busy, or else he wouldn’t read the documents even when he was in the car.

As he heard Guan Jing, he rolled down the window and looked over there.

It was indeed the two of them.

Zong Jinghao’s slightly lowered his eyes as soon as he glanced at He Ruilin. After folding the documents, he neither got out of the car nor continued reading the document.

Guan Jing asked him cautiously, “Do you want to get out of the car and take a closer look?”

After Zong Jinghao gave him a cold-eyed stare, Guan Jing curled his lips and stopped talking unwillingly.

Lin Xinyan pulled Qin Ya over and said, “We’ll go to another restaurant.”

“You want to run off? No way!” He Ruilin spread her arms to block Lin Xinyan. She was still exasperated because Zong Jinghao broke off his engagement with her.

How could she let the culprit go so easily?

Lin Xinyan’s face darkened completely as she said, “Make way!”

He Ruilin sneered several times and said, “Make way?” She suddenly turned ferocious and said, “No way, Lin Xinyan! How can I let you off the hook since you ruined my happiness and my future? I’m bursting to tear you apart and feed you to the dogs.”

“I’m afraid even the dogs won’t eat you if you’re being fed to them.” Qin Ya couldn’t stand her arrogance.


He Ruilin slapped Qin Ya on her face right away. Then, she pointed at her finger and said, “Who are you to talk to me?”

Qin Ya was stunned after being slapped on her face. It was extremely painful.

Infuriated, Lin Xinyan clenched her hand and slapped He Ruilin on the left side of her face using her right hand with all her might.


It was louder than just now.

She didn’t want to confront her, but that didn’t mean that she was a pushover.

Assaulting Qin Ya equals to assaulting her!

Exasperated, He Ruilin couldn’t believe that Lin Xinyan would dare slap her and said, “You dare to hit me?”

Lin Xinyan clenched her hand and realized that her hand and shoulder were numb as she used up all of her energy just now. Nevertheless, she remained composed and said, “Don’t mess with me and I won’t mess with you. But, it was you who provoked me in the first place. Do you think you’re all-powerful just because you’re the noble and rich girl from the He family? We are all equal human beings, and no one is nobler than the other. Since you assaulted someone, you reaped what you sowed.”

I reaped what I sowed?

“You’re exactly the one who will reap what you’ve sown!” He Ruilin sprang upon her frantically and screamed, “Lin Xinyan, I will kill you. I will kill you…”

He Ruilin’s hatred that was buried deep in her heart was finally vented on Lin Xinyan unstoppably. She looked like a maniac.

“Are you sure you can defeat both of us?” Lin Xinyan was calmed and stood still.

Qin Ya was now holding a stick and staring ferociously at He Ruilin. As soon as she dares move an inch, she will hit her on her head.

He Ruilin stopped. Ever since she’s part of the He family, who would dare mess with her?

She is always being feared and flattered in the past and has never been bullied like now.

She was completely pissed off.

Her body shivered due to extreme anger.

“Who are you staring at? Your eyes might just pop out of your head.” Qin Ya swung the stick and pretended to hit her.

He Ruilin was frightened and shielded her head with her hands.

It was her natural reflex.

But she looked particularly ridiculous.

“Haha.” Qin Ya laughed at her.

“Lin Xinyan, I won’t let you go!” He Ruilin was exasperated and screamed hysterically.

Hah. Lin Xinyan sneered.

Let go?

When did she ever let her go?

“He Ruilin, my mother suffered from mental illness because of you. I met a car accident and was almost dead because of you. Did you ever have mercy on me and let me go?” She initially hesitated as He Ruilin was He Ruize’s sister. If she really wanted to go after her, she would feel sorry for He Ruize.

He Ruize cared about his sister very much.

But it seemed that her hatred against her was entrenched, so much so that she wouldn’t let go of her so easily. Since she harmed her once, she might do it again and again.

Plus, it was a different situation for her now as she had to ensure the safety of her two kids.

Who knows if He Ruilin could be ruthless enough to harm her kids?

At this moment, Lin Xinyan was resolved to cooperate with Yu Doudou to reveal the truth behind the accident and his brother’s suicide.

Perhaps she could only live her life peacefully by holding He Ruilin responsible for what she did.

Stunned, He Ruilin squinted her eyes and asked, “You knew that I plotted the car accident?”

It happened many years ago, and no one knew about it.

“Truth will come to light.” Lin Xinyan emphasized each and every word.

“Did my brother tell you this?” She only told He Ruize about this.

She felt betrayed by the whole world. After Zong Jinghao abandoned her, even her brother who loved her very much revealed her secret to this woman.

Lin Xinyan was shocked. He… He Ruize knew that she plotted the car accident?

But he did say that it was an accident.

Did he say it on purpose for his sister?

Lin Xinyan suddenly noticed that there was something unusual about what He Ruize said earlier that day. If one day you find out that I’m not as good as I was, will you hate me?

Would he be referring to this incident since he looked heavy-hearted that day?

Lin Xinyan’s silence was seen as acquiescence to He Ruilin.

“Hehe. Hehehe…” He Ruilin laughed frantically to the extent that tears streamed down her face, and said, “Hypocrites. All of them are hypocrites.”

She thought He Ruize sincerely cared about her.

She never thought that she was nothing compared to this woman.

Why her?

Why would everyone love her?

Qin Ya was frightened by He Ruilin’s reaction and whispered, “Ms. Lin, is she mentally ill?”

Lin Xinyan shook her head.

“Lin Xinyan.” He Ruilin suddenly stopped laughing, stared at Lin Xinyan with a vicious look, and said, “Lin Xinyan, just wait and see!”

Since she’s now a member of the He family, she has plenty of chances to go after her.

She had many chances in the past.

Now she has even more.

“I’ll wait.” Lin Xinyan stood straight in an imposing manner that surpassed He Ruilin’s.

He Ruilin knew that she couldn’t do anything if she continued to find fault with her. So, she left and had to make other plans.

She was too careless and underestimated Lin Xinyan.

Therefore, she made herself look disheveled instead.

When she was walking down the stairs to her car, she saw a man walking towards her. She was lightened up right away and rushed towards him, “Hao…”

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