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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 55

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 55

It was not that Zong Jinghao didn’t know that Bai Zhuwei was a little scheming, but the news of her miscarriage was too shocking.

So what if a woman, who had been with him for a long time, gave him her body and even had a miscarriage, was being scheming?

Zong Jinghao lowered his eyes slightly and drily replied in agreement.

It seemed that he was reluctant to talk much about Bai Zhuwei.

Having no idea what she was expecting, Lin Xinyan just wanted to hear him say it, so she asked, “After the divorce, will you get married with her?”

Zong Jinghao’s hand that was holding a coffee cup slightly paused, and then he put it down smoothly. After wiping his mouth slowly, he put down the napkin and slowly looked up. “I will marry her.”

After speaking, he got up and left the villa.

As expected, he loves Bai Zhuwei.

Lin Xinyan had no appetite, but for the sake of her baby in her belly, she emptied the fresh milk prepared by Aunt Yu and ate an omelet.

After breakfast, she also left the villa.

Now she had to find a house to settle down first.

Fortunately, she was lucky. Without spending a lot of time, she found a two-bedroom apartment that was enough for her to live with Zhuang Zijin at an appropriate price. So she paid the deposit and rented it.

After signing the contract, she left the agency and stood by the road waiting for taxi.

She took out her phone and looked at the time. It was 8:50AM, and it would be 9 o’clock in ten minutes. She was a little anxious about not going back on time, but it was not easy to get a taxi here. In the end, she only managed to flag down a taxi when it was almost nine.

She got in the car and made a phone call to the villa, which was answered by Aunt Yu. “If Mr. Guan goes to the house, ask him to wait for me. I will be there soon.”

She didn’t want to be misunderstood that she didn’t want a divorce or was dragging her heels.

Aunt Yu answered in acknowledgement before Lin Xinyan hung up the phone. When she was about to put her phone in her pocket, her phone rang and it was a call from He Ruize.

She picked it up, and soon his voice was heard saying, “Yan, where are you? I’ll go to meet you. I’m back.”

Lin Xinyan looked out the window of the car. She was outside and was going to the Civil Affairs Bureau with Guan Jin later. She didn’t have time to meet him now, so she said, “I’ll call you la—”

Before she could finish her sentence, the driver turned his steering wheel, and when he crossed the intersection, a large truck rushed toward their car, as if it was out of control!

Lin Xinyan’s pupils shrank sharply, as she saw the contorted face of the truck driver—



There was a loud bang and the two vehicles collided. As the truck was too fast, the taxi was sent hurtling through the air after being hit, rolled a few times on the road, and finally came to a stop on the edge of the green belt with its four wheels up.

Meanwhile, the truck swerved off tens of meters away into a huge billboard before it stopped.

“Yan—” There was still sound coming from the phone that was dropped outside.

He Ruize’s voice sounded particularly anxious, as the loud noise just now told him that something had happened.

Lin Xinyan’s face was full of blood, and she couldn’t see everything around her clearly. She was in pain all over her body.

No, I can’t lose my consciousness. I still have my baby. I can’t die.

She held back the great pain and shouted, “Can anyone save me—”

Her voice was very weak.

A kind person helped to call the police and ambulance to come and rescue the people in the car.

“Save me—” Lin Xinyan gradually lost her consciousness, as her voice got fainter and fainter until no one could hear it.

Later, she passed out completely.

When she woke up, her nostrils were filled with a strong smell of disinfectant.

Seeing that she was awake, He Ruize held her hand excitedly. “You are awake.”

Lin Xinyan looked around and saw clearly that she was in a hospital ward.

“You were in a car accident, which was due to the brake failure of a truck. You had been rescued when I arrived.”

At that time, she was covered with the blood of her own and of the driver.

He held her hand tightly. “Do you know how scared I was at the time? I’m afraid you will be gone like this—”

Then, he slapped his own mouth. “I shouldn’t have said such ominous thing.”

Lin Xinyan moved and wanted to sit up. He Ruize held her down and kept her from moving, “You can’t move. You are injured.”

Lin Xinyan frowned.

She knew she was injured because now she still remembered the pain at the time.

He Ruize’s expression became serious, as he held Lin Xinyan’s hand and kissed it, saying in a low voice, “I have two news, one good and one bad. Which one do you want to know first?”

Lin Xinyan opened her mouth, and replied in a hoarse voice, “Bad one.”

The bitter must come before the sweet.

“A small piece of metal has pierced into your lower back and needs to be removed surgically. Otherwise, it will compress the nerves in your waist and make you unable to walk.”

Lin Xinyan breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily, my baby is fine.

This was not a very bad thing for her, as it was just an injury.

“What about the good news?” She looked sideways at He Ruize, her face as pale as a piece of white paper without any trace of blood.

He Ruize held her hand tighter and tighter. “You are pregnant with twins.”


How is this possible?

“W-What did you say? I did a B-scan, and obviously there’s only one—”

“There are two. One is at the posterior wall of uterus and blocked by the one on the front, so we didn’t see it.” Because of her serious injury this time, the most detailed examination was done. The accuracy of the four-dimensional B-scan was much higher than that of the ordinary B-scan.

It was true that she was pregnant with twins.

He Ruize didn’t know what he was thinking either.

He felt very contradictory, as he was happy yet unhappy.

Lin Xinyan looked at the ceiling quietly, her chaotic heart was making her unable to feel at peace.

She was obviously smiling, but tears flowed out of the corner of her eyes and fell onto the white pillow.

Is this a joke from God?

Does He send two angels to accompany me because He thinks I’m too lonely?

I’m unfortunate yet lucky.

“Yan.” He Ruize held her hand tightly, hesitating. After thinking for a long time, he made up his mind, and said, “You should terminate your pregnancy.”

Lin Xinyan stared at him in surprise. What did he say?

Does he know what he is talking about?

She struggled hard to break free from his grip on her hand in silent resistance.


“I don’t want to listen to you. So what if their father is a foreigner? They are in my body and are part of my life. Can I give up my life?”

She would not give up.

It had been three months. Their flesh, blood, and souls had long become at one with her.

He Ruize knew the importance of her babies to her.

He clearly remembered the scene where she kneeled in front of Zhuang Zijin in order to keep her baby.

He didn’t want her to be sad either.

He Ruize reached out and stroked her pale face, softly, gently, and pityingly. “You must be anaesthetized for the operation, and you will lose your babies—”

Her body trembled slightly. “Can I not get anesthesia?”

“You will not be able to stand it!” He Ruize almost jumped up and scolded her.

Cutting through flesh to extract foreign object without anesthesia would be extremely painful!

“Yan, listen to me.” He Ruize tried to persuade her, “They have only been in your body for three months. In the future, you can still have—”

“Even so, aren’t they a life too?” Lin Xinyan was resolute. “I will not give up.”

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