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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 471

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 471

“We don’t have the time.” Lin Xinyan rejected as she held onto Zong Jinghao, getting into the car. Li Zhan quickly caught up with them. “Xinyan…”

“What do you want?” The woman suddenly yell at him.

Li Zhan jumped in surprise as he did not expect her to have such a huge reaction. Yet, he could understand why she was reacting in such a manner and why she almost passed out outside the Wen family’s mansion the last time they met.

That day, after watching Lin Xinyan’s car leave outside of the Wen family’s mansion, Li Zhan did not went to Fatty Long. Instead, he went home. He wanted to know if Wen Qing had done something to Lin Xinyan since she looked dispirited when she left. When he pushed the door open, there was Li Jing standing in the living room, looking completely stunned.

Earlier, Li Jing had asked Lin Xinyan to stay for dinner, but the latter ignored her, leaving her wondering if there was something she’d done wrong. When she saw her son coming in, she quickly regained her wits. “Welcome home. Right on time! Dinner’s ready.”

Li Zhan wasn’t in the mood to eat. All he could think of was confronting his father. “Where’s dad?”

“Why are you looking for him?” The mother frowned. She knew how tense things were between them and was worried, especially when Li Zhan was asking in such a cold tone. She knew she had to keep them separated.

Li Jing pulled her son’s arm as she was scared that he would go look for Wen Qing.

“Was Lin Xinyan here? Did she meet dad?” Li Zhan talked to his mother in a relatively softer tone. Even though he hated his father, he still respected his mother.

Li Jing nodded.

“No wonder she looked so pale.” Li Zhan scorned. “What did he do this time?”

Li Jing froze as she also wondered what happened inside the study room. Did they fight? Was that why she ignored me?

“Where is he?” Li Zhan asked once again.

Li Jing still kept her mouth shut as she knew her son was going to have a heated argument with Wen Qing if they met.

“Well, he’s either planning something with Chen Qing or in the study room.” Li Zhan indeed knew his father well. He then walked toward the study room. Instead of knocking on the door, he kicked it so hard that the lock broke.

“Wen Qing! What do…” Li Zhan yelled but froze when he saw his father lying on the floor.

Terrified that her son and husband might fight again, Li Jing also came rushing in only to find her husband on the floor. With an ear-piercing shriek, she quickly ran to his side. “Qing! Are you okay?”

Wen Qing was suffering from a stroke. The man had always lived a healthy life, but he was already in his late fifties and he passed out once some time ago. The news put huge pressure on him and caused his blood pressure to spike. His eyes were wide opened as his limbs were twitching excessively.

“What are you standing there for?! We have to get your father to a hospital! Do you want to watch him die?” Li Jing quickly turned to yell at Li Zhan, who was still standing by the door.

The son finally reacted and ran to carry Wen Qing up. No matter how much he hated his father, they were still blood related. In the midst of it, a letter in the latter’s hand fell to the floor. Li Jing noticed it and picked it up, but before she could read its content, Li Zhan shouted at her, “Hurry up!”

The mother quickly shoved the letter into her pocket and ran after the men. With Li Zhan driving, she stayed in the back seat to take care of Wen Qing.

No matter how fast Li Zhan drove, it still took them twenty minutes to reach the nearest hospital. After Wen Qing was sent into the emergency room, the son paced back and forth outside while mumbling, “How did this happen? He’s always in good health…”

He always thought of his father as a stern and serious person, someone who would take good care of himself.

“Mom…” He walked over to Li Jing, wanting to ask what really happened in the study, only to find her leaning against a wall and reading a letter.

Li Zhan frowned as he wondered why his mother still had the mood to read a letter. “Mom. About dad and…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the mother handed him the letter. “Read it.”

“What’s this?”

“I believe this will explain everything.”

Even though Li Jing didn’t react as dramatic as Wen Qing did when she read the letter, it still took her by surprise. After handing the letter to her son, she walked over to the bench and sat down.

She finally understood why her husband would react in such a way and sighed.

Li Zhan glanced at her and hesitated before he began to read the letter.

Dear brother, if you are reading this, it means that I’m no longer in this world. Don’t cry for me, don’t weep for me, as this is all my own choice.

I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life, disappointing a lot of people. The one I’m the sorriest to is Qifeng as I’ve never done what a good wife should do.

Because of my selfishness, I found him another woman so that I could be with Ziyi. She’s another person that I’m sorry to. She lost her loved one and became a mistress that’s loathed by society because of me.

I believe you can tell what I’m about to say next. Jinghao is not my son, at least I didn’t give birth to him. He’s Yuxiu and Qi Feng’s son. I didn’t want to worry you and dad, so I lied to the whole world, saying he is my child.

I know you and dad wanted to separate me from Ziyi, that’s why you insisted me to marry to Qi Feng. But I love him! I love him so much that I’ll follow him wherever he goes, be it heaven or hell.

Do you know what I regret the most? Agreeing to the arranged marriage and ruining two people’s life. I know you have always been blaming Yuxiu for my failed marriage, but you’re wrong. It was all my fault. I’m the sinner here.

There’s another thing you should know. I’m pregnant with Ziyi’s child, a girl. I told Qifeng that when she grows up, I want her to marry Jinghao. Once again, my selfishness got the better of me. I wanted my daughter to reprimand all the mistakes I’ve done to the Zongs.

Brother, I’ve been a failure my entire life. If I could go back in time, I would never agree to the marriage because I don’t want my selfishness to cause harm to other people so I would never have to live my whole life in pain and regret.

Love, Wen Xian.

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