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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 73

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 73

Zong Jinghao’s expression returned to normal. “If there is nothing bothering you, just go back.”

She clenched her fists. She was conflicted. “Could you tell me why you are doing this?”

Did he know that acting like that meant he loved her?

Deep in her heart, she did not believe that Zong Jinghao would fall in love with a woman like her yet she could not understand his behavior.

She could not find any other explanations.

Zong Jinghao stood up.


He only knew that he wanted this woman to return to her original status. “You’re the wife my mother arranged for me. Naturally, I want to live up to her wishes.”

Lin Xinyan wanted to laugh, but she could not.

She did not know what expression she should be showing—happy or sad?

“It’s only because of your mother’s arrangement, that’s why you want me to go back?” Lin Xinyan felt conflicted and lost. She did not know why she had her hopes up even when he said no.

Zong Jinghao turned around with his back facing her. The expression on his face was hidden in the light. He gave a faint hum.

This should have been the expected answer.

She was disappointed.

She smiled bitterly and said, “Do you think I’m still suitable to be in that position? Aren’t you about to engage with He Ruilin? Is it fun making a fool out of me here?”

His face tensed, like a pulled bowstring.

He had been trying to ignore the fact that Lin Xinyan once had someone else and had a child.

This was what he did not wish to think about nor mention. Now that she had said it out, he had to face it.

“I won’t marry He Ruilin. It’s also not unsuitable for you to be in that position.” He said quietly.

Lin Xinyan squeezed out a smile. “Are you being serious?”

Through the dim light, Zong Jinghao turned around and looked at the woman facing him. “You’re not any virgin, nor am I a righteous man. We’re pot and kettle, so don’t make any comparisons.”

She knew it, but she still felt disappointed when those words came out from his mouth.

He was a normal man. It would be strange if nothing had happened between He Ruilin and him. After all, she had been with him for quite a while.

She knew that.

She understood it.

Her chest still felt tight whenever she thought about him sleeping with other women.

“I’m going back today.” He came today to tell her about this.

“Mmm.” Lin Xinyan turned her head away to not look at him.

She pretended that she was calm.


The phone that Lin Xinyan had placed on the table suddenly vibrated. She saw that it was her son’s name on the screen and reached out to pick up the call.


“Mommy, can you pick me up from school today?” Lin Xichen asked.

“Of course.” Nothing was more important than her son. She took a glance at the clock on the table. “What time do you want me to be there?”

“Can you come over now?”

“…Of course.”

“I’ll wait for you.”


She waited until her son ended the call before she put her phone down. She closed her folder and kept her drawing papers. She was about to leave when she saw Zong Jinghao, who was standing behind her. It was then she remembered, someone else others than her was still here.

“Going out?”


Lin Xinyan pursed her lips. “My son wants me to pick him up.”

Zong Jinghao had heard it. He thought about the look that the boy had gave him, and he couldn’t help but asked, “Did you say anything bad about me to him?”

Lin Xinyan was confused. “Why is that so?”

“If you didn’t, why is the boy so hostile to me?”

This time, Lin Xinyan understood what he meant.

Instead of answering, she changed the topic. “You’re rushing for the plane. I’ll also be leaving.”

She could not tell him that it was because Lin Xichen saw him kissing her forcefully. That was why her son hated him.

When she walked to the door, she turned around to look at him. “Are you not leaving?”

It was obvious that she was changing the topic, but Zong Jinghao said nothing about it. Instead, he continued with the change of the topic. “Which school is your son in?”



The corner of his eye twitched. He knew that the child was smart. He could see that the child had his own ideas from the last time he framed him into kidnapping him. This boy knew how to utilize the fact that he was an innocent child to make others lower their guard, to achieve his goals.

Not many five-year-old could be that smart.

He knew that he was smart, but he never expected him to enter AC at this age.

Lin Xinyan was proud talking about her son. “He’s very smart. Sometimes he’ll act like an adult and take care of his younger sister.”

Her face lit up as she talked.

She was proud of her son.

Zong Jinghao snorted coldly and walked towards his car.

It would be a lie to say that he felt nothing.

He was in his thirties. Many people at his age already had children.

Now, he had to listen to this lady bragging about how smart and how obedient her son whom she had with another man was. It was impossible for him to feel happy.

Lin Xinyan just felt he was being ridiculous.

Like many of the things he did, she could not see what his aim was.

Lin Xinyan gave no further thoughts and walked towards her car.

It was not long before she reached her son’s school. Lin Xichen was already out of class, and he was waiting at the school gate.

Lin Xinyan parked, then came off her car. She walked towards him.

“Mommy.” Lin Xichen called her excitedly when he saw Lin Xinyan walking over.

The guard opened the gate to let Lin Xichen out when he saw Lin Xinyan walking over.

Lin Xinyan reached out for him. “Why are you in school today?”

Although he had passed the entrance test, he only had three days of class because of his young age. He had classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It was Tuesday today.

“I had some questions to ask my teacher.” Lin Xichen said seriously.

“I’ll need to invite your teacher for a lunch when I’m free. He’s being so nice to you.” Lin Xinyan thought, why don’t I call him today, and ask if he is free for a lunch?

“Is your teacher still in school?” Lin Xinyan asked.

“No, he left because he had things to do.”

Lin Xinyan gave up on the idea. She carried her son into the car and buckled up his safety belt.

When they reached home, they met Zhuang Zijin and Lin Ruixi who just came home from the supermarket.

She hurried down the car to take the grocery in Zhuang Zijin’s hands.

“Mommy, mommy!” Lin Ruixi was excited. Her hands reached upwards, wanting a hug from Lin Xinyan.

“I’ll hug you in the house.”

“I want it now.” Lin Ruixi grabbed onto Lin Xinyan’s leg, not letting her go until she carried her.

Zhuang Zijin shook her head, smiling. “Just carry her.”

She took back the groceries.

“Our Ruixi is heartless. There’s no grandma in her eyes, just mommy.”

“Grandma has me.” Lin Xichen reached out to hold Zhuang Zijin’s hand.

“Our Xichen is the most sensible boy.” Zhuang Zijin laughed.

Lin Ruixi did not care. She happily sprawled on Lin Xinyan’s shoulder, enjoying the hug from her mother.

Entering the house, Zhuang Zijin went to the kitchen to arrange her groceries. Lin Xinyan went to wash her daughter’s hands.

There were germs outside.

“Mommy, I want to eat pudding.” Lin Ruixi raised her head, widened her big clear eyes, and acted cute in her mother’s embrace.

“Alright.” Lin Xinyan laughed as she answered.

After washing her daughter’s hands, Lin Xinyan carried her to living room and took the pudding from the fridge.

Lin Ruixi was a little glutton. She stayed quiet when she had something to eat.

Lin Xinyan told Lin Xichen to take care of his sister, then went into the kitchen to help Zhuang Zijin with dinner.

“Mom, why did Mrs. Zong and you arrange that marriage back then?”

This was what she had always been curious about but had no opportunity to ask.

Now that it was mentioned by Zong Jinghao again, Lin Xinyan’s curiosity was piqued again.

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