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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 84

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 84

She stressed the words ‘looked exactly like you’.

“So, what are you trying to say?”

He squinted at her with a serious look on his face.

Aunt Yu didn’t notice that she was holding the photo tightly.

“You, do you have a love child out there…”

“Nope.” Zong Jinghao denied it even before Aunt Yu could finished her words.

He only slept with one woman in his life until today.

It’s totally impossible for any other woman to bear him a child.

A love child? Out of the question.

“So Aunt Yu, we won’t be having dinner tonight?” As he looked at the empty kitchen, the dining table looked like a mirror in which he could see his own reflection but nothing else.

Usually, Aunt Yu would be preparing dinner at this hour, or had finished preparing it. She didn’t seem so right today.


Aunt Yu’s mouth twitched slightly as she said, “Are you still in the mood to eat?… Are you happy now that everyone gone?”

She put the photo back as she was speaking. She didn’t intend to merely touch on it but wanted to dig into the entire matter.

Zong Jinghao frowned and thought to himself. What’s wrong with her?

“Look at our home. Does it really look like a home? The house is huge, but is there anybody in here? What’s the point of being wealthy when there is only an old mother who knows how to do house chores and a thirty-year-old bachelor in this house?” Aunt Yu closed the drawer. She was furious and really thought about not preparing any food for him.

But she just couldn’t do it.

Soon, she went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Zong Jinghao glanced at Aunt Yu who was upset from behind and pulled out the drawer to get the photo. As he didn’t like to take photo, he could hardly recognize this photo too. In fact, he had actually forgotten about it if it wasn’t for Aunt Yu.

He held the photo and watched it closely. The eyes, the face…


The phone in his pocket rang. When an image of a face suddenly flashed through his mind and he wanted to compare it with the face in the photo, his thoughts were interrupted by his ringing phone.

He put down the photo, closed the drawer and picked up the phone. It was a call from Guan Jing about work.

As he was talking to Guan Jing over the phone, he unbuttoned his shirt and walked towards the bedroom.

At the Golden Harbor.

When Zhuang Zijin finished preparing dinner and wanted to tell Lin Xichen to come out and have dinner, Lin Xinyan stopped her and said, “Let him ponder over and admit to his mistakes, or else no dinner for him.”

“He’s just a kid. It’s good enough to frighten him, but we shouldn’t use no dinner as punishment.” Zhuang Zijin didn’t agree to it since he was growing up and shouldn’t skip any meal.

“No dinner if he doesn’t admit to his mistakes.” Lin Xinyan didn’t explain anything to her but was very determined about it.

She can overlook some of the things. But on this occasion, she mustn’t simply let it go.

He’s already watching the indecent contents even though he’s merely a kid. What kind of a man would he become when he grows up?

“Yan…” Zhuang Zijin still wished to persuade her.

However, Lin Xinyan was determined and couldn’t be moved at all. If she does not set the rules for him now, it would be even harder to discipline him in future.

Lin Ruixi carried Lin Ruixi and said, “Let’s go and have dinner now.”

Zhuang Zijin was standing still, as if pondering over Lin Xinyan’s words to figure out if there was any alternative.

Lin Xinyan looked back at Zhuang Zijin and said to her with the answer, “I’m serious now. Pleading for him would be a waste of time.”

Zhuang Zijin came up to her and asked gently, “What did Xi do that made you so angry?”

Zhuang Zijin didn’t believe at all that Lin Xichen would commit a huge mistake since the kid was smart and thoughtful.

She was rather surprised that Lin Xinyan would be so infuriated now.

Lin Xinyan was lost for words when she recalled the stuff that her son watched and the things that he did. After a while, she replied, “Mom, don’t ask about it anymore. Come and have dinner now.”

Lin Xinyan was sitting at the dining table and feeding her daughter while holding her in her arms.

Lin Xinyan apparently didn’t want to talk about it, and so Zhuang Zijin didn’t continue to ask her.

After dinner, Zhuang Zijin did the dishes whereas Lin Xinyan brought her daughter out to walk around the neighborhood.

She had to familiarize herself with the environment since they just moved in.

When her daughter left, Zhuang Zijin quickly peeled some shrimps, put some rice in a bowl and took it to the bedroom for Lin Xichen.

