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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 68

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 68

Then, Lin Xinyan turned around to leave.

“What’s the name of your son?” Just as Lin Xinyan walked to the door of the bedroom, a playful voice was heard coming from behind, saying, “Lin Xichen, Lin Ruixi?”

When he came to Country A, he had obtained detailed information about Lin Xinyan’s life over the past few years from Guan Jing.

To his surprise, this woman actually gave birth to a pair of twins, that looked very beautiful as well.

Lin Xinyan paused, turned around, and stared at him, clenching her hands tightly. When she saw Guan Jing, she knew that Guan Jing was investigating her.

Unexpectedly, Guan Jing was quick.

“If you need me to go back and get a divorce certificate with you, you can say it clearly as I’m more than happy to do so and won’t hinder your happiness. But you threaten me like this, don’t you think you’re too much?” Trembling all over, Lin Xinyan was furious.

Zong Jinghao lay still on the bed, with his arms on his forehead and his eyes closed, saying nothing.

He seemed to be extremely exhausted.

Lin Xinyan stood at the door and dared not leave; for fear that he would do anything crazy and hurt her children.

After all, he knew everything about her now.

“I’m thirsty.”

After a long time, Zong Jinghao spoke slowly without opening his eyes.

Lin Xinyan glanced at him angrily, thinking that he might as well die of thirst.

Zong Jinghao turned over with his back facing Lin Xinyan. His eyes that were originally closed, slowly opened, with fatigue written all over his face. “Do you want to murder your husband by letting me die of thirst?”

Speechless, Lin Xinyan held her anger in and turned to pour a glass of water that she later brought in and handed over to him. “Here you go.”

“Feed me.” Zong Jinghao turned over and looked at the woman standing by the bed holding back her anger.

Because of her anger, her cheeks were flushed while bulging slightly, looking like an angry hamster, which was very cute.

Zong Jinghao couldn’t help but chuckle, but for Lin Xinyan, his chuckle became a teasing.

“Zong Jinghao, go to hell!” Lin Xinyan threw the glass of water on him. The warm water in the glass spilled on him. However, the worst thing was that the cup landed on his injured chest.

The moment the glass hit him, he grunted.

The shirt soaked in water revealed the red color underneath it.

Lin Xinyan was stunned for a moment. He isn’t someone who can’t withstand pain, is he? How painful can it be being hit by a glass? But he looks like he was in great pain just now.

“Stop acting.” Lin Xinyan pretended to be calm.

Zong Jinghao lay on all fours, motionless and silent.

Lin Xinyan slowly looked over, and accidentally saw the red color on his white shirt. She frowned. Why would there be a red stain on his chest?

She bent down, trying to see what it was.

Due to the close proximity and water-soaked shirt, Lin Xinyan could clearly see the bandage around his chest.

“W-Why are you injured?” Lin Xinyan asked helplessly.

Zong Jinghao opened his eyes and stared at the dazzling chandelier on the ceiling, rubbing his fingers against the bedding.

He just didn’t want to owe He Ruilin too much.

After all, he failed her.

She was bad in every way, but there was still one thing good about her.

After all, it had so many years.

There was a little bit of feeling.

This feeling had nothing to do with relationships—it was a morality and a responsibility.

It was just like what He Ruilin asked him.

Can the money buy so many years of youth?

His long and thick eyelashes trembled slightly, while he stared at her, a trace of seriousness flashing across his eyes “What if I tell you, I did it for you, will you believe it?”

Pursing her lips tightly, Lin Xinyan seemed to have seen a hint of seriousness in his eyes just now.

But she thought about it carefully. No, how could he be serious about me?

How could he like a woman who has had children?

I must be seeing things.

And what does his injury have to do with me?

What’s more, he is going to be engaged to He Ruilin, does he think I’m a fool?

She looked clearly unconvinced, while Zong Jinghao chuckled.

Maybe he was laughing at himself. He couldn’t clearly explain the inexplicable emotions he felt toward her.

Lin Xinyan stooped to pick up the glass. She somehow felt guilty because she just smashed him with the glass, so she said softly, “I’ll take you to the hospital.”


Zong Jinghao refused decisively.

Lin Xin had no choice. “Then what about your injury?”

“Help me take off my wet clothes.” It was too uncomfortable wearing soaking wet clothes.

Lin Xinyan thought for a while and stooped to unbutton his shirt. “I can help you, but you have to let me go back after this.”

She usually tucked the two children in, so she feared that they would not sleep well without her.

The moment she leaned down, a strand of hair fell down, while the tip of the hair touched his face from time to time, making him feel itchy and numb, like a living electric current that kept flowing to his sensitive areas. He replied in a hoarse voice, “Depends on your performance.”

Lin Xinyan’s lips twitched slightly. “I don’t owe you anything.”

While speaking, his breathing was indistinctly blowing her hair, like a tease. “If you don’t hit me, will I be injured the second time? You should be grateful that I don’t sue you for assault.”

Speechless, Lin Xinyan deliberately poked his wound forcefully while undoing the buttons.

Zong Jinghao grunted in pain. How could this woman be so cruel?

Can’t she be gentler considering that I’m injured?

He let out a sigh. “I finally know why there is no man around you all these years. No man can stand a rude woman like you.”

“Raise your arm.” Tugging at his shirt, Lin Xinyan glanced at him, and chuckled. “There are many men chasing me.”

“Oh, really?”

“Of course—Oh!”

Before she could finish speaking, Zong Jinghao turned and held her beneath him. His water-soaked shirt was loosely worn over his body, which made him look a little funny, but it couldn’t hide his stern look.

“Tell me, who are they?”

Lin Xinyan turned her head sideways, not looking at his naked body. “Get off me first.”

Zong Jinghao moved her head to make her look at him, and said slowly, “You are a married woman.”

“We’re just one certificate away from a divorce!” Lin Xinyan really wanted to yell at him, how could you still say these things to your ex-wife while having a fiancée?

Squinting his eyes, he leaned down until his lips were very close hers, and said ambiguously, “Don’t forget, without a divorce certificate, you are still my wife. Tell me—”

His fingers ran across her cheeks and pressed his fingers on her lips. “How are we going to spend this night following a long-awaited reunion?”

Widening her eyes, Lin Xinyan clenched her fists and held her breath.

“Have you ever heard a saying?” His fingertips ran over her pink lips.

He didn’t use too much force, so Lin Xinyan didn’t feel pain, but she just felt insulted.

“What is it?” Lin Xinyan raised her leg secretly, ready to resist at any time.

Noticing her movements, Zong Jinghao knew what she was thinking but did not lay it bare. Instead, he pressed her forehead. “Haven’t you heard of the saying; absence makes the heart grow fonder? We’ve been separated for six years—”

Before he finished speaking, Lin Xinyan resisted by trying to kick him, but her legs were held by Zong Jinghao, who was already prepared.

There was a faint smile of success on his face. “Are you that eager?”

Lin Xinyan’s face flushed with anger. Is he a rogue?

How could he be so shameless?

Lin Xinyan was really angry this time. Staring at him with tears in her eyes, she tried hard to keep her eyes open to prevent tears from falling.

Zong Jinghao was slightly taken aback—

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