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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 79

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 79

A face alike this man’s flashed across her mind. It was a face like this that had drove towards her during her accident.

She was frightened at that time, and still felt the lingering fear until now. She remembered the face clearly.

The conclusion from the police investigation was that it was a machinery error that had caused the accident.

The cab driver had died, and she was hurt.

The truck driver was determined to be not the main cause of the accident, but he still had to bear responsibility.

He Ruize had brought her out of the country because of her injuries. She was unclear on what happened afterwards.

Although it was said that the brake had malfunctioned, but as a driver, he had driven his truck towards another car instead of trying to minimize the damage.

And that was the weird part.

She felt odd. Could this kind of driver still drive a cab?

“Miss, are you not going to take a ride?” The man asked again, seemingly not recognizing Lin Xinyan.

Lin Xinyan face was grim as she asked coldly, “You’re still allowed to drive a cab?”

“Hey, what do you mean?” Yu Doudou felt odd; he was just trying to get a passenger. If she did not want to, did she have to be so harsh?

Lin Xinyan did not want to care about her past, as she and her kids were fine. However, she still hated this kind of people.

She gave no further response and walked away.

Yu Doudou angrily followed after her in his car. “Hey, what did you mean just now? Explain yourself. I don’t even know you. Don’t you think you’re being rude commenting on other people just like that?”

Lin Xinyan frowned. She was not going to fuss about the matter, but he seemed like he wanted to.

She stopped. “I’m not going to mention about the past. Please stop following me, okay?”

Lin Xinyan continued on and walked even faster.

Yu Doudou had his foot on the brake as he looked Lin Xinyan walked away, stunned.

She seemed to know him, from the way she had talked, and yet he did not know her.

Her attitude and anger. It meant that she knew him.

Perhaps she knew his dead brother.

Yu Doudou gritted his teeth, and slowly followed after Lin Xinyan in his car.

He wanted to know what was going on.

Halfway, Lin Xinyan took a cab to her store.

She did not notice that someone was following her.

Lin Xinyan had seen the plans for the decoration and renovations in the store. All she had to do was to check it personally. It was almost done.

“Miss. Lin.” Qin Ya walked over and showed her the interior blueprints.

The location of the store was at B City’s metropolitan area. Although Mrs. William had only opened the branch because of an exchange, it was still her blood and sweat, so she was still meticulous.

From choosing the location to decorating the interior, it was all carefully chosen after investigating the market.

“All the things are custom made, so it might take a while. Although, it won’t take too long. It should come in a week’s time.” Qin Ya said.

Lin Xinyan nodded. “It’s been tough for you.”

These matters were mostly managed by Qin Ya.

“It’s alright.” Qin Ya smiled.

She only had the chance to work in LEO because of Lin Xinyan, who had taken her in when LEO first rejected her.

Although she was Lin Xinyan’s assistant, she had learned many things.

Lin Xinyan was very nice to her. She was not stingy with sharing her experience, which helped her a lot.

“I’ll be here. You’ve taken a long flight; you must be tired. Go back and rest, I’ll take note of the progress here.”

Lin Xinyan thought about it. “Alright, then I’ll go back first. Call me if there’s anything.”

The two children had just come to a new, unfamiliar place. She wondered if they felt unused to the place.

Lin Xinyan walked out of the store. She had just come back here and had no car. She could only call for cabs for now. She stood by the side of road, waiting for a cab.

Yu Doudou, who had been following her, saw her standing by the side of the road. He drove his car over and stopped in front of her.

“Miss, do you know my brother?”

When Lin Xinyan saw it was him again, her face turned gloomy. This person was following her?

“What are you talking about?” Lin Xinyan had a displeased tone.

It was unfortunate to meet a person who made her unhappy just as she came back. And that person just stalked her.

How could she be having a good mood?

Yu Doudou was not angry with Lin Xinyan’s attitude. He explained patiently, “You looked as if you know me, but I’m sure I’ve never seen you before today. The person you’re talking about is definitely not me. It might be my brother, who died six years ago. They said he committed suicide, but I found out that it wasn’t.”

Lin Xinyan took a step back. “Your brother?”

She felt confused.


The driver who had crashed into her was dead?

As if afraid that she would not believe him, Yu Doudou took out his wallet, which had a photo of his brother and him. He handed it to Lin Xinyan, and said, “Look, the one on the right is me, and the one on the left is my brother.”

Lin Xinyan reached out for it, looked at the picture, then back at Yu Doudou. They did look alike.

He and his brother looked very similar. Now that she thought about it, the one who drove the truck looked more like his brother.

“Your brother is dead?” Lin Xinyan asked in disbelief.

His look turned serious when his dead brother was mentioned. He nodded his head solemnly. “He had uremia, and the treatment costed a lot. Our family was not well off, so it was a hopeless case. However, he suddenly posted on his social media saying that he was rich. A person like that suddenly committing suicide, don’t you think it’s odd?”

This was the question in his heart. He had been investigating, but he could not find any evidence.

Lin Xinyan’s reaction made him felt like she was a clue.

“The fact that he posted saying he was rich, then committed suicide is indeed odd.” Logically, if he was rich he would be able to treat his illness. He would have had hope for living. Why would he choose suicide?

This was confusing.

However, this had nothing to do with her. She handed Yu Doudou his photo back. “I’m sorry; this has nothing to do with me.”

Yu Doudou took the photo and kept it back into his wallet. He knew that he could not rush this. “Do you want to take a ride? I’ll send you to your destination.”

“No need.” Lin Xinyan rejected.

“Aren’t you standing at the side of the road waiting for a cab?”

Lin Xinyan stood still.

“I’m not a bad guy, and I won’t cheat you on the fare.” Yu Doudou said sincerely.

Lin Xinyan hesitated, and sat into his car. He did not look like a bad person.

Yu Doudou asked, “Where to?”

“Golden Harbor.” Lin Xinyan replied.

Yu Doudou did not mention about his brother anymore. Instead, he introduced himself. “I’m Yu Doudou. You can call me Doudou.”

Lin Xinyan did not answer him. She felt that he was too enthusiastic.

“Am I being too sudden?” After finishing then did he realize it that he had been revealing too much for the first meeting. He wanted to leave a good impression for Lin Xinyan, so that he could find out what relationship did she have with his brother, and why was she so angry.

The two places were close to each other. It was just a six minute ride.

When they reached, Lin Xinyan paid for the fare and got down the car.

Yu Doudou called out to her. “Can I be friends with you?”

“I’m not familiar with you, and I don’t like to make friends. I’m sorry.” Lin Xinyan rejected him.

Yu Doudou did not give up. He got down the car and was about to chase Lin Xinyan when he was blocked by someone. “What are you doing? Do you know who she is?”

“Who are you?” Yu Doudou looked at the man who had just blocked him.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is that can’t have any thoughts about her. Can you remember this?” Guan Jing warned.

Lin Xinyan turned around when she heard Guan Jing’s voice, and her expression turned even gloomier.

“Miss. Lin.” Guan Jing changed his attitude quick. He smiled and walked over to her. “Mr. Zong wants to see you.”

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