He was extremely bored as both his tablet and phone were confiscated. As he couldn’t play any games or call his teacher to talk, he cuddled himself up at the bedside and looked rather pathetic.

Zhuang Zijin put the bowl of rice on the table and said, “Come quickly and eat before you mom comes home.”

Lin Xichen didn’t move at all.

Zhuang Zijin dragged him out of bed and said, “You really don’t want to eat? You’ll be hungry at night. Well, your mom won’t know anyway if I don’t tell her about it.”

Lin Xichen swallowed his saliva as he stood in front of the table and stared at the rice.

He was actually hungry.

“I’ve peeled the shrimps that you love the most. Eat now, and I’ll bring you a cup of water.” Zhuang Zijin left the room with the excuse as she thought he might be shy to eat.

Lin Xichen licked his lips. If he’s starved to death, how can he take revenge against the heartless man? He has to eat.

He sat on the chair, held the bowl and immediately picked up the rice.

He was eating very fast as he was afraid that Lin Xinyan would realize it.

When Zhuang Zijin entered the room with a cup of water and saw Lin Xichen wolfing down his food, she almost laughed out loud. Those who don’t know them might even think that he has been starved for many days.

“Eat slower and don’t be choked by the food.” Zhuang Zijin handed the cup of water over to him and let him drink.

Lin Xichen grinned and babbled with his mouth full of food, “Thank you grandma.”

“Take your time. Your mom won’t be back so soon.” Zhuang Zijin stood at the door and said, “I’ll keep an eye on her for you.”

Lin Xichen was having his dinner like a thief.

The environment of the neighborhood was not bad as there was a huge green space even though it was located in the downtown area. The facilities were rather complete with kindergartens, elementary schools, shopping malls and subway stations.

When Lin Xinyan was walking around the neighborhood, Lin Ruixi fell asleep in her arms. As she got home with her daughter in her arms, Zhuang Zijin had done the dishes and was adding some hot water in the bathroom.

When she opened Lin Xichen’s door, Lin Xichen was still sitting at the bedside and huddling himself up like a poor and abandoned orphan.

“Do you want to apologize?” Lin Xinyan looked at him and asked.

Lin Xichen held his legs in his arms, lowered his head and said, “I did nothing wrong.”

“Fine. You did nothing wrong, didn’t you? I’ll just wait and see when you will apologize to me.” Lin Xinyan closed the door furiously and carried her daughter to another room to sleep.

Lin Ruixi had a sleep habit. She had to held Lin Xinyan’s breast, or else she couldn’t sleep soundly.

Lin Xinyan was used to her daughter’s sleep habit.

As they were twins, her breast milk was insufficient and could only feed one of them. Lin Ruixi was fed with breast milk as she was given birth later than her brother and looked rather skinny. When she was being fed, she would always hold her another breast.

Therefore, she eventually had this sleep habit.

Lin Xinyan was patting her daughter gently on her back, yet she couldn’t sleep too because Lin Xichen would usually go to bed with her.

She never thought that this kid was so stubborn and had no idea that he learned it from whom.

The next day, Lin Xinyan left her house rather late. As the shop was still being renovated, she was rather free at the moment.

She planned to stay home and accompany her two children when she still had time but had to go out only after receiving a call from Qin Ya that someone wanted to meet her.

As she had familiarized herself with the environment and knew that she could take the subway to her shop, she went to the counter to buy a ticket.

“Ms. Lin.” Yu Doudou wriggled his way through the crowd and rushed towards her as soon as he saw her.

He called her Ms. Lin as he heard that Guan Jing called her with this name as well.

He had been waiting for her here since early in the morning in the hope of talking to her but didn’t expect that she only left her house now.

Even she’s going out; she wanted to take the subway and not a cab.

Luckily he was fast enough, or else he would miss her.

Lin Xinyan turned around when she heard some noise. Realized that it was him, she frowned as she wasn’t sure why did he follow her.

As Yu Doudou was running with all his might, he was extremely tired and panting when he stood in front of Lin Xinyan. He bent down with his arms akimbo and said, “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“No.” Lin Xinyan refused and clearly wasn’t interested to look back.

Yu Doudou replied confidently, “Once you see this, you will be willing to talk to me.”

He took out a stuff from his pocket and handed it over to Lin Xinyan.

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