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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 8

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 8

Lin Xinyan raised her head slowly and saw the man’s face clearly. She exclaimed in surprise, “Doctor He.”

Seeing group of people standing behind him, Lin Xinyan was even more surprised, “Why are you here?”

Her younger brother had autism and He Ruize was his doctor. Lin Xinyan and he got to know each other during her brother’s consultation visits.

He Ruize smiled gently and before he could open his mouth, the director of the hospital spoke, “Doctor He is here to deliver a speech.”

He Ruize was a well-known psychiatrist and he was exceptionally knowledgeable in autism.

“How about you? Why are you here? Are you feeling unwell?” He Ruize asked.

Lin Xinyan thought of her mother’s resolute attitude and trembled.

“Yan!” Zhuang Zijin ran from the other side of the corridor hurriedly while holding the examination checklist in her hand. She was startled when she heard from the nurse that Lin Xinyan had ran away. Now that she saw her, she let out an emotional shout.

Lin Xinyan pursed her lips and she felt like crying, “Mom-”

He Ruize said to the director of the hospital who was standing beside him, “Please go back first as I have other matters to attend to.”

“Dr. He, we won’t bother you since you have other matters to attend to. That said, I sincerely invite you to work in our hospital. If you have any requirements, please feel free to let me know and I’ll do my best to satisfy your requirements.”

He Ruize replied gently, “I’ll consider.”

“Auntie, let’s go outside and talk about it. It’s not appropriate to discuss it here.” The hospital was full of people and it was not a suitable place for them to have a discussion.

Zhuang Zijin also knew He Ruize. There were times when she could not afford to pay for her son’s medical fees and Dr. He often helped her to pay the outstanding amount.

As such, she respected He Ruize very much.

She held Lin Xinyan’s wrist tightly for fear that she would run away again.

Just as they stepped out of the hospital, Lin Xinyan knelt in front of Zhuang Zijin, “Mom, please, Xinqi was gone already. Please let me keep him.”

He Ruize frowned as he wondered what she meant. Then he arrived at a realization very quickly and his eyes were fixated on her abdomen.

Seeing the examination checklist in Zhuang Zijin’s hand, it became almost clear to him that she was pregnant.

Shocking and unbelievable!

He wanted to know what happened, but that was not the right time to ask.

Lin Xinyan rarely cried in front of Zhuang Zijin. Even when her younger brother died, she cried secretly, and she never shed tears in front of Zhuang Zijin.

Zhuang Zijin did not mean to force her, but would she still have a future if she gave birth to this child?

Nonetheless, being a mother would make someone stronger. Judging from Lin Xinyan’s reaction, it was going to be very difficult to make her give up. Zhuang Zijin sighed, “Let’s do what you want.”

After speaking, she turned around and left. She felt miserable and did not know how to face her daughter.

Lin Xinyan squatted down slowly. She was pushing herself to be strong, but she could not hold back her tears. She did not want to cry, but she could not help it. The burden of grief and pain in her heart engulfed her.

Before returning to China, he went to look for them and found out that they had returned to China, and her brother died in a car accident.

He did not know what happened during this period.

He Ruize squatted down and looked at her. She was just a teenager when he first met her, but she was already very sensible and took care of her younger brother and mother.

Once, he saw that she only had enough money to buy two meals. Then she gave the meals to her mother and younger brother. Although she did not eat anything, she told Zhuang Zijin that she had already eaten.

She was so sensible that it made him feel sorry for her.

He Ruize stretched out his hand to touch her head and comfort her, but before his hand fell on her, Lin Xinyan suddenly raised her head and looked at him, “Thank you for your help in the past. When I have money in the future, I’ll definitely return it to you.”

He Ruize’s hand paused above her hair. He slowly grasped and retracted his palm, and said with a smile, “Fool, I helped you all willingly so there is no need to return the money to me.”

Lin Xinyan shook her head, “You are kind, but I remember your help.”

When I have the ability in future, I will certainly repay you.

He Ruize helped her up, “Where do you live? I’ll take you home.”

Lin Xinyan was worried about Zhuang Zijin at that time, so she nodded and gave him her address.

