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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 83

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 83

As Lin Xichen loved shrimps, Zhuang Zijin looked at him with a pampering smile and said, “Okay, I’ll buy it.”

“I want some too.” Whatever her brother wanted, she wanted it too even though she might not really like it.

“Fine, I’ll buy it.” Zhuang Zijin had been used to it.

Aunt Yu looked with surprise at Lin Xichen and Lin Ruixi who was talking. These two kids were so good-looking and even had a pair of bright eyes that looked exactly the same as Zong Jinghao’s when he was young.

“I know which stall always sells fresh shrimps.” Aunt Yu walked over while looking at the two kids, and said, “They are….”

Zhuang Zijin was used to having someone struck up a conversation with her. As long as she was with the two kids in the past, the people would look at them and even come up and talk to her.

She was used to deal with this kind of situation.

“My grandchildren.”

“They are good-looking.” Aunt Yu just couldn’t take her eyes off these two kids as they were really adorable.

Zhuang Zijin smiled. Yes, they are the ones who motivated her to live. To take care of them for her daughter will be her responsibility for the rest of her life, and the happiest thing that she has ever done.

“Hello aunt.” Lin Xichen was particularly sweet.

“Hello.” Aunt Yu touched his head and asked, “What is your name?”

“My name is Lin Xichen.”

“What a pleasant name.” Aunt Yu thought that this boy didn’t just look handsome, but the name given to him was pleasant too.

“Why didn’t you ask me, aunt?” Lin Ruixi was a little unhappy as she looked at Aunt Yu while blinking her eyes.

Since she asked her brother but not her, was she not as good-looking as him?

“I’m definitely going to ask you.” Aunt Yu smiled. This kid was too adorable as she would get jealous of her brother even though she was so young.

“What’s your name?” Aunt Yu asked her smilingly.

“I’m Lin Ruixi. My brother and I took our mom’s surname.” Lun Ruixi said happily.

Aunt Yu was stunned. They were given mother’s surname?

“Which stall did you say have fresh shrimps?” Zhuang Zijin interrupted her when she was pondering it. Since children normally bear their father’s surname, those who heard that they took their mother’s surname would try to dig into their family matters.

But she didn’t like to have strangers delving into their family matters.

“Oh.” Aunt Yu pointed at somewhere which was not far from here and said, “That stall. I can lead the way. Since I’m their regular customer, they surely won’t cheat when I’m present.”

Aunt Yu was very eager to help and immediately walked ahead to lead the way for them.

Zhuang Zijin pushed the trolley and followed her.

When they reached the stall, Aunt Yu greeted the boss and asked, “Are the shrimps fresh today?”

“Definitely fresh. Please take a look.” The boss used his small fishing net to pick up some shrimps, which were all jumping vigorously.

“Since you are my regular customer and it’s not the first time that you buy shrimps from me, I’m sure you know whether my shrimps are fresh enough.” The boss said eloquently, “If you are buying shrimps from me, I’ll give you the best offer. How about 48 per catty? I won’t simply give anyone an offer lower than 60.”

“Two catties for me, please.” Aunt Yu readily said.

She had money.

She wasn’t an extravagant person and would normally bargain before purchasing anything. But she knew the boss very well, and other stalls would really not sell their shrimps below 60 per catty.

She always purchased shrimps from his stall and knew that he would not lie to her.

“The price of two catties and three tails would be…”

“110.4.” Lin Xichen had finished calculating and said it even before the boss could.

The boss was stunned for a while before he continued to press ‘enter’ on the calculator, and the number shown on it was exactly 110.4.

“How old are you? You are so smart.” The boss laughed. It was his first time to see a good-looking kid who was very smart as well.

“I’m five years old.” Even though Lin Xichen was praised by him, he didn’t hold his head up as it was just a simple math question.

The boss handed the shrimps over to Aunt Yu and said, “Are they your relatives? How fortunate to have such an outstanding child.”

Aunt Yu took the shrimps but was unknowingly upset after hearing it from the boss, because he and the beautiful girl were not her relatives.

Her face slightly clouded over as she handed the money to him and said, “Here’s the money.”

The boss was not upset at all and remained cheerful.

Aunt Yu handed the pack of shrimps over to Zhuang Zijin and said, “This is for you.”

Zhuang Zijin immediately shook her hand and replied, “We can’t have this. I can buy it myself.”

“This isn’t something precious anyway. I’m giving it to you because the children are adorable, and definitely won’t give it to anyone else.” She put it into their trolley and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“It’s not necessary.” When Zhuang Zijin was about to take the pack of shrimps and return it to Aunt Yu, Lin Ruixi suddenly said, “Thank you Aunt.”

Zhuang Zijin was speechless. Oh, this kid.

“Oh, you’re welcome.” Lin Ruixi’ sweet voice cheered Aunt Yu up.

Since Lin Ruixi said so, Zhuang Zijin found it hard to reject her kindness and said, “You shouldn’t have! Thank you so much.”

Aunt Yu immediately shook her hands and said, “You’re welcome. Don’t mention it.”

“Sorry, we have to get going to shop for other groceries.” Zhuang Zijin said.

“Sure.” Aunt Yu stared at Lin Chenxi and really wished to have more time to talk to the two kids. But considering the fact that they were not her children and it was only the first time they met, she was already rather passionate. If she requested more from them, they would surely be annoyed by her and even thought that she was a human trafficker.

She heaved a sigh as she thought about the man whom she took care of since he was young. As a thirty-year-old man, he never remarried since he divorced his wife, and so didn’t have a wife until today, not to mention a child.

Her face clouded over in disappointment. If they didn’t get a divorce, he might already have a child since Lin Xinyan was pregnant at that time.

All this happened due to Zong Jinghao.

Everyone’s gone, and now he was left with nothing.

Aunt Yu was now not in the mood for shopping anymore. Since there were some ingredients at home and Zong Jinghao might not even come home, she left the supermarket.

When the driver realized that Aunt Yu didn’t buy anything, he looked back at her and asked, “Are you going back without buying anything?”

Aunt Yu looked disconsolate as she said, “I’m in no mood to eat now. Let’s go.”

The driver remained silent.

When Aunt Yu reached the villa, she felt that the huge villa was rather empty and not lively at all.

It didn’t feel like a real home as it lacked the lady of the house and several children.

She carried her empty purse and put it on the table. She sighed repeatedly when she thought about Lin Xichen’s face and took out a photo from the drawer of the table. The little kid in the photo was the young Zong Jinghao.

As he didn’t really like to take photo, this was his one and only photo taken when he was a kid.

Aunt Yu looked at the photo closely as she recalled Lin Xichen’s face and noticed that he looked like the kid in the photo.

They look exactly alike. Why is that so?

Zong Jinghao was the only descendant of the Zongs as the lady of the house only gave birth to him then. Later, Zong Qifeng remarried but didn’t want to have any children.

Therefore, Zong Jinghao didn’t have any sibling.

And surely he was not a child of one of his relatives.

Is it really possible that two persons without any blood relation can look so much alike in this world?

Aunt Yu was lost in thoughts and didn’t even notice that someone knocked on the door.

Zong Jinghao put his jacket away and came up to Aunt Yu to check on her.

She was totally unaware that someone had entered the villa.

He raised his eyebrows when he realized that she was staring at his photo and asked, “What reminded you of the photo?”

Aunt Yu was shocked when she heard someone talking beside her. After recollecting herself, she looked at him and said, “I saw two kids today, and they looked exactly like you when you were young.”

She stressed the words ‘looked exactly like you’.

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