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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 85

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 85

Lin Xinyan looked down and saw a memory card in his hand. She frowned and asked, “What is this?”

Yu Doudou’s face looked more solemn as he said, “My brother didn’t commit suicide, but was murdered instead.”

Lin Xinyan was not interested in the same remarks repeated by him.

“Excuse me. I have some other matters to attend to and have to get going.” After making the payment, she took her ticket and walked towards the entrance.

Yu Doudou grabbed her by her arm in desperation and said, “Six years ago, my brother received some money given by a woman. She instructed him to crash into a woman to kill her.”


It was a bolt from the blue to Lin Xinyan.

Someone wanted to harm her six years ago?

“You were the woman that my brother wanted to kill, but luckily you survived. Am I correct?” Yu Doudou told her what’s on his mind.

Yu Doudou finally understood why Lin Xinyan would hate and detest him whenever she saw him only after obtaining the recording.

Lin Xinyan grabbed the memory card from his hand and looked at it closely. She thought that it should be a memory card for old-fashioned phones, since the smartphones nowadays were equipped with huge internal memory and wouldn’t require such a device. She put the memory card back on his palm and asked, “Is the evidence stored in it?”

“We can talk about it when you have time.” Yu Doudou was certain that Lin Xinyan would agree to it.

Lin Xinyan indeed agreed as she wanted to know who the culprit was who harmed her in the past.

The accident almost took away her child’s life.

“I know that there’s a cafe nearby. Why don’t we talk about it in there?” Lin Xinyan walked ahead to lead the way.

Yu Doudou followed her.

The cafe, which was noticed by her last night, was near to her neighborhood.

Soon, they arrived at the cafe. Lin Xinyan looked for a quiet corner and took a seat.

“Would you like some drinks?” Although Lin Xinyan was eager to know the truth, she could see that Dou seemed to be very thirsty.

“I’d like to have some water.” He was indeed thirsty.

Lin Xinyan handed over the order form to the waiter and said, “Can I have two glasses of water? We will ask you for help when we need something else.”


After the waiter served them with two glasses of water and left, Yu Doudou immediately gulped down his drink. Lin Xinyan then asked him, “Tell me what this is all about.”

“Listen to it first.” Yu Doudou took out a phone in which a memory card could be inserted. After inserting the memory card, he switched on the phone and played the recording.

It was just a part of a conversation, presumably recorded when they were in the middle of their discussion.

“If I do as you said to crash into the woman and kill her, would I go to jail?”

“No worries. I would make sure that you wouldn’t face any lawsuit, not to mention going to jail. We will tamper with your car’s brake in advance to make it look like an accident caused by brake failure, so that you won’t have to bear any responsibility. Since you are suffering from an illness, we will help you by giving you a large amount of money once you’ve completed the task. Since you won’t be able to earn that much of money in all your life, I’m sure this is the best deal you can ever get.”

“Rest assured. Even if you go to jail, I promise to get you out of it by any means necessary.” The woman was desperate to convince him.

He Ruilin didn’t only want Lin Xinyan to feel the pain caused by an accident, but also wanted her dead.

She wanted to ensure that Lin Xinyan would meet her death once and for all when Zong Jinghao divorced her. By doing so, no one could ever threaten her again, and Zong Jinghao would finally belong to her.

But she didn’t expect that someone would save her.

That person even brought her to leave B City. Six years had passed since she left, and she even had children now.

“Based on the recording, I think this woman knew that my brother needed money. Since he was a van driver, she looked for him and plotted the accident.” Yu Doudou said while keeping his phone.

Lin Xinyan propped herself on her elbow and recalled the woman’s voice in the recording. It was very clear and familiar to her, so much so that she could almost immediately recognize who it was.

She was Bai Zhuwei, and now called He Ruilin.

Zhuang Zijin suffered from mental disorder because of her, and her illness was later controlled by He Ruize. Since she could live a normal life now, she didn’t intend to hold her responsible for it.

And the reason behind it was that she was He Ruize’s sister.


She always believed that the accident was merely due to brake failure, and never thought otherwise.

“Do you know who’s the woman in the recording?” Yu Doudou tried to ask.

