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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 467

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 467

One of them belonged to Shen Peichuan, and the other one was her husband’s.

Lin Xinyan turned her attention to the villa. They’re back.

She lowered her head, stood still for a while and walked toward the villa with the bag in her hands. Once again, she turned around and reminded her bodyguard, “You know what to say, right?”

“You went shopping today.” He answered.

Lin Xinyan was satisfied with his reply and nodded. She took a deep breath and walked toward the villa.

Aunt Yu was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen, but the two children were nowhere to be found. Perhaps they’re playing in the room. Lin Xinyan changed into a new pair of shoes and went upstairs. She then took the file out of the bag and placed it at the bottom of a drawer.

At the bathroom, she noticed how pallid her face was from the mirror’s reflection. The best way to restore the radiance on her complexion was to wash her face with warm water repeatedly.

After drying her face with a towel, she went downstairs. Upon noticing the lights in the study room were on, she knew the men must be in there. She went straight to the kitchen, stood before the coffee maker, and poured the ground coffee beans into the machine. Casually, Lin Xinyan asked, “When did they come back?”

“Not long ago.” Aunt Yu answered.

“What took you so long at the clothing store?” Aunt Yu took a glance at her tummy. “You’re still weak. Please take good care of yourself.”

Lin Xinyan responded with a grin, “I’ll be careful next time.”

She tipped her toes and tried to reach for the coffee mugs and a tray in the cabinet.

Aunt Yu took a glance at her and said, “I’ll bring these to the study. You should take a rest.”

Lin Xinyan smiled and said, “I’m fine. No worries.”

Once the coffee was ready, she poured it into the mugs, placed them on the tray, and walked toward the study room.

Just when she was about to knock on the door, she heard Su Zhan’s voice.

“How can Wen Xian be so selfish? Why did she agree to the marriage in the first place? Gosh. It’s all about protecting her family interest, isn’t it? She even found her husband a mistress just because she wanted to be with her lover! Only the Wen family can come up with this kind of nonsense.”

Though the door was closed, Lin Xinyan could clearly hear how irritated Su Zhan was.

“Your dad is also one of a kind. Why didn’t he say earlier? Why…”

Before Su Zhan could continue to lambast Zong Jinghao’s father, Shen Peichuan got hold of him and shook his head.

Su Zhan was not ready to stop. “Wen Qing is definitely not innocent here. Once the authorities completes their investigations, they would detain him, and the man would have to pay for the price of all the things he had done!”

Though all the suspects had either escaped or died, it would not be too difficult to track them down since these people had lived in B City for quite some time. Besides, the three of them had all the resources and networks in the city to hunt these people down.

Just today alone, the three of them had received an update about the man who died in a car accident after abducting Lin Xinyan. They found out the man’s cousin was also involved in the case and had gone into hiding at his hometown. Upon receiving this information, they immediately sent their men to track him down.

In the meantime, they would continue with their investigations based on the other clues they had in hand.


Su Zhan and Shen Peichuan turned their attention to the door upon hearing the crashing sound. Zong Jinghao, who was standing still in front of the French windows, also gradually turned around.

Shen Pei Chuan went up to open the door and saw Lin Xinyan squatting down and picking the broken pieces from the floor. Due to dizziness, she dropped the coffee tray. The coffee spilled all over the floor and had even stained the edge of her skirt.

Lin Xinyan tilted her head downwards. “Aunt Yu told me you’re here, so I thought I’d make you all coffee. I guess I screwed up.”

A wave of panic swept over her, and she accidentally cut one of her fingers. Blood started trickling down her fingertip.

Just when Shen Peichuan, who stood closest to her, was about to lend her a helping hand, Zong Jinghao stepped forth, wrapped his hand over her shoulders, and helped her up. Droplets of blood were still dripping down from her injured finger.

Lin Xinyan raised her head. “I’m getting more and more useless by the day.”

He lowered his eyes, stared at her finger, and said aloofly, “Get me the first aid kit, Aunt Yu.”

Upon hearing the instruction, Aunt Yu, who just arrived with a broomstick and dustbin, put down the items and immediately went to look for the first aid kit.

Lin Xinyan turned around and looked at her. “It’s okay, Aunt Yu. I’m fine.”

It’s just a minor injury.

Zong Jinghao gazed into her eyes and did not utter a word.

