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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 72

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 72

When she did not hear a response, she turned around. “Ya—”

However, the person behind her was not the one she was expecting. In fact, it was someone she never expected.

“Why are you here?” Lin Xinyan unconsciously curled her fingers and tightened her grip on the pencil.

Zong Jinghao looked around the room. It was white-themed and minimalistic.

“Is this where you work?” He walked to the French windows and looked out.

Lin Xinyan put down the pencil and stood up. “I’m talking to you.”

Zong Jinghao turned around, looked at her, and laughed lightly. “I’m here for you, obviously.”

Lin Xinyan’s hands gripped onto the edge of the table behind. She stared at him, hoping to see his true intentions.

What did he want?

Yet she could not sense anything.

“You’ve seen Mrs. William, haven’t you?” She asked, albeit more like saying a statement.

She could not think of anyone else who would force her to go back there.

Zong Jinghao walked over, pulled out the chair behind her, and sat down. “Yes,” he answered honestly.

“Why?” Lin Xinyan almost shouted.

She could not understand why he wanted to do this.

“There’s no why.” Zong Jinghao grabbed on her wrist and pulled her towards him until she sat on his legs. Lin Xinyan was unwilling, and she struggled to get out of him.

“I’m injured.”

“What does that have to do with me?” Lin Xinyan said.

Zong Jinghao sighed. “Aren’t you curious about what I gave to Mrs. William?”

Lin Xinyan was curious. What kind of item was it that made Mrs. William breaks her own rule?

“What did you give her?” Lin Xinyan asked.

“You’re in LEO. You should have heard about her husband—Mr. William.” Zong Jinghao caressed her back, trying to appease her.

Lin Xinyan nodded. “I’ve heard of it. It seemed like they were a loving couple. Unfortunately Mr. William passed away at young age, and she never married anyone else.”

“Do you know what her husband, Mr. William had been doing?” Zong Jinghao had already successfully diverted her attention.

Lin Xinyan really had no idea. She shook her head.

Zong Jinghao hugged her waist and made her sit. Lin Xinyan struggled, unwillingly. “I’m injured, can you just sit still?” Zong Jinghao said with a low voice.

Lin Xinyan felt upset. Did he not know that this was inappropriate?

That this action was intimate?

Why did he do this every time?

“Mr. William was a jewelry designer.” Zong Jinghao said.

Lin Xinyan raised her eyebrow in surprise. Mr. William was a jewelry designer!

“What did this have to do with the thing you gave Mrs. William?” Lin Xinyan could not understand what connections they could have.

“When Mrs. William met Mr. William, she was still an unknown fashion designer. It was during the first time that Mrs. William’s designs went on stage at that fashion conference. Coincidentally, Mr. William also attended the event…”

“So, they met?” Lin Xinyan could imagine the scene. “It should have been romantic.”

There was a hint of jealousy that flashed under her eyes. Once upon a time, she had wanted love, but she had lost the opportunity and rights to it.

She was just a single mother at this moment.

Zong Jinghao saw the jealousy that flashed across her eyes. He tightened his hold on her waist. “They did meet, but it wasn’t romantic. In fact, you could describe it as embarrassing—”

Lin Xinyan frowned. “What happened?”

“It was reported that Mrs. William stole someone else’s design.”

“Impossible!” Lin Xinyan believed in Mrs. William and her skills.

She would never plagiarize.

Zong Jinghao looked at her agitated expression. “We’re not talking about you, why are you so agitated?”

Lin Xinyan also realized that she had been too agitated. She calmed herself, and said, “I just don’t believe that Mrs. William would plagiarize.”

“She did…” Zong Jinghao watched her secretly. Her eyebrows were furrowed, and her breathing was rapid. She looked like she was about to have an outburst.

“The name of her design had clashed with that of a popular necklace’s. Mrs. William had not known about that necklace. Coincidentally, both her design and the said necklace shared the same name and the same inspiration except the item designed was different.” He twirled a strand of hair near Lin Xinyan’s ear. His voice was deep as he said, “Do you think it’s fate?”

Indeed, it was an unbelievable coincidence.

Yet what Lin Xinyan was not clear about was how they knew that their inspiration was the same.

“Silly.” Zong Jinghao pinched her cheek. “Since the designs were the same, investigations would have been made. The two met and found out that their inspirations were from the same source. That’s why they named their designs the same.” Lin Xinyan said in realization.

“Not too dumb.” Zong Jinghao smiled faintly.

Lin Xinyan’s face turned grim. Did he just say she was dumb?

“So, what you’ve given to Mrs. William was that necklace?” Lin Xinyan guessed.

Zong Jinghao nodded.

“How did you get that necklace?”

At that time, the necklace was bided by a man, who bought it for his wife.

That man was a smart businessman, and he was never short in money.

So after Mr. William’s death, Mrs. William had been looking for that necklace. Although she had found out that it was with that family, they did not want to sell it regardless of how much she offered.

However, so happen that Zong Jinghao had business relationships with this man.

Lin Xinyan finally knew what was going on. Zong Jinghao had given Mrs. William what she had wanted, that was why she agreed to open a branch.

Lin Xinyan suddenly realized she had been dragged off topic.

What she felt confused about was not what he gave Mrs. William.

It was why he had wanted her to return to that country.

What will he get?

What did he really want?

Lin Xinyan just realized that she had been sitting on his lap while talking to him.

She quickly stood up and looked at him. “What is it that you want?”

He felt unused to the sudden loss of cuddle. He looked at Lin Xinyan. “What else except you?”

“Me what?”

“Why don’t you want to go back?” Zong Jinghao changed his gentle tone to a sharp one. “Is there something that is making you sad there?”

“No” Lin Xinyan denied instinctively.

“Then why are you so afraid of going back?”

“Who’s afraid?”

Zong Jinghao smiled in satisfaction. “If you’re not afraid, why are you so agitated?”

Lin Xinyan realized that she lost all her mind when she was in front of him.

She would never admit that this man always had the power to disrupt her thoughts.

She pretended to be casual. “Which eye of yours saw me being agitated?”

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