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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 71

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 71

Only after hearing an inviting answer did she push open the door.

In the spacious and unique office, there was a rectangle desk in the middle. On both of its sides were mannequins that wore all sorts of beautiful formal attires. There was an elegant elderly woman sitting in the front. Her white hair was in a bun, and she wore a suit.

She had a pearl necklace around her neck, and each pearl, translucent, matched in sizes. It matched perfectly with her pearl earrings, and it made the elderly woman look elegant.

“Sit.” In Mrs. William’s hand was an exquisite box. She kept caressing it lovingly.

Lin Xinyan looked at it and sat down. “Mrs. William, is there anything you need?”

Mrs. William placed the box on the table, but her hand never left the box. She simply said, “I’m planning to open a store in B City of Country Z. You’ll manage it.”

There was only one store of LEO since the start of its business. That was the rule. There were no other branches in any country.

And this primary store was taking in orders from all over the world.

Their service was personalized. Each formal attire and wedding dress that left the store were unique. There was only one piece each of the garment in the world.

That was why LEO was popular amongst women i.e. celebrities who walked the red carpet, women who were marrying. Their attires were vital to the occasions. Therefore, bespoke attire was their primary option.

“Wasn’t it a rule that LEO would never have branches?” Lin Xinyan did not understand.

Furthermore, she was surprised that the location was in B city in Country Z.

That was the place she rejected the most. She would never hesitate to take up the job should it be any other country.

Mrs. William sighed, and said, “No pain, no gain.”

Mrs. William was the founder of LEO. She must be the one who had set the rule.

Mrs. William was ninety. Her rules had been around for at least sixty years. Why would she break the rule so easily?

“Mrs. William, are there some difficulties you’re facing?” Lin Xinyan stared at the box that Mrs. William had been caressing as if it was filled with something precious.

Mrs. William did not seem interested to further discuss. “I’ve decided.” She said.

Lin Xinyan knew that there must be something unusual going on. This decision came too sudden.

The chosen location was too much of a coincidence.

She did not believe this was just a coincidence.

If it was not, who was the one who wanted her to go back?

“Lin, if you don’t agree to this, no other company would take you in.” Mrs. William could see the unwillingness on her face. She sighed, and said, “This might not be a bad thing. After all, that is where your home is.”

Lin Xinyan lowered her head. She felt conflicted. “Mrs. William, can you tell me why you’ve decided on this?”

“Because of this.” Mrs. William held the ornate box. “I’ve always knew who had this. Yet no matter how much I offered, that person would not sell it—”

Yesterday afternoon, she met Mr. Zong from Country Z.

He made a deal with her with this box.

His request was for her to open a branch at Country Z’s B City, with Lin Xinyan as the person-in-charge.

He also asked to warn Lin Xinyan that if she tried to leave LEO, she and her career would be blocked and blacklisted in any way she could ever imagined.

Even if she was unwilling, she still had to go back!

Lin Xinyan pursed her lips, and she seemed to understand what had happened. “Someone gave you what you wanted, but it came with a condition which was for you to open a branch in B City in Country Z, with me as the person in charge.” She blurted out her guess.

Mrs. William shook her head, not because she denied her words, but she did not like Lin to guess correctly.

“Woman has to be not so smart to look adorable. I think the man who came to me should like you very much.” Mrs. William still liked Lin Xinyan very much. She reached out to pat her on the shoulders. “Running away doesn’t solve the problem. Only when you can face it calmly, then you will be free. The fact that you cared so much simply meant you had not let go.”

Lin Xinyan denied. “I had let it go.”

“If that’s the case, what are you afraid of?”

Lin Xinyan shrugged. She did not want to go back to that place which was full of memories of the past.

They were all not so beautiful past.

“I’ve decided. You can go now. Just think about it.” Mrs. William took the ornate box, placed it in her hands and stared at it as if she could see someone through the box.

Lin Xinyan stood up and left.

Qin Ya had been standing by the door waiting for her. Now that she saw her coming out, she walked over to her. “What are you going to do?”

Qin Ya was a citizen of Country Z. She had entered the company two years after Lin Xinyan. At that time, she was not selected as she did not graduate with a related degree. It was Lin Xinyan who wanted her and mentored her in LEO.

They had known each other for a while, so Qin Ya somewhat knew Lin Xinyan’s past.

Lin Xinyan smiled bitterly. “I have no choice.”

Mrs. William’s words were clear. If she rejected her, no other company in the same industry would ever take her in.

Mrs. William had a reputation in the industry. Her words were important, and others would listen to them with respect.

“Do you know what in Mrs. William’s box is?” Lin Xinyan was curious. What was the thing that made her break her own rule?

Qin Ya shook her head. “I don’t know.”

Lin Xinyan sighed. Although she was curious, her head was filled with frustration as she had to return to that place.

She returned to the office with her documents. She read through it and after understanding what her client wanted, she took out her drawing paper and pencil. However, she could not calm the thoughts in her mind. The pencil remained in air, and the paper was blank.

She rubbed her face, and asked Qin Ya to make a cup of coffee with sugar.

“Did you not rest well last night? You don’t look too good.” Qin Ya asked, concerned.

Lin Xinyan took a sip from the coffee. Not only did she not rest well, she did not even sleep a wink.

“This isn’t urgent. Why don’t you go back and rest?” Qin Ya suggested.

“I can’t sleep at this time anyway. Go ahead and do your things.” She took a deep breath. “Life still has to go on.”

She could not rest, especially not now.

Her children needed her.


Qin Ya walked out of the office and closed the door behind her. Before the door was fully closed, it was stopped by a large hand. Qin Ya turned around and saw a tall man. “You—”

“Shh!” “I’m looking for her.” Zong Jinghao lowered his voice.

Qin Ya still remembered that other day when he suddenly dragged Lin Xinyan away. They knew each other, and they were more than acquaintances.

Qin Ya nodded understandingly and left the room.

Zong Jinghao closed the door and walked in.

Lin Xinyan finally had a peace of mind and was focusing on her sketch.

The client had requested for a tight top for the dress, with a mermaid skirt. Only someone with a good figure could wear the dress well.

Zong Jinghao stood behind her and watched her work diligently. This was the first time he saw her draw.

It was just a simple pencil, but it was as if the tip of the pencil had magic in it. With a few strokes, and the general idea of the dress had appeared on the blank paper.

Lin Xinyan sensed someone behind her, but she never said anything as she thought it was Qin Ya, who had a habit of watching her draw. “Ya, do you have the details of the client’s height and weight?”

She wanted to design the bottom part based on the client’s figure.

When she did not hear a response, she turned around. “Ya—”

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