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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 458

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 458

All gazes were on him as Shen Peichuan said, “The bodyguard called just now… They had an accident and are being taken to the hospital now…”

As soon as he said that, Zong Jinghao zipped past him in a flash.

After regaining his senses, Shen Peichuan immediately ran out after him.

“Let’s go too,” Zong Qifeng said to Cheng Yuwen and quickly followed them out.

In the car, Zong Jinghao drove while Shen Peichuan sat beside him. It was peak hour, and Shen Peichuan held tightly onto the safety handle as Zong Jinghao sped through the traffic.

Worried that they would die on the road before reaching the hospital, Shen Peichuan started to say, “It’s too dangerous to drive this fast…”


Before he could finish his words, the car came to a sudden stop. He even seemed to smell the burning smell of tires rubbing against the tarmac through the window.

Shen Peichuan’s heart was pounding, and he didn’t dare to look forward. They shuttled in between vehicles and almost bumped into them a few times, causing his soul to almost leave his body.

They had only spent ten minutes on the road, but Shen Peichuan felt that half a century had passed. It was too overwhelming.

As soon as they reached the hospital entrance, Zong Jinghao got out of the car and left. A security guard came over and said, “Sir, you can’t park the car at the entrance.”

Shen Peichuan simply threw the car key to the security guard and quickly chased after Zong Jinghao.

Lin Xinyan was unconscious when she was rescued, and Cheng Yuxiu was in the emergency room.

The kids were not injured, but Lin Ruixi was frightened. She was trembling as she nestled in Aunt Yu’s arms.

Seeing the two men walking towards them, Lin Ruixi, who had been suppressing her anxiety, cried out loudly, and her cries instantly filled the quiet waiting area.

Zong Jinghao hugged her in his arms, patted her head, and soothed her softly, “Don’t be afraid. Daddy’s here,” As he spoke, he looked at the bodyguard standing on the side and asked sharply, “Where is she?”

The bodyguard answered, “She’s in the ward. The doctor did a check-up on her, and there is no major problem, but…”

Hearing that, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and hugged Lin Xichen, who was mature and calm beyond his years.

Fortunately, nothing happened to them.

He then spoke in a low voice, “Let’s go see your mommy.”

Lin Xichen didn’t budge. His eyes were red as he said, “Grandma is still inside. I’m waiting for her.”

Zong Jinghao frowned. Cheng Yuxiu was there?

He looked at the bodyguards standing against the wall with a questioning gaze.

One of the bodyguards lowered his head and said, “Madam Zong and Mrs. Zong took the kids out today. We drove three cars, and their car was in the middle, flanked by the four of us in the other two cars. When we passed by Feixia Road, there was an accident. A group of men came at us, and they pinned the four of us in a planned manner, taking the opportunity to take Madam Zong away. We stopped them in time, but we failed to notice that they captured Mrs. Zong. For the safety of Mrs. Zong, Madam Zong voluntarily followed the men, but they didn’t let go of Mrs. Zong. Then, they drove away from the scene while Jie and I went after them. When we reached them, they’ve already got into an accident, and Mrs. Zong was unconscious, while Madam Zong…” He lowered his head even further as he recalled the scene.

When they rescued Cheng Yuxiu from the car, she was almost covered in blood with her entire back a mess of flesh and blood. She was barely alive at that time…

Zong Jinghao narrowed his eyes and stared at the bodyguard as his face tensed and turned purple with anger. He shot daggers at the man and demanded, “Say it!”

The man trembled, and his body shivered involuntarily.

At that moment, the operating light outside the emergency room suddenly turned red, and the door slid open. A doctor in a blue surgical gown walked out. He took off his mask and bowed to them, saying, “We did our best. The patient was no longer breathing when she was sent here. We did a series of cardiac resuscitation measures, but unfortunately, it was to no avail. The patient was injured too badly. Please accept our condolences.”

Zong Qifeng had just arrived at the emergency room, and his legs wobbled after listening to the doctor’s words. Cheng Yuwen supported him before he could fall to the ground.

Lin Xichen hugged Zong Jinghao’s leg and choked softly, his body shaking and his shoulders undulating.

He understood what the doctor said, and he felt grief-stricken.

Zong Jinghao stiffened. He even forgot that Lin Xichen was holding his leg as he rushed to the doctor and grabbed his collar. Glaring at him with bloodshot eyes, he demanded, “Repeat what you just said!”

Shen Peichuan caught hold of Lin Xichen before he fell and handed him to Aunt Yu before he walked over to Zong Jinghao and persuaded him, “Jinghao, calm down.”

The doctor’s face was pale with fright, but he forced out a calm front. Every time he announced a patient’s death, he would always encounter family members whose emotions were out of control.

“We tried our best,” The doctor squeezed the words from his throat.

Zong Jinghao did not relax his grip on the doctor’s collar and instead tightened it. Veins bulged on his hand, and his eyes turned bloodshot as he demanded again, “Save her! That’s an order!”

“Calm down. You will scare Ruixi if you continue to act like this. We should first find out who did this,” Shen Peichuan persuaded him as he tried to hold him back.

His gaze turned to him slowly, and Shen Peichuan continued to persuade, “Let go of the doctor.”

“Daddy,” Lin Ruixi wrapped her hands around his neck tightly and cried, “I’m scared, Daddy. Please don’t be angry.”

Zong Jinghao closed his eyes and clenched his jaw, looking extremely cold.

“Daddy, I’m scared,” Ruixi repeated softly in a hoarse and trembling voice while rubbing her face against his neck.

Silently, Zong Jinghao slowly loosened his grip on the doctor’s collar and patted his daughter on the back, comforting her, “Don’t be scared.”

Shen Peichuan asked the doctor to leave quickly.

He then tried to take Lin Ruixi out of Zong Jinghao’s arms and said, “Moving forward, we have a lot of things to do. I will have someone to send the kids home first. Aunt Yu and the bodyguards will take care of them.”

However, Lin Ruixi was not willing to leave. She wanted her father.

Looking at Lin Ruixi, Shen Peichuan said, “Ruixi, Daddy still has things to do. He will go back to see you once he has dealt with it.” Lin Ruixi’s eyes and nose were red from crying, and her voice was hoarse. She turned to Zong Jinghao and choked with sobs as she spoke, “Dad, will you come and see me soon?”

Zong Jinghao replied in a hoarse voice, “I will.”

Lin Ruixi let go after she heard his words. Shen Peichuan carried her and handed her to the bodyguard. He then said in a deep voice, “Take care of her.”

The bodyguard, who also blamed himself for the accident, replied solemnly, “Understood.”

The kids were sent back to the villa. Shen Peichuan wasn’t at ease putting them under Aunt Yu’s care, so he called Su Zhan and asked him to go to the villa to take care of them.

He couldn’t explain the situation clearly on the phone and only briefly described the situation before saying, “I’m more relieved with you taking care of the children.”

After Su Zhan assured him that he would be at the villa, Shen Peichuan hung up the phone.

Cheng Yuxiu’s body was not sent to the morgue but was temporarily placed in a ward.

A piece of white cloth covered her corpse, and Zong Qifeng was half kneeling on the edge of the bed, holding her cold hand.

He wanted so badly to warm her cold body as his tears fell silently.

“You said you would grow old with me… How can you leave me without even saying goodbye?” he whimpered and sobbed in grief.

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