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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 69

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 69

Zong Jinghao was slightly taken aback. “You—”

As soon as he spoke, the doorbell of the room rang.

He frowned, not very happy that someone knocked on the door at this time. He got up and saw Lin Xinyan’s delicate and flat belly that was exposed due to the shirt hem that had rolled up. So, he stretched out his hand to fix her clothes, and took a look at her. “I wasn’t really bullying you. Why are you crying?”

Sitting up, Lin Xinyan refused to talk to him, so she turned her head, still mad at him.

Zong Jinghao sighed. “I’ll get the door.”

The shirt was taken off, and he couldn’t wear it anymore. Therefore, he took a bathrobe and put it on in the bathroom before going to open the door.

Standing at the door was a woman with a hot body in a purple bodycon dress that revealed her slender thighs. She had golden wavy hair and was wearing a pair of black high heels. Seeing the man opening the door, she moved her hands through her hair, and parted her red lips. “My name is You.”

Then, she walked in on her own. “Don’t worry, I have very good skills and I will definitely make you satisfy.”

The woman seemed to have gotten used to the situation, as she walked to the table and poured herself a glass of red wine. She then brought it to her lips and took a sip. Looking at the extremely handsome man, she thought that she had hit the jackpot. She would be willing to sleep with such a man for free, not to mention that there would be so much money for her, so her enthusiasm ran higher. “I can also meet any special requirements that you have, be it oral, or…”

Before she finished speaking, she saw Lin Xinyan coming out of the bedroom, her eyes widened. “Who are you?”

Could it be that he called another woman besides me?

With that in mind, the woman sized up Lin Xinyan, who dressed conservatively with no make-up. Although she was beautiful, she was not so coquettish.

If we want to have fun, of course we need to get someone who knows how to have fun.

The woman looked at Zong Jinghao. “Are we having a threesome?”


Zong Jinghao’s face completely clouded over.

“Get out!”

Failing to grasp the situation, the woman said with a smile, “I don’t mind having threesome.”

Lin Xinyan could also understand what this woman was doing. So this is a service that isn’t free?

Then, she got goose bumps all over her body.

This kind of service really exists everywhere.

Even this kind of high-end five-star hotel is no exception.

Lin Xinyan glanced at Zong Jinghao, and said, gloating, “It’s a good thing. Why do you look so gloomy? I’ll leave you alone.”

The woman was excited. She didn’t want to share such a tall and handsome man—who also looked strong—with other women.

The woman was naturally happy when she heard Lin Xinyan said that she was leaving, as there was a look of joy on her face.

Zong Jinghao glanced at her in disgust, looked at Lin Xinyan, and warned, “Leave if you dare.”

Lin Xinyan glared at him. “Are you a bandit?”

“If you say so.” Zong Jinghao walked toward her, and stood beside her, before he leaned over. “This is your own doing. You will solve it.”

Speechless, Lin Xinyan gritted her teeth.

The woman saw Zong Jinghao walking into the bedroom, so she followed. As soon as she reached the door, Lin Xinyan reached out and stopped her. “Excuse me, you may go back. There is no need for your service here.”

The woman’s face changed, and she raised her delicate eyebrows. “What now? Are you trying to have the client all to yourself?”

Lin Xinyan’s face also changed. I’m not doing the same thing you’re doing.

“You want to leave by yourself, or should I call the receptionist?” Lin Xin paused. “If it turns unpleasant, it will be bad for you.”

Lin Xinyan raised her head in an imposing manner.

The woman was reluctant, but a man who could afford such a suite must be wealthy and respectable, and judging from the man’s attitude earlier, he didn’t like her too.

This was the only time she got rejected.

She was in a bad mood and said coldly, “I came, so the money won’t be refunded.”

“It’s okay,” Lin Xinyan replied quickly, wanting to get rid of her immediately.

The woman glanced at the bedroom, snorted coldly, and walked out swaying her hips.

Lin Xinyan leaned against the door frame, and hesitated for a while before saying, “I have already gotten rid of her. Can I leave now?”

Her question was met with silence.

Lin Xinyan waited for a while, still, there was no reply from him.

She looked back and found Zong Jinghao lying on the bed, seeming to be asleep.

She took a closer look and realized that he was actually asleep. He was breathing heavily, looking very uncomfortable.

“Zong Jinghao?” Lin Xinyan tried to call him.

There was no response. He had really fallen asleep.

Lin Xinyan reached out to cover him with the quilt, and accidentally touched his skin. It was scorching hot, so she placed her hand on his forehead to see if he had a fever.

The skin on his forehead was burning hot. He was having a high fever.

Lin Xinyan called the front desk to ask for a doctor. He was still injured, and Lin Xinyan did not dare to take care of it herself.

Lin Xinyan received a call from Lin Xichen while sitting on the sofa waiting for the doctor to come.

“Mommy, aren’t you coming back? Ruixi is hungry already.”

Only then did Lin Xinyan remember that she said she would go home for dinner. At this moment, they were still waiting for her. “You can dive in first. I’m caught up in something…”

Then, she looked up at the man lying on the bed, thought about it for a while, and added, “I may not go back tonight. You and Ruixi must listen to grandma and sleep in grandma’s room tonight.”

“Okay, Mommy, don’t forget to eat, and take care of yourself.”

Lin Xinyan smiled with relief, seeing that her son was good at showing concern for others.

“Okay. You are a man in our family, so you have to take care of your sister.”

“I will.”

After hanging up the phone, Lin Xinyan waited for a while before the doctor came.

He cleaned Zong Jinghao’s wound again and gave him an injection for his fever. He also prescribed some medicine, and told Lin Xinyan how to use it, “This bottle contains topical medicine that should be sprayed on the wound. These are taken orally. This red one is for the fever. If he has a high fever again, give him this. Make sure he drinks a lot of water at night. He must stay hydrated as he’s having a fever.”

“Okay.” Lin Xinyan sent the doctor out.

Closing the door, she walked back to the bedroom and stood by the bed, sighing.

She reluctantly stayed to take care of him.

She couldn’t afford to take responsibility in case something happened to him.

At night, Zong Jinghao said in a daze, “Water… water…”

His voice was dry.

Lin Xinyan, who was still awake, poured a glass of water for him when she heard him. She lifted him up and brought the glass to his lips. “It’s water.”

She tilted the glass to make it easier for him to drink.

After the water touched his lips, he gulped down the glass of water, relieving his dry mouth.

Lin Xinyan put the glass on the table beside the bed and helped him to lie down. “Since I take care of you with all my heart, don’t trouble me anymore after you recover.”

He should return to China and get married, whereas she lived her life here, without interfering each other.

Zong Jinghao couldn’t hear her, as he had already fallen asleep.

In the morning, she decided to take a look at her kids, as she hadn’t gone back all night. So she found Zong Jinghao’s phone and called Guan Jing, asking him to come over.

Being smart as he was, Guan Jing knew that Zong Jinghao and Lin Xinyan must be together last night, as Zong Jinghao didn’t come back the whole night, whereas Lin Xinyan used Zong Jinghao’s phone to call him early in the morning. If he went there, he would be ruining things for Zong Jinghao.

He was not stupid, so he replied, “I have something to do. I can’t go there.”

Lin Xinyan sneered. “Versailles Hotel, Room 888. Up to you whether you want to come. I won’t take the responsibility if Zong Jinghao dies here!”

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