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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 81

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 81

“Let go of me.” Lin Xinyan’s eyes widened. She stopped the body that held her down using her hands.

“Let go?” Zong Jinghao emphasized the two words and thought it was ridiculous.

He was irritated that she wanted to make a clean break with him when she first came. She also merely believed her own son to be innocent and doubted him.

He was furious.

Lin Xinyan looked away and was afraid to look at him. She could feel the heat of his brawny body that was stronger than hers, as well as his familiar and heavy breaths that were so close to her. She closed her eyes and said, “My son is just five years old…”

He won’t be able to do something like this.

When she looked away, the blue veins on her long and slim neck could be clearly seen and were beating. Her rapid breathing due to nervousness sounded like some enticing musical notes. Zong Jinghao wanted to scare her at first, but the blood in his entire body seemed to be boiling after staring at her.

He lowered his head and put his lips close to her neck.

His lips were soft and slightly cold.

Panicked, Lin Xinyan pushed him with all her strength and said, “Let go of me, you shameless idiot!”

“Shameless? I’m embarrassed by your son. Why would I care anymore?” His head was still buried in her neck while he murmured.

He loved her smell which was familiar and addictive to him.

He almost couldn’t resist merging his body with hers now.

“Are you a witch? If not, why am I not myself when I’m around you?

Lin Xinyan didn’t utter a word. Tears streamed down her face slowly and dropped on her hair near her ears.

Felt that she was sobbing; Zong Jinghao looked up straight at her face and said, “Did you just feel aggrieved from my kiss?”

Her eyelashes twitched slightly and eyes opened slowly. Tears could still be seen in her eyes. She asked in a rough voice, “Do you think I’m a woman who will casually sleep with another man?”

Zong Jinghao was stunned and replied, “… No.”

“Yes you do, and you’ve never respect me.” She continued as tears that she was holding back streamed down her face, “You think that I slept with another man when I was eighteen and got pregnant, and so I’m a lascivious and unchaste woman. I’m not. I’m not the kind of woman you think I am, and I simply had no choice.”

Zong Jinghao unknowingly panicked and quickly wiped her tears away. He admitted to himself that he did think of her that way.

Lin Xinyan turned away and didn’t want him to touch her.

His hands stopped at her ears, gently tucked her hair behind her ears, and said, “I won’t mention your past, and you’ll forget it as well.”

“What do you want?” Lin Xinyan was holding back her emotions.

“Like I said, You will be who you used to be again…”

“What about my kids? Are you prepared to be their stepfather?” Lin Xinyan interrupted him.

She knew that Zong Jinghao was a man of pride.

Accepting her even though she’s not a virgin was already his limit.

He could never accept her kids.

“Can such a proud man like you accept that the kids of another person call you dad? Can you raise them for another person? You just can’t…”

“Stop it!” He stood up suddenly.

Yes, Zong Jinghao just wished that Lin Xinyan could return to him, but never thought about any arrangement for her children.

Lin Xinyan was right. It was already his limit to accept Lin Xinyan who’s not a virgin.

He never thought about becoming a stepfather to raise the children for another person. And he can’t do it!

Lin Xinyan stood up and tidied up her messy clothes. She looked up at the man who turned his back on her and said, “We, shall divorce, and go back to where were. These are the right things that we should do.”

“How do you know which is correct?” He said gloomily, clearly in a bad mood.

Lin Xinyan stood up and said, “I don’t know. But I do know about my own feelings, that I don’t love you. And since you can’t accept my children, ending our relationship would be the best option.”

Some of the words that she said just now were ringing in Zong Jinghao’s ears. I do know about my own feelings, that I don’t love you.

I don’t love you. Ha. I don’t love you.

He turned around, grabbed her by her collar and said, “Say it one more time?”

It hurts. Her neck hurts.

She was lifted by Zong Jinghao, yet didn’t flinch at all when looking into his slightly puffy eyes. She struggled and said, “I don’t love you. Do you want me to be dishonest and lie to you? You surely won’t tolerate it, will you?”

Even though Lin Xinyan was not with this man for long, she really understood him very well.

How could such a proud man like him be made abject by some lies?

But still, he was unhappy and very disgruntled.

He almost went insane!

Lin Xinyan remained quiet and didn’t resist nor provoke him.

She bore her pain even though her neck hurt very much.

Her face turned red as she held her breath. She couldn’t breathe anymore as Zong Jinghao grabbed her by her collar too tightly.

Zong Jinghao let her go furiously and said, “Don’t act smart.”

After falling to the ground, she quickly took some deep breaths with her hands holding her chests. She stood up after quite some time when she felt better, and said, “When you’ve made up your mind, ask Mr. Guan to meet me anytime.”

After finished speaking, she turned around and walked towards the main door. She then stopped, glanced at the piano next to the window, and said without even turning around, “I appreciate it that you didn’t throw away the things which I had left here. I will move them away as soon as possible.”

She strode away again once she finished speaking.

Once she was outside of the villa, the determination that she made up almost collapsed right away..

One of her hand propped herself against the wall, while the other held her chests.

She wasn’t sure why it was heartbreaking to her.

“Ms. Lin, are you alright?” Guan Jing who was scrolling on his phone quickly came up to her once he saw Lin Xinyan.

Lin Xinyan shook her head and said, “I’m fine.”

“Okay. Get into the car, and I will drive you home.” Guan Jing walked towards the car and opened the car door.

Lin Xinyan got into the car after thanking him.

Guan Jing looked in the rearview mirror, caught a glimpse of Lin Xinyan and said, “You don’t look well. Did you have a quarrel with Mr. Zong.”

Lin Xinyan looked at him and suddenly thought of the news that Zong Jinghao showed her. She took out her phone to search through the news from the front-page news to local news and found it. She frowned, passed it to Guan Jing and asked, “Were you there at that time?”

Guan Jing sneaked a peek at the news and realized that he read it too when he was scrolling on his phone.

It was only until now that he knew why Zong Jinghao didn’t want him to stop the personal assistant from taking photo at that time.

Even if he did take a photo, it won’t appear in the news if Zong Jinghao didn’t want to see it.

Now that the photo appeared, Zong Jinghao must have deliberately allowed it to be shown.

But the reason behind it might be related to Lin Xinyan?

Guan Jing nodded and replied, “When Mr. Zong was discussing with Mr. Li from Shengda Group, your son came in with that stuff and said Mr. Zong dropped it.”

Lin Xinyan clasped her phone tightly and asked, “Does Zong Jinghao have such a habit?”

She found it odd to ask such a question herself. What kind of people would carry such kind of stuff regularly?

Even if he planned to use it, he wouldn’t be carrying it with him all the time.

This doesn’t look like what a normal human being would do.

And Zong Jinghao is obviously a normal person.

“Nope.” Come to think of it, it isn’t Zong Jinghao’s style. His jaws dropped when Mr. Zong admitted it.

Lin Xinyan took her phone back. She must dig into it to know the truth.

Since Lin Xichen is only five years old, if he really…

She held her forehead and felt distressed.

Soon the car pulled over where she lived. As she couldn’t wait to find out the truth, she didn’t even thank Guan Jing when she pushed open the car door.

When she opened the door, Zhuang Zijin was tidying up the things that they brought along.

“Where is Xi?”

“In the bedroom.” Zhuang Zijin felt that she didn’t look well and asked, “Are you not feeling well?”

“No.” Determined to find out the truth, she walked towards the door of the bedroom and pushed it open.

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