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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 58

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 58

“Huh?” Lin Xinyan looked at him as she changed her shoes. “You don’t have to go to class on weekends. Don’t you want to rest at home?”

Lin Xichen said solemnly, “Ruixi is at home, so I think I may not have time to rest.”

Lin Xinyan knew very well the fact that Lin Ruixi was clingy.

She put on a jacket for her son and took him to work with her.

Her son was quiet and would not make her worry.

If it was Lin Ruixi who wanted to go, she would definitely not take her.

Lin Ruixi was exactly how a child this age should be, and Lin Xinyan didn’t know whether it was good for her son to have such a personality.

She picked up her son and kissed him on the cheek.

Blushing slightly, Lin Xichen said shyly, “Mommy.”

Lin Xinyan smiled. My son is so cute when he is shy.

She took Lin Xichen in the car and buckled his seat belt.

When they arrived at LEO, Lin Xinyan parked the car, and got her son out of the car before entering the company hand in hand with him.

“Ms. Lin, the client who made the appointment last time is here.” It was her assistant, Qin Ya, who spoke. “I have taken them to the reception room.”

This client had already made an appointment last month for an engagement gown.

Lin Xinyan had come up with several designs for the client to choose from. She then asked Lin Xichen to play by himself. “Don’t run around.”

“I know.” This wasn’t the first time he came, so he was very familiar with the place, and the ladies here liked him very much.

“Make two cups of coffee and bring them in.” Lin Xinyan looked through the design drawings again and made sure that there was no problem before she took them to the reception room.

She pushed open the door of the reception room. On the leather sofa by the window sat a man and a woman. When she saw their faces clearly, Lin Xinyan’s body froze for a while, and only managed to regain her composure after catching her breath for a while. She forced a decent smile, as if not knowing them. “Hi there.”

She came in calmly holding the design drawings.

Bai Zhuwei—now He Ruilin—turned pale in an instant. How could it be her?

She instinctively looked at Zong Jinghao next to her.

He was staring straight at the woman who just came in.

She had let go of everything in six years.

Now she just wanted to live a quiet life, so these people were strangers to her.

Lin Xinyan just walked to the sofa and sat down as if she didn’t know them. She was wearing black business attire with her legs elegantly crossed. Then, she put the design drawings on the table and pushed it to He Ruilin. “These are the preliminary designs. You may have a look.”

He Ruilin clearly felt the chill radiating from the man next to her.

If she knew that the famous designer was Lin Xinyan, she would never choose LEO.

She insisted on choosing this company, so now she couldn’t back out.

Biting the bullet, she could only pick up the design drawings, and flipped through it. Her hand shook slightly, as each design was very distinctive, particularly the gown called The Beginning—it was a pink, off-shoulder dress with a cinched-waist design, looking simple yet elegant.

She didn’t want to recognize Lin Xinyan’s designs, and yet she liked the dress very much.

Qin Ya came in with the coffee and bent over to put the coffee in front of them. Lin Xinyan looked at her, and said, “Ya, go and get The Beginning.”

“Okay.” Qin Ya left with the tray, and soon came in with a mannequin that was wearing the dress called The Beginning.

It was even more stunning than it looked on the drawing. The specially treated pink silk material was glistening, and when the light fell on it, it shone like stars in the sky. The off-shoulder neckline could show the sexiest and most graceful parts of a woman, which were the neck, collarbones, shoulders, and arms; the cinched-waist design could highlight the waist; its ankle-length hemline made the wearer appear decorous and modest.

It was the perfect dress for engagement.

He Ruilin reached out and touched the material, which was soft, smooth, and very comfortable to the touch.

“This is Ms. Lin’s award-winning dress. Many people want to buy it, but she has not been willing to sell it. You really have a good taste for choosing this right away. It just so happened that Ms. Lin decided to sell it,” Qin Ya said proudly.

Zong Jinghao’s gaze fell on Lin Xinyan’s face, while her gaze fell on the dress. She had only glanced at him once since she entered, and never looked at him again.

Is she treating me like air? Like a stranger?

His lips were pursed tightly into a thin line.

He Ruilin raised her head. She was now the daughter of the He family, and not a helpless orphan like before, so what if Lin Xinyan became a designer?

She still needs to design a dress for me and watch me get engaged to Zong Jinghao.

He Ruilin felt much better thinking about it this way, and said arrogantly, “Why is it called The Beginning?”

Lin Xinyan lowered her eyes. While designing this dress, she was thinking of her dream in the beginning, which was to become an excellent designer. However, due to some changes in circumstances, she didn’t complete her studies. Later, she had the opportunity to complete her studies and designed this dress after she joined LEO.

This is her debut work, which was inspired by her dream in the beginning, so it was named The Beginning.

When it came to her work, she could always talk confidently, with a faint smile on her face. “In my opinion, everything at the beginning is the most beautiful. I think all younger selves have one thing that they want to do. I call it the dream at the beginning. Falling in love with a person in the beginning is the most primitive urge and the truest emotion. It’s the most moving at the first moment in the beginning. Don’t you agree, Miss He?”

Then, she glanced over Zong Jinghao’s face, and finally fixed her eyes on He Ruilin. “It’s just like the love between you and Mr. Zong. After going through ups and downs, you will always get back together in the end and regain the feeling you have towards each other in the beginning—”

“Enough!” Zong Jinghao interrupted sharply.

Suddenly, he stood up, walked up to Lin Xinyan, and grabbed her in the wrist.

Lin Xinyan frowned. “What are you doing?”

Without saying anything, Zong Jinghao directly pulled her away.


Zong Jinghao turned around shooting her a dark look, like a warning, so He Ruilin didn’t dare to speak anymore, and could only shut up even though she was afraid.

Lin Xinyan struggled, but Zong Jinghao’s hand was very strong. She couldn’t break free even a little. She couldn’t help but sternly say “You’re hurting me!”

Zong Jinghao didn’t pay attention to her reluctance and struggle, as he forcibly dragged her to the stairwell and pressed her against the wall. His angry face twisted into a grimace of anguish, while he stared intently at the woman before him. “Why did you hide?!”

Lin Xinyan frowned. Hide?

She had never deliberately hide from him, though she didn’t want to see this man.

It was just that He Ruize said that the medical conditions here were suitable for her to undergo surgery and give birth at the time.

Her injury gave her no choice but to follow He Ruize’s arrangement.

“Mr. Zong, where should I begin? We are already divorced. What does what I do have to do with you?” Lin Xinyan tried her best to calm herself down.

In fact, she was not as calm as she appeared to be.

She didn’t want to admit that this man who appeared for a short time in her life caused ripples in her calm heart.

After so many years, the ripples had already returned to peace.

So she didn’t want to get entangled with the things and people from the past anymore.


Zong Jinghao sneered. “Divorced?”

He let go of Lin Xinyan, took a step back, and stood two steps away from Lin Xinyan, before looking at her up and down. In six years, she had changed. Her facial features had matured, looking incredibly exquisite; her black hair tied up into a clean and neat ponytail; her professional attire and speech gave off a feeling that she was a successful woman. He then laughed. “Are you sure we are divorced?

Lin Xinyan’s heart skipped a beat. When she was about to rush back to apply for the divorce certificate that day, she had a car accident and was then taken here by He Ruize.

The divorce certificate had not been issued—

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