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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 78

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 78

Everyone was watching how Zong Jinghao was going to react. Was he going to admit it, or not?

If he admitted, it would be extremely embarrassing. to bring that around. Was he preparing to have sex around?

Mr. Li’s lips trembled. He wanted to laugh, but he should not, so he had to hold it in.

Beside him, his assistant took out his phone and took a photo. Guan Jing stood up, about to intervene. If this photo went out, it would be disastrous for Zong Jinghao’s reputation.

And yet, just as he moved an inch, he was grabbed by Zong Jinghao. “Sit down.”

He reached out to take the Durex from Lin Xichen’s hand. He looked at in for a second before putting it into his pocket. “Thank you.”

Lin Xichen was speechless.

He felt strange. Why was he not getting angry?

It was obvious that the other uncles were laughing at him.

As if he sensed his confusion, Zong Jinghao lowered himself to the boy’s ear.

“Someone will pay it back for you.”

Lin Xichen glared at him. What did he mean?

Unfortunately, Zong Jinghao did not seem to be interested in explaining to him. Instead of being moody from Lin Xichen’s framing, he seemed to remain in a good mood.

He took the wine that Mr. Li had just poured for him and drank it.

Guan Jing was stunned.

On the side, Mr. Li was also confused. For these kinds of embarrassing matters, should he not be trying to cover up?

Why did he just admit?

Was this a cover up or was it really not his?

Mr. Li could not understand, nor could he ask. Instead he looked at Lin Xichen and asked as he smiled. “Little boy, do you want to have dinner here?”

Lin Xichen shook his head and took a look at Zong Jinghao. There were many questions in his heart. Why was he not angry?

He could not comprehend, so all he could do was to turn and leave. At the room.


When Lin Xichen did not come back quickly, Lin Xinyan went out to look for him.

When he left the room, Lin Xichen saw Lin Xinyan’s frantic voice. He hurriedly ran over. “Mommy.”

Lin Xinyan turned around when she heard his voice. She looked at her son who was running towards her and sighed in relief. She crouched down to welcome her son, and Lin Xichen ran into her arms.

“Where have you been?” Lin Xinyan had a serious look on her face.

What if he had gotten lost?

Lin Xichen lowered his head and said softly, “It’s too big in here. I lost my way.”

Lin Xinyan did not believe in his words. He had great memory; how could he have lost his way.

“Tell mommy the truth.” Lin Xinyan held his head and made him look at her.

“There’s no children urinal in the bathroom. I couldn’t pee until an uncle came in and helped me. That’s why I’m late.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me the truth from the start?”

“It’s not like it’s anything good.” Lin Xichen pouted.

He looked a little shy.

That was his personality.

Lin Xinyan stood up and held his hand. “Let’s go back for food.”

The dishes had been served early on.

Lin Xichen was spacing out. He was still thinking about Zong Jinghao’s words.

Someone will pay it back for him?

Who will be that person?

After food, Zhuang Zijin brought the children home first. After the long flight, they had to go back to shower and rest.

“I’ll send them first and pick you up in a moment.” Qin Ya said.

“It’s alright, go straight to the store. I’ll go to the store by myself later.” There were many matters to settle for LEO’s branch opening.

She was the person-in-charge; there were many things she needed to decide on.

“Alright.” Qin Ya went into the car.

Lin Xichen sat in the car and sighed when he saw Lin Xinyan standing beside He Ruize.

If only He Ruize was richer and more good-looking than Zong Jinghao.

“Is there anything you want to tell me?” Lin Xinyan looked at the car driving away.

“Let’s walk and talk.” He Ruize reached out and wanted to hold her hand. Halfway through, he put his hand back down.

He felt guilty. He knew that the He Ruilin had caused the accident.

He felt apologetic to her.

“Do you have anything on your mind?” He had been hesitating when they were in the car, and he had been absent-minded during the meal. It was obvious that he had something on his mind.

He Ruize laughed. On one side was the woman he loved, on the other was his sister. The conflict in him could not be merely described as “something on his mind”.

“Yan, am I nice to you?” He Ruize looked at the road in front.

“Yes.” Lin Xinyan said sincerely.

He Ruize was nice to her. She never had second thoughts about this.

He Ruize was silent for moment. “What if. I’m talking about what if.”

Lin Xinyan smiled. She rarely saw He Ruize like this. “Just tell me.”

He Ruize contemplated on how to tell her. “What if, you found out that I’m not that nice, will you hate me?”

“How could that be?” Lin Xinyan did not realize that he was testing waters.

“Perhaps it’s just me.” He laughed bitterly. “What could I do to make you fall in love with me?”

Lin Xinyan lowered her head and bit her lips. It had been six years. Six years was not a short time.

This man was no longer the young man in his twenties.

It really had been a long time that he had waited for her.

Although there was no love, perhaps, she should not let down this man who was nice to her.

Zhuang Zijin was also particularly worried about her marriage.

“…Let me think about it.” She still could not accept it right away.

He Ruize stopped. “What did you say?”

He looked at Lin Xinyan, surprised.

Is— Is she saying yes?

Lin Xinyan looked at the parasol trees on the side of the road, and said peacefully, “I know that you’re nice to me, and my mom hopes that we can be together. I… I don’t want to let you down.”

It was not love nor like. When she looked at him, she felt nothing.

It was only because this man was beside her for too long, that was why she felt that if she were to reject him, it would seem as if she was heartless.

If she was not destined for love in this life, she should not let this faithful man down.

Allowing him to be happy was a kind of paying back, was it not?

If he was at Country A, He Ruize would be happy. However, he felt his heart sunk.

He could sense that Lin Xinyan said yes was not because that she liked him, but because he had taken care of her for many years.

She was just repaying him.

The more she acted this way, the more he felt stressful. After all, he had lied to her.

What would happen if she found out about the truth?

He did not dare to think about it.



Lin Xinyan turned. Before she could see his face clearly, she was hugged by him.


As if he was going to lose her anytime.

Lin Xinyan did not move, nor reject him. She just stood there quietly. She could feel He Ruize’s conflict and anxiety.

She only thought it was because of her, so she reached out to hug him and patted his back. “I’ll try to be nice to you from now on.”

She would think about how to deal with his mother next time.

He Ruize stiffened.

Nice to him?

He buried his head into her neck. “I’m afraid of you being nice to me.”

After knowing the truth, the nicer she was to him now, the more hate she would feel about him in the future.

“Do you want me to send you to the store?”

“No need. I want to look around. I’ll go over by myself.” Lin Xinyan said quietly.

Her words were true. This place was not a good dream to her.

And yet she still felt something for it.

“Alright. Send me an invitation when your store is opened.”

“Okay.” Lin Xinyan smiled.

Watching He Ruize going up his car, Lin Xinyan took a deep breath. She walked at the side of the road. It was the beginning of August; it was still hot and there were sweat on her forehead.

“Do you want a ride?” A cab driver stopped by her side, trying to get a passenger.

Lin Xinyan turned her head over. Her expression changed when she saw the cab driver’s face. Was he not—

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