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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 49

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 49

When the car window was wound down, Lin Xinyan saw the Madam’s appearance, which was as elegant and noble as ever. She was He Ruize’s mother.

Why does she want to see me?

Lin Xinyan tried to get some information from the driver. “Why does Madam want to see me?”

The driver shook his head. “I have no idea about this. I’m just told to invite you over.”

He Ruize was good to her, so she should agree to it regardless of the reasons. She then said, “Let’s go.”

Walking up to the car, Lin Xinyan greeted her politely, “Hello.”

Sitting inside the car, Xia Zhenyu smiled gracefully. “Are you free now, Miss Lin? There’s a cafe not far away. Shall we go there?”

Lin Xinyan nodded her head after hesitating for a second.

“Come into the car.”

The driver came and opened the door for her, while she bent over and got in the car.

Soon, the car stopped in front of the cafe.

Lin Xinyan followed Xia Zhenyu into the cafe.

Xia Zhenyu chose a relatively quiet place to sit down, whereas Lin Xinyan sat across from her. The waiter walked up to them and asked, “Excuse me; what would you like to order?”

Putting her bag on the sofa next to her, Xia Zhenyu looked at Lin Xinyan and asked, “What would you like to drink?”

“Just give me a glass of water,” Lin Xinyan replied calmly.

“Another one for me too. We’ll call you if needed.”


The waiter left, and silence followed.

Lin Xinyan sat quietly, waiting for Xia Zhenyu to speak.

She suddenly came to me. Maybe it isn’t just for coffee, or is it?

Xia Zhenyu took a sip of water, and when she put down the glass, she said, “How did you meet Ruize?”

“My brother was ill, and he was his doctor. We become friends after some time,” Lin Xinyan answered frankly.

“I see. How long have you been together?” When she was speaking, she sized her up. “I think you’re very young. Is Ruize your first love?”

Lin Xinyan was baffled by her questions. Did she think that I’m in a relationship with Ruize?

Lin Xinyan suddenly remembered that on the day of the banquet, He Ruize introduced her to others as his girlfriend, so she asked her those questions.

Lin Xinyan was about to explain when Xia Zhenyu spoke again, “I don’t want you to be together.”

She looked serious. “I hope his wife has a family background that is socially well-matched. I heard that a lot of things have happened to your family now.”

Lin Xinyan pursed her lips tightly, finally understanding her motive of seeing her.

“Given the current situation of your family, it’s even harder for me to accept you. You will understand, right?” Xia Zhenyu softened her tone, took out a card from her bag, and slid it on the table toward Lin Xinyan. “There’s some money here. Although it can’t help you through the hardships that your family is facing, at least it’s enough to sustain your life.”

Lin Xinyan pushed the card back to her, smiling. “Auntie, I’m not handicapped, how can I take your money?”

Is she trying to get rid of me with money?

She smiled bitterly in her heart. She was sent away by Lin Guoan at the age of ten, was only able to come back because Zong Jinghao became ‘lame’.

She had never enjoyed the privileges given by the Lins, and yet now she had to bear the impact of the fall of the Lins.

“I understand what you meant. I won’t be with him. I always see him as a big brother. If it’s okay, I’ll leave first. I still have to work.” Then, she rose to her feet.

“Wait a minute.” Xia Zhenyu stopped her. She had thought of a lot of words to say, but those words were only for when Lin Xinyan refuses to leave him. Yet now, she agreed to her so easily, which made her look mean instead.

“I don’t know if Ruize told you about his sister. The incident is a great blow to him. He has been abroad all these years, and now that he is willing to come back and face the past. I’m very pleased. You said that you see him as a big brother, and I think he may have other feelings for you too. Perhaps you are too cute, so he mistakes you for Lin.”

Lin Xinyan had the same thought as well after she learned that He Ruize had a missing sister.

When they were in Country A, he took care of her and cared for her, maybe because he saw her as his sister.

Xia Zhenyu talked about her lost daughter with a sad expression. She gave birth to three children in her life, and her only daughter was lost.

However, as the Madam of the He family, she couldn’t dwell on the past, and be sad in front of her husband, as she needed to take care of everything in the family.

To wear a crown, one must bear its weight.

She enjoyed the status given to her by the He family, so she had to sacrifice something in return.

“I also want my son to be with the woman he likes, but he was born in this family and enjoys the glory and money that the family has given him, so he has to make sacrifices for it.” Xia Zhenyu took back the card and handed her a business card. “You’re so easy to talk to, and I’m not a mean person. If you need my help in the future, you can come to me.”

It was impolite to keep refusing others, so Lin Xinyan accepted it. “Thank you, auntie.”

Lin Xinyan stood up. “If it’s okay, I’ll leave first.”

“Umm, I hope you don’t tell Ruize about our meeting. He’s stubborn, and if he knows about it, I’m afraid—”

“Don’t worry, auntie, I won’t tell him.” She had never seen He Ruize as someone dearer than a friend. People like her didn’t deserve to be with anyone at all.

Regardless of the reasons, she wasn’t a pure woman.

She had no rights to talk about relationships.

Walking out of the cafe, she placed her hand on her belly. “With you here, I’m no longer alone and helpless.”

This child was her courage and her future.

She took a deep breath and left.

She walked back to the company along the road, just in time to see Guan Jing returning from outside.

“Where have you been?” Guan Jing closed the car door and walked up to her. “Didn’t you say you went to the hospital? Why didn’t I see you there?”

Before she went to the hospital, she told Zong Jinghao. After all, she had to work, and didn’t have the freedom.

“I came back very early, met someone and had a chat. What’s wrong?” Guan Jing looked anxious.

Did something happen?

“Let’s go in first.” Guan Jing walked into the lobby quickly, whereas Lin Xinyan trailed behind, feeling a little uneasy. “What happened? Does it have anything to do with me?”

Standing by the elevator, Guan Jing pressed the up button several times, and glanced at her.

“See it for yourself.”

Lin Xinyan opened her mouth hesitantly. What does he mean?

She was about to ask him further when the elevator door opened. Guan Jing walked in first, whereas Lin Xinyan walked a little slower due to her uneasiness, so Guan Jing urged her, “Hurry up.”

Lin Xinyan walked in.

“Is it related to my dad?” Not giving up, Lin Xinyan tried to ask.

She just came back from the hospital, so it must not be about Zhuang Zijin. Therefore, it was Lin Guoan.

Only there two people were related to her now.

This time, Guan Jing replied her in agreement. Immediately afterward, the elevator stopped with a ding, and the door slowly slid open.

Guan Jing walked out and headed to Zong Jinghao’s office.

Lin Xinyan followed him.

When he reached the door, he raised his hand to knock on the door.

A deep voice was heard coming from inside, saying, “Come in.”

Guan Jing pushed open the door—

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