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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 65

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 65


He Ruilin shook her head like crazy, and kept saying repeatedly, “No, I don’t want to call it square with you. I want you to love me.”

She looked disheveled with her teary eyes and messy hair.

Even so, Zong Jinghao’s heart didn’t soften the slightest.

“The dinner is ready—” Xia Zhenyu came in and wanted to tell He Wenhuai that the dinner was ready, and yet she saw He Ruilin holding a knife and stabbing Zong Jinghao.

The bright red blood stimulated her brain, and she let out a scream.

Only then did everyone come back to their senses, while Zong Qifeng shouted in a deep voice, “Hurry up and call the ambulance.”

He Wenhuai, who was stunned, shouted at He Ruize who was close to them, “Hurry up, and pull your sister away!”

It was originally Zong Jinghao’s fault, but now he was injured at the He family.

This left them at a disadvantage again.

Such a turn of events was not good for him. There was a burning rage in his heart, but he couldn’t let it out. He was so angry that he clasped his hands tightly on the edge of the table, with blue veins standing out on the back of his hands.


The moment He Ruize pulled his sister away, the fruit knife dropped to the ground with a loud clatter.

The blade was stained with bright red blood.

“H-Hao, are you okay?” He Ruilin wanted to reach out to touch his wound.

Zong Jinghao brushed her off, while at this moment, a phone ringtone suddenly rang in the living room.

Everyone looked at Zong Jinghao’s jacket on the sofa, as the sound came from there.

The light came pouring down from the top of Zong Jinghao’s head, shrouding him in the circle of light.

In a trance, the tiny beads of sweat formed on his forehead were hardly noticeable if they didn’t look carefully.

He picked up his jacket and took out his phone. Seeing that it was a call from Guan Jing, he answered it.

Soon, Guan Jin’s voice was heard. “Mr. Zong, I found out the things you wanted me to check. Six years ago, Lin Xinyan was in a car accident, so she didn’t come back to go through the divorce procedures. He Ruize took her and her mother to A Country A to hide. At the beginning, they lived in Bani, and then they moved to the capital of Country A. During this period, He Ruize will deliberately erase the traces of their lives, not wanting others to find out.”

With the phone in his hand, Zong Jinghao slowly looked up, and fixed his eyes on He Ruize who was holding He Ruilin.

Looking at He Ruize, he said to Guan Jing, “Has he been with her all these years?”


His face clouded over. “What is their relationship?”

He could feel the pressing pressure from Zong Jinghao even though they were on the phone, so he couldn’t help but swallow hard. I haven’t even finished speaking; can he not be so angry first?

Zong Jinghao couldn’t hear his complaint, so he could only answer honestly, “It seems that Ms. Lin doesn’t accept him, and only regards him as a big brother. Apart from him, there are no other men around her. Well, not entirely—she has a son.”

“I got it.” Zong Jinghao hung up the phone, glanced at He Ruize coldly, then glanced at the He family members. “You can still put forward your conditions.”

After speaking, he stepped out of He’s house, seemingly unwilling to have anything more to do with them.

The hall was in a mess. After a moment of silence, He Wenhuai regained his composure and forced a smile. “Qifeng, this matter—”

Zong Qifeng stood up with his hands on his back and said with a hint of displeasure in his deep voice, “My son was wrong first. After all, he went back on his word first, so tell us if you have any requests.”

Zong Jinghao was injured, and what he said showed that he was obviously upset.

“What you are talking about? An on-again, off-again relationship among the youngsters is common. Although we can’t be in-laws, our friendship remains, right? How can I make any request?” He Wenhuai smiled apologetically.

Since he said this, Zong Qifeng couldn’t say anything else, and so he called out, “Mr. Feng, let’s go back.”

Mr. Feng quickly walked up to him. “Young Master went to the hospital; shall we go there?”

“Of course. He’s my only son.” It seemed like his words were directed at someone else. Therefore, He Wenhuai’s expression changed. There was obviously more to it than met the ear.

Or did he deliberately direct the words at me?

He Wenhuai choked with resentment. Zong Jinghao was bold. I have to admit that he had the courage, and abruptly reversed the situation that was unfavorable to him.

“Ruixing, go and send them out.” Standing at the door, He Ruixing listened to his father’s words and hurriedly followed. “Uncle Zong, let me send you out”

Zong Qifeng didn’t respond, whereas Mr. Feng opened the car door, while he bent over and got in. He glanced at He Ruixing who was standing aside. “Bring a message to your dad for me. I won’t take this matter to heart.”

It was not good for everyone if they had a falling-out.

“Okay, I will definitely tell him.” He Ruixing gently closed the door and told the driver, “Drive safe.”

When the car left, He Ruixing turned around and entered the house. He Wenhuai was sitting there with a gloomy face. Looking at his sons and daughter, he wanted to reprimand them, but couldn’t find anything to say.

In the end, he sneered. “Well played, Zong Jinghao.”

He Ruixing happened to hear him when he came back. He glanced at He Ruize and sighed deeply, “We’re not as good as him, and indeed not as capable as him. I thought Ruilin and him could get married and we could become in-laws. Unexpectedly, things turned out like this—”

“Enough, you guys!” He Ruilin yelled. I’m the saddest one here after the engagement is cancelled!

“If you are capable, he wouldn’t have cancelled the engagement.” Thumping the table, He Wenhuai stood up.

Because of this, the whole family was in chaos, and yet she still has the audacity to get angry?

Xia Zhenyu came over to pat He Wenhuai on the back, and comforted him, “Don’t get angry. The kids don’t know any better.”

“What can I say when my own son is not as good as others’?” He Wenhuai flicked his sleeves and turned to go to the inner room.

Xia Zhenyu followed him inside to persuade him, not wanting him to sulk.

He Ruixing was also disappointed with He Ruize, so he called the servant to clean up the living room and went back to his room.

Only He Ruize was left in the living room holding his trembling sister in his arms.

“I will send you into your room.” He supported He Ruilin.

“Why?” He Ruilin still could not accept the fact that Zong Jinghao wanted to cancel the engagement.

She didn’t understand, how did things get to this point?

That woman has disappeared for six years.

Why does she appear?

She grabbed He Ruize by the collar. “Ruize, it’s been so many years, why don’t you make her your woman?”

If Lin Xinyan is with He Ruize, Zong Jinghao wouldn’t try to get back with her even if he knows where she is, right?

“You are tired and need a good rest.” He Ruize helped her sit on the bed.

He Ruilin didn’t want to let go of He Ruize. “Ruize.” She looked at him. “Why did you save her and not let her die back then? If she is dead, no one will try to snatch Hao away from me…”

He Ruize frowned. “What nonsense are you talking about?”

“I’m not!” He Ruilin stood up and stared at him, saying viciously, “I planned a car accident on purpose to make Hao feel guilty towards me and marry me. To make it convincing enough, I was really hit by a car. It hurts very much, so I wanted her to get a taste of being hit by a car—”


He Ruilin laughed.

Whereas He Ruize stood there stiffly, not knowing how to react, nor what to think of her.

H-How could she be so cruel?

She was so innocent and cute when she was a child.

“Lin.” He Ruize looked at her. “Then, why did you make Lin Xinyan replace you back then?”

This had always been something that he couldn’t figure out.

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