When they arrived at the destination, Lin Xinyan pushed the door open to get off the car. He Ruize asked her, “Will you go back there in the future?”

Lin Xinyan turned around to look at him. She shook her head, “I won’t go back.”

After a lot struggling and difficulty, Lin Xinyan finally returned.

The moment she came home, she saw Zhuang Zijin sitting on a chair. Her heart seemed to be torn apart as she wiped her tears.

Without looking at Lin Xinyan, Zhuang Zijin continued to wipe her tears and said, “I’m fine. You can go back.”


“It’s me who didn’t take good care of you.” Zhuang Zijin wiped her tears away, but her tears kept falling and she could not stop crying.

Lin Xinyan rushed over and hugged her. Both of them hugged each other and cried, venting out the pain in their hearts.

After a long time, they finally calmed down. Lin Xinyan then told Zhuang Zijin about her transaction with Zong Jinghao, so that she would not worry.

Zhuang Zijin was very shocked and she wondered how marriage could be a trifling matter.

Although she did not approve of the transactional marriage, she thought that it was fine since her daughter was pregnant and she was no longer innocent. Most probably, Zong Jinghao could not accept it either.

She would take care of her daughter in the future.

Lin Xinyan returned to the villa in the evening. Zong Jinghao was not there. After dinner, she took a walk in the courtyard of the villa to help in her digestion and to see the surroundings of the villa.

As it was already late, she went back to her room. However, she made her way to the kitchen afterwards to get a glass of water as she was feeling thirsty.

When Lin Xinyan was about to go back to her room to sleep after drinking half a glass of water, she heard the sound of the door handle being turned and then the door was pushed open within moments.

A tall figure stepped in immediately, followed by a beautiful figure stepping out from behind.

Lin Xinyan was stunned for a moment.

She did not expect Zong Jinghao would bring the woman that he liked home at such late hours.

Bai Zhuwei was also taken aback when she saw her. She thought, “Wasn’t this the woman we saw at the hospital that day?”

She raised her head to look at Zong Jinghao. His chiseled face looked cold and stiff.

Why was he angry that day?

Was it something to do with this woman?

Women’s minds were always sensitive. Hence, Zong Jinghao’s abnormal reaction made Bai Zhuwei wary of Lin Xinyan.

“Well, I’ll go back to my room first.” Lin Xinyan did not want to be the annoying third wheel.

“Wait,” Zong Jinghao looked at her with a heavy gaze. She was wearing a conservative pajamas. With the white skirt extending to her ankles and her slim fair arms exposed, she looked quite pure and innocent.

Nonetheless, he felt more disgusted after thinking of what she did, “Zhuwei is the owner of this place other than me. Do you know what I mean?”

Lin Xinyan felt that it was entirely unnecessary. After all, she never regarded herself as the owner, so why would he need to emphasize that?

“I know. I’ll go to sleep then.” Lin Xinyan turned around and walked towards the room.

“Ms. Lin.” Bai Zhuwei looked at her, “I’m sorry.”

Lin Xinyan was confused and looked at her in surprise.

Her face was deeply apologetic, “Although you have a marriage arrangement with Hao, but Hao and I have known each other for a longer time. If it weren’t for you, it would be me who marry him. We’re in love, so-”

“So what?” Lin Xinyan thought this woman was very strange.

She clearly knew where she stood and she did not hinder them.

Why did Bai Zhuwei say these words?

“I just feel guilty that you’re married to Hao, but he doesn’t love you because of me.”

“There is no need for that.” According to normal people’s thinking, shouldn’t the parties in such an awkward relationship try not to interfere with one another?

Did Bai Zhuwei say all these to show off her kindness in front of Zong Jinghao?

Inexplicably, Lin Xinyan did not have a good impression of her.

Zong Jinghao squinted his eyes and stared at her face, “What kind of attitude is this?”

Lin Xinyan pursed her lips. All she wanted was to spend this month in peace. She wanted to get what belonged to her, and leave.

This woman was the strange one who came here to say these words.

How should she answer?

“How do you want me to answer?” She did not know how to respond to Bai Zhuwei’s words.

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