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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 76

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 76

After the call ended, Lin Xinyan stood by the window, stoning. She continued to look out the window, even when she could not see anything.

“Mommy.” Lin Xichen called for her.

Lin Xinyan turned and looked at her son’s flawless face. She smiled as she said, “Yes?”

Lin Xichen put down his tablet, ran over, and hugged her leg. “Mommy, Ruixi have already fallen asleep. Can you accompany me in shower today?”

She squeezed her son’s cheek and said lovingly, “Sure.”

Lin Xichen grinned happily as he pulled onto Lin Xinyan’s shirt. He felt excited; he could finally spend time with mommy now that his clingy sister was sleeping.

If his sister was awake, she would be fussing to cling onto mommy again. He did not have any time to spend with mommy alone.

Lin Xinyan turned on the bathroom lights and the heater switch. She filled the tub with hot water.

Lin Xichen had already taken off his clothes, and he was now butt-naked. “The water is done—” Lin Xinyan turned around to find that her son had already taken off his clothes, her gaze swiping across his smooth skin.

Lin Xichen noticed her gaze. He hurriedly covered what was between his legs, and his face turned red. “Mommy.”

Lin Xinyan deliberately poked fun at him. “So my son knows how to be shy?”

Lin Xichen lowered his head to hide his bright red face.

He was embarrassed.

Lin Xinyan did not continue to make fun of him. He carried him into the tub. Lin Xichen hid in the water, only his head was visible. Lin Xinyan squeezed the shampoo onto his head and gently massaged.

Lin Xichen was sitting quietly in the tub as Lin Xinyan washed his head. He looked at his mother’s gentle face and said, “Mommy.”


Lin Xichen smiled but said nothing else.

He told himself that he had to look for a good man to take care of his mother.

Lin Xinyan deliberately wiped some foam on his nose and thought that he was just being cheeky by calling her and not saying anything else. She did not know that he was quietly deciding to look for a good man for her.

Good men were not easy to find.

On the last day of July, Lin Xinyan went back with her children.

She only brought her children and some clothes, as there was someone to arrange her matters back in Country Z.

Lin Xichen was calm, unlike Lin Ruixi, whose feelings were all written in face. Lin Ruixi was excited. This was her second time on the plane. Her first was when she was three, and she remembered nothing of it.

Children were curious. They would touch everything they could see.

Lin Xinyan had no way of stopping her.

She could only let her fidget in her lap. Fortunately, the people beside her were Zhuang Zijin and Lin Xichen, and not strangers whom she would have disturbed.

“Mommy, I want juice.” Lin Ruixi reached out her hand as she asked. She had seen the air stewardess giving other passengers juice.

Lin Ruixi was wearing a pale blue dress today. Her skin was fair, and her black hair was tied into two braids. Her eyes were bright, as if they could talk.

“What juice would you want?” The air stewardess gently asked as she bent down and asked the cute little girl.

Lin Ruixi blinked and pointed to the green cup.

“This is kiwi juice, so it might be a little sour!” The air stewardess introduced.

Lin Ruixi did not seem to be afraid, and she nodded her head.

The air stewardess handed the kiwi juice to her. Perhaps she looked too cute, and the air stewardess asked, “What’s your name?”

Lin Ruixi opened her mouth and showed her pearly white teeth. “My name is Lin Ruixi. My mommy and grandma call me Ruixi.”

“What a nice name.” The air stewardess praised.

Lin Xinyan caressed her daughter’s hair.

“Your daughter is very pretty.” The air stewardess smiled as she said.

“Thank you.” Lin Xinyan nodded to her politely.

Lin Xichen took a look at his sister and turned to look out the window. He disliked this kind of conversation.

Not long after the air stewardess pushed the cart away, the captain’s voice appeared. “Passengers to Country Z’s B City please be prepared. We’ll be arriving at Dongchen International Airport in ten minutes.”

Ten minutes later.

The plane landed. Lin Xinyan carried Lin Ruixi who was sleeping. Zhuang Zijin held onto Lin Xichen, and they came down from the plane. The moment he came off the plane, he was looking around the place.