Fiddling with her cup, Lin Xinyan looked up but didn’t answer him. Instead, she asked him, “I was wondering how you got the recording.”

Yu Doudou’s face darkened as he lowered his head.

“You don’t wish to tell me?” Lin Xintan loosened her hands, stood up and said, “Thank you so much for telling me this.”

Yu Doudou looked up at her immediately and asked surprisingly, “You don’t want to hold her responsible for what she did? Someone wanted to harm you.”

Lin Xinyan looked at him calmly as he got nervous, and replied, “To hold her responsible to her crime or not is solely my business.”

“But, don’t you think there’s a better chance of success if both of us cooperate?” If they cooperate with each other, he could hold her responsible for murdering his brother, while she can take revenge against her too. Wouldn’t it be killing two birds with one stone?

Why did she remain composed after hearing all this?

“You have doubts about me, am I correct?” She was indeed shocked by the revelation but wouldn’t lose her mind just because of that. Also, there was something that he hadn’t come clean about.

Yu Doudou lowered his head while clasping his hands tightly and rubbing them nervously.

“I’ll consider cooperating with you only after you’ve come clean about it.” Lin Xinyan looked out the window and said with disappointment, “That person won’t be arrested so easily even you have the evidence.”

The situation is different from that in the past. Now that she’s a member of the He family, which is wealthy and powerful, holding her responsible for her crime is easier said than done.

“Wait…” When Lin Xinyan reached the door, Yu Doudou stood up, looked at her from behind and said, “Take a seat.”

Turned around, Lin Xinyan looked at him and asked, “Have you made up your mind to talk?”

Yu Doudou pursed his lips tightly and nodded.

Lin Xinyan sat down on her seat again.

“If you want to cooperate with me, please tell me everything that you know.”

After taking a deep breath, Yu Doudou looked at Lin Xinyan and said, “I’ve been investigating the cause of my brother’s death; yet found no clue at all until I received a phone call.”

“What was the phone call about?”

“My brother kept some of his stuff in Ping An Insurance but didn’t retrieve it when it came due. So, their staff called me.” Yu Doudou said honestly, “Since my number was given as an alternative number, they called me after failing to contact my brother.”

Lin Xinyan didn’t interrupt him but listened carefully to what he had to say.

“It appears that my brother kept it on purpose.” Yu Doudou lowered his head as he said.

“Why would he do that?” Lin Xinyan asked while staring at him.

To respect the dead, he was reluctant to reveal his half-brother’s disgraceful behavior when he was still alive.

He lowered his head and remained silent.

Lin Xinyan waited for a few minutes, yet he still didn’t open his mouth.

“If you don’t tell me the truth, I won’t get to the bottom of the entire incident. In that case, how can we possibly cooperate? Since you don’t trust me after all, what’s the point of asking me to stay?”

“Not at all. I trust you.” Yu Doudou immediately denied it.

“My brother might have purposely recorded it when they were having the conversation. After completing what she asked for and receiving the money, he might have blackmailed her to demand more money, and so was murdered.”

To cut a long story short, greed led to his brother’s death.

Lin Xinyan finally got to the bottom of the entire incident. His brother was the driver who was bribed by He Ruilin to crash into her and kills her. After the accident, she went overseas. On the other hand, as his brother was too greedy, he was murdered for blackmailing He Ruilin again after receiving his money.

“What do you have in mind? You won’t just let the person who harmed you go easily, right?” Yu Doudou asked her impatiently.

“Even though we are clear about the incident, but to reinvestigate and hold the culprit responsible for it is not easy.” Lin Xinyan stood up and said, “I have other matters to attend to.”

“I can give you a lift.” Yu Doudou stood up as well and said, “I’ve a car.”

Lin Xinyan looked at him and nodded.

After getting into the car, Yu Doudou wrote down his contact number on a card and said, “This is my number, and you can call me anytime. Let me just introduce myself again. My name is Yu Doudou.”

Lin Xinyan received the card and replied, “Got it. You can just call me Lin Xinyan.” “Alright.”

Yu Doudou was driving attentively. Soon, the car pulled over at the entrance of the shop that was being renovated.

Waiting anxiously at the entrance, Qin Ya saw Lin Xinyan running towards her and said, “What took you so long?”

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