She reciprocated by giving him a casual smile, “It’s just a small wound. Please don’t embarrass me in front of…”

Before Lin Xinyan could complete her sentence, the man had put her finger inside his mouth and started sucking the blood out of the wound. Her eyes widened, and she was stunned. “What…”

He pressed his tongue on her fingertip, and the moisture within his oral cavity caused her to shiver uncontrollably.

Lin Xinyan knitted her brows and felt utterly embarrassed as people were watching them, but she tried not to flip out.

Shen Peichuan lowered his head, rubbed his nose awkwardly, and nudged Su Zhan. “Let’s wait outside.”

Aunt Yu came back with the first aid kit, but she did not know if she should approach them at this point. Shen Peichuan went up to her and patted her shoulder. “They don’t need it anymore.”

“Well then.” Aunt Yu then turned around and went to put the first aid kit back.

Lin Xinyan looked at him while standing by the entrance of the study room. The firm and steady look on her face almost immediately disappeared the second she broke down in tears. Yet, she still pretended to sound fierce, “The guys must be laughing behind our backs!”

Zong Jinghao did not respond to her remark, and he only let go of her when the cut had finally stopped bleeding. The man in front of her remained silent, pulled her into the study room, and gave her a piece of tissue.

Lin Xinyan struggled to pull herself away from him but to no avail. “Stop moving.”

He lifted his head to look at her and sneered, “It’s not even painful. Why are you crying like a baby?”

“It’s painful!” Tears rolled down her cheeks more uncontrollably. Now that she had known the truth, she did not know how to face Zong Jinghao anymore.

The more caring he was, the more difficult it was for her to distance herself from him.

Even she herself was reluctant to push him away.

All of a sudden, Lin Xinyan tipped her toes, wrapped her hands around his neck, and gave him a peck on his cold and soft lips. She could still smell her blood lingering around his mouth.

The wife was in no way a good kisser, but she tried to make this kiss as memorable as ever.

The scent of their breaths was saturated all over their lips, and she closed her eyes to enjoy the moment. A few droplets of tears were still dangling on her eyelashes.

Zong Jinghao cupped her face with his hands, ran his fingers gently across her cheeks, and wiped away those tears from the corners of her eyes. He then said in a deep but gentle voice, “Are you okay?”

She sniffed and lowered her eyes. “Do I need a reason to kiss you?”

Zong Jinghao hugged her and sat her down. He then wrapped his hands around her waist, “Where did you go today? Did you bump into someone?”

Lin Xinyan leaned against his chest and blinked, “I went shopping today.”

“Is that all?” Zong Jinghao raised his brows. The hospital actually informed him that she went to the hospital for a checkup because she had a mild fever. Nonetheless, he was relieved when he learned that the baby was stable.

Why did she lie though? Did she go to the hospital to meet Zhuang Zijin?

Zong Jinghao sighed. He held Lin Xinyan’s head close to his chest and touched her forehead. Thankfully, her body temperature seemed fine. He then said earnestly, “Take good care of our baby and don’t think of anything else. Certain things are meant to happen, and we have no control over it.”

Zong Jinghao said so because he thought she had broken down because of Zhuang Zijin’s medical condition.

Somehow, she understood what he was trying to imply. She lifted her head and looked at him. “Are you free tomorrow? Let’s go and change the kids’ surname.”

I’m not a Lin, so my kids shouldn’t carry that surname too.

Since Zong Jinghao is their father, they should take his surname instead.

He tilted his head downwards. “Why are you proposing this all of a sudden?” He tightened his grip around her waist. “You’re my wife. We’re one.”

Lin Xinyan was worried that she might lose control once again, so she buried her face in his chest. She suppressed her voice and tried to sound as normal as possible, “It’s our country’s tradition for the kids to take their father’s surname. They’re going to school soon, I don’t want people to talk behind their back.”

That makes sense.

Zong Jinghao thought about it. “But Zong Xichen doesn’t sound nice.”

“Why don’t you give them new names? I’ll bring them to the Registration Department tomorrow.” Lin Xinyan stuck her face to his chest and listened to his heartbeats. She was absolutely obsessed with the scent of his body.

She was afraid that she might not have the chance to do so anymore.

Zong Jinghao picked up a pen from his desk, flicked its cap off with his thumb, and grabbed a piece of paper. He then placed his hand on the paper and mumbled, “Since my surname is Zong…”

He then started scribbling, and with excellent muscle strength and control, he wrote a few words on the paper. “Let’s see. What if I put your name right here…”

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