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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 59

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 59

The divorce certificate had not been issued, but it has been six years. The marriage can also be automatically dissolved if a normal couple has been separated for six years, can’t it?

Lin Xinyan pretended to be calm. “If the husband and wife have been separated for two years, the marriage can be automatically dissolved—”

“Who taught you the law?” Zong Jinghao mocked.

Six years ago, this woman disappeared without a trace.

He had become accustomed to having one more person at home, but since she left, the villa had become deserted again, without any human touch and sense of home, while his heart had also become empty.

Lin Xinyan thought he was ridiculous.

“You are about to get engaged, is there still a marriage between us? What good will it do you? Don’t you know that it is a crime of bigamy?”

Zong Jinghao didn’t get angry, and just looked at her calmly.

She was still as eloquent as ever.

Being stared at like this made Lin Xinyan nervous, as there seemed to be a large invisible weight on her chest, and her hands kept shaking. “I still have to work.”

After speaking, she wanted to escape this tight space.

Zong Jinghao grabbed her arm and pulled, causing Lin Xinyan’s body to lean back sharply. With his arm around her waist, he pulled hard, and her body was pressed against his tightly without any gaps. Through the fabrics, she could even feel his burning hot body and his strong heartbeat.

Lin Xinyan glared at him, her body stiff and not daring to move, while she said in a stern voice, “Let go of me, otherwise I’ll sue you!”

With his fingertips against her wrist, Zong Jinghao placed her hand on his clothes, his eyes slightly narrowed and moist. He asked in a low and hoarse voice, “Sue me over what?”

Without waiting for Lin Xinyan to answer, he added, “Over molestation?”

Before Lin Xinyan could react, his body pressed against hers, as he grabbed the back of her head, and kissed her lips.

He tasted the familiar breath that fascinated him.

Lin Xinyan gasped, and in an instant, her neck and cheeks were all burning red, like being burned by fire. She felt that her heart was about to jump out of her chest. So she forced herself to calm down, before she decided to open her mouth, and bite the unruly lips on her mouth.

Zong Jinghao was in pain, and slightly loosened his grip. Lin Xinyan took advantage of it and pushed him away.

Then, she turned around and ran away.

After being pushed, Zong Jinghao stumbled backward. Looking at her fleeing in a hurry, he raised his hand to wipe the corner of his mouth and saw bright red blood on the back of his hand.

This woman bit me. She didn’t do that before.

With her breath remaining in his mouth, he moved the tip of his tongue over his teeth and swallowed together with the taste of blood.

“Hao.” He Ruilin stood tremblingly at the door of the stairwell.

Judging from her state, she should have seen the scene just now.

Looking up, Zong Jinghao didn’t care about her feelings, as he curled his lips and said, “The engagement is cancelled. I will not marry you.”

He Ruilin panicked and rushed to grab his arm. “Hao, our families have agreed on it, and it’s also what your dad wants—”

Zong Jinghao shook off her hand unceremoniously. He might have exerted too much force, so He Ruilin was caught off guard and stumbled backward. If it weren’t for the wall behind, she would definitely fall down.

“I will explain it to my dad myself.” Zong Jinghao didn’t mean to help her up, and was about to leave when she put her arms around his leg and cried, “Hao, after so many years, why can’t you forgive me?”

Zong Jinghao closed his eyes, and said coldly and resolutely, “You should have thought of the consequences when you lie to me.”

Six years ago, she said she had a miscarriage, and he thought it was true. Even if there was no love, he wanted to be responsible for her.

But she lied to him.

She had never been pregnant.

This was also why he did not marry her six years ago.

This time they wanted to engage only because it served as a union of two families by marriage, which was an order given by Master Zong.

Without Lin Xinyan, he was willing to accept this order, but not now!

“Hao, I was wrong. I was wrong. Forgive me this time, can’t you?” Without bothering her image and her dignity, He Ruilin just wanted to get back the man she had tried so hard to get, and whom she loved so much.

I can give you whatever you want, except marriage.” He bent over to pry He Ruilin’s fingers. “You are the daughter of the He family, and there are so many men in the world, why bother to shame yourself?”

“Hao, please—”

No matter how He Ruilin begged, Zong Jinghao didn’t cave in, and simply left.

He walked out of LEO and gave Guan Jing a call while pulling the car door open, asking him to find out Lin Xinyan’s address.

Guan Jin was stunned for a while. Why would this name that had disappeared for a long time suddenly appear?

“Mr. Zong, a-aren’t you about to get engaged? Why do you think of finding out where she lives? She disappeared for so long without any news. Where can I find out her address?”

“Guan Jing.” Zong Jinghao sounded calm, with his voice like a spring breeze. Yet, Guan Jin knew that this breeze would turn into a tornado at any time, that ravaged him so hard that he would be left with nothing.

“The capital of Country A.” After speaking, he hung up the phone. Before that, he also thought that Lin Xinyan would be in Country A, and deliberately looked up the place where she lived before, but there was no trace of her.

Even the traces of her leaving the country were deliberately erased.

She said she didn’t hide?

So, who did those things and why?

His mind was occupied by Lin Xinyan who suddenly appeared, so he didn’t notice a person in the back seat.

After seeing Lin Xinyan being bullied by this man, Lin Xichen stomped angrily, but he couldn’t beat him. It was obvious that this man was very powerful.

He had no strength, but he had brains.

So while Zong Jinghao was on the phone, he got into the car.

He wound down the car window, leaned on the window, and shouted, “Help, help. I’ve been kidnapped!”

Zong Jinghao was driving into the downtown area, so his shouting attracted the attention of the passers-by.

Lin Xichen’s eyes reddened. “This bad man is a human trafficker, and he is going to sell me. Save me please and call the police for me.”

Zong Jinghao’s face darkened in an instant. When did this kid get in the car?

And who does he say is a human trafficker?

Who is selling him?

“How can anyone have the heart of trafficking such a beautiful child?”

Lin Xichen’s tearful eyes, aggrieved, and frightened look finally attracted everyone’s attention. Someone bravely stood in front of the car to stop Zong Jinghao’s car.

He had to stop the car.

After being rescued, Lin Xichen said as he sobbed, “Thank you, everyone. Otherwise, I will be sold, and maybe my organs will be removed. Sob—”

As he said, Lin Xichen was more afraid and sadder.

“This kind of people is worse than a dog!” Human traffickers, no matter what country they were in, were targets of being spurned and condemned.

“He looks like a gentleman, but it turns out that he is a human trafficker.”

“What a waste of his good look!”

Zong Jinghao was being reproached harshly, and no one would listen to his explanation.

They were determined that he was a bad guy.

After all, he was accused by a child, a very likable child.

Naturally, people would not doubt what a child said.

Zong Jinghao was taken away by the police, and Lin Xichen was also taken to the police station, so that they could investigate the situation.

Lin Xinyan locked herself in her office. Due to Zong Jinghao’s sudden appearance, her heart that had remained calm for a long time made waves again.

She propped her chin with one hand, wondering if she should find a new place to settle down.

She didn’t want to be disturbed.


The phone on the table vibrated suddenly.

She stared at it for two seconds, and only reached out to answer after it didn’t mean to stop.

“Are you Ms. Lin Xinyan?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Your son was abducted by a trafficker and was saved by some good-hearted men. He is now at the police station. Come over now.”

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