This was where mommy was born, he thought.

“I’ll go get the luggage.” Zhuang Zijin let go of Lin Xichen’s hand. “Follow your mommy to the exit and wait for me there.”

“Okay.” Lin Xichen was a sensible boy.

“Yan.” He Ruize walked towards them, and beside him was Qin Ya.

They were here to pick Lin Xinyan up.

He Ruize did not return to Country A. He had stayed here to take care of his sister, who had her marriage engagement cancelled.

He had found out that Lin Xinyan was going to return through a phone call.

That was why he was here together with Qin Ya to pick her up.

“Are you tired? I can carry her for you.” He Ruize reached out to carry the child in her arms.

Lin Xinyan shook her head. “No need, I’m not tired. Let’s go.”

He Ruize looked at Lin Xinyan before his hand retracted. Ever since he knew Lin Xinyan was coming back, he had not smiled.

For as long as she was staying in Country A, she never mentioned about returning here. She did not even entertain the idea of coming back here.

Yet after meeting Zong Jinghao, she came back.

She said she hated that man, yet her actions proofed otherwise.

Zong Jinghao had also canceled the engagement with He Ruilin.

He did not believe that there was nothing going on.

He was afraid.

His gaze landed onto the two children.

The hands on his side tightened.

If Lin Xinyan knew about him hiding the truth at that time, would she hate him?

The conflict and guilt in him grew as the children grew up.

The two children were too cute that no one would dislike them.

If he had not told that lie, perhaps Zong Jinghao would have been with Lin Xinyan because of the children.

He definitely would be.

He had canceled the engagement after meeting Lin Xinyan.

It was obvious that he felt something for Lin Xinyan.

If he did not hide the truth at that time, the children would have had a complete family.

“Uncle, what are you thinking about?” Lin Xichen raised his head to look at He Ruize, who was in a trance, and pulled his shirt.

He Ruize’s focus returned and he quickly answered, “Nothing.”

He looked down at Lin Xichen and held onto his hand. “Let’s go.”

Lin Xichen took out his hand. “I can walk by myself.”

He did not hate He Ruize, but he did not like him either.

He Ruize rubbed his fingers in awkwardness.

“Lin Xichen!” Lin Xinyan called to him when she saw his actions. “You should be polite. Uncle is just concerned about you.”

“I know.” Lin Xichen lowered his eyes.

He just did not like He Ruize to hold his hand.

“It’s alright, now is not the time to talk. Let’s go.” He Ruize took the luggage from Zhuang Zijin.

“How are you?” Zhuang Zijin smiled.


Zhuang Zijin liked He Ruize very much.

He Ruize pulled the luggage and the group left the airport. Lin Xinyan went into He Ruize’s car, while Zhuang Zijin and Lin Xichen sat in Qin Ya’s car.

He Ruize looked at Lin Xinyan through the rearview mirror. She was looking at her sleeping daughter and her expression was gentle.

He Ruize tightened his hold on the steering wheel. He wanted to say something, but he did not.

Lin Xinyan’s living arrangements were made by Qin Ya. It was near the store, so it would be convenient for her to go to work.

After reaching the house and bringing the luggage in, He Ruize told them that he had booked a spot in a restaurant. Everything in the house was new, and so they could not cook.

Before Lin Xinyan could answer, Zhuang Zijin had accepted the offer.

Lin Xinyan could not reject him after that.

The group went into the car again to go to the restaurant that He Ruize had booked.

He Ruize had booked a spacious room, and the six of them still had space in between their seats.

“I want to go to the bathroom.” Lin Xichen slid off the chair.

“I’ll go with you.” Zhuang Zijin was afraid that he would get lost.

“No need, I know the way.” Lin Xichen waved his hand and went out by himself.

He asked the waiter the way, and he found the bathroom quickly.

After entering the bathroom, he realized that there was no urinal for children. The adult’s urinal was too high.

He frowned in frustration.

“Boy.” A teasing voice came from behind him.

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