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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 457

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 457

As he spoke, he pressed the dagger against Lin Xinyan’s neck, and blood immediately oozed out from her skin.

Seeing that, the four bodyguards stood still and did not dare to move.

Cheng Yuxiu panicked and pleaded with the leader, “Please, don’t do anything to her.”

The leader saw that Cheng Yuxiu cared very much about Lin Xinyan. He stared at her fiercely and said, “If you want me to let her go, get in the van by yourself.”

“Okay, okay, I can do that, but you must promise not to hurt her…” Cheng Yuxiu said.

The leader became impatient and cursed, “Stop your f*king nonsense. If you want to save her, go to the car immediately.”

“No, don’t,” Lin Xinyan shook her head and pleaded with Cheng Yuxiu in a hoarse voice. They still had a glimmer of hope here. If Cheng Yuxiu got into the van, it would be difficult for her to escape then.

However, Cheng Yuxiu avoided Lin Xinyan’s gaze and got into the van. There was a driver in the van who turned around and glanced at her. Without a word, he started the car.

The leader looked at the four tall bodyguards standing a distance away from him, he smiled and sneered, “No matter how strong you are, it’s useless. Now that the person you’re meant to protect is in my hands, you’re destined to lose.”

Their expressions tensed, and all four of them clenched their hands into fists. However, they did not dare to act hastily for fear of Lin Xinyan’s safety.

The leader continued to hold Lin Xinyan hostage as he moved towards the van.

Lin Xinyan didn’t budge, and the leader pressed the dagger tighter to her neck and threatened her viciously, “If you don’t want to die, follow me.”

“Didn’t you say that if I go with you, you will let her go?” Cheng Yuxiu sat in front of the door to the van and blocked the door with her hand, preventing the leader from getting in with Lin Xinyan.

“If you dare stop me again, I will kill her now. Try me! The only reason I captured her was because I didn’t want those annoying flies to pester me. Once we get to a safe place, I will let her go. After all, our goal is you,” the leader replied exasperatedly.

With Lin Xinyan’s safety threatened, Cheng Yuxiu had no choice but to concede to him again.

Besides, the leader said that she was the target, so she figured Lin Xinyan shouldn’t be hurt.

The leader got into the van after pushing Lin Xinyan in and the cramped space made her increasingly uneasy. Lin Xinyan tensed up to the point where she couldn’t even feel the pain in her neck.

The next moment, the van sped away.

“The two of you, stay here. Protect the kids and call for help. We’ll chase after them,” One of the bodyguards calmly and quickly assigned the tasks. He took another bodyguard, hijacked a car that stopped to watch the commotion, and chased after the van.

The driver in the van noticed that the car behind him was giving chase to them with increasing speed, and he immediately stepped on the accelerator.

Afraid that the car behind would catch up to them, he kept his attention on the car and unknowingly drove the van onto the opposite lane. A truck in front of the van repeatedly honked to alert the driver, but the driver did not notice until the truck was too close to them.

Out of instinct, the driver veered the van towards the median strip. On the other hand, the truck had no time to hit the brakes and ended slamming into the rear of the van, where the leader who was holding Lin Xinyan hostage was. The leader instantly lost consciousness, and Lin Xinyan pulled his hand away from her neck during the disorder.

Because the van had been moving at a high speed, with the impact from the truck from the rear, the van ran over a low fence and crashed into a billboard with a loud bang.

The hollow billboard pillars could not withstand the vehicle’s impact, and cracks started to appear on the pillars. Losing its support, it swayed and threatened to fall at any time.

The leader who held Lin Xinyan hostage most likely got hit on his head, causing him to pass out in an instant. Bright red blood flowed down from his head, and it wasn’t before long before blood covered his face. The van was seriously deformed due to the impact, and the driver in front had already lost all signs of life.

Caught in the middle, Lin Xinyan was unable to move her legs.

“Mom, are you okay?” Lin Xinyan asked weakly.

Cheng Yuxiu didn’t know where she was hurt, but her face was pale. She returned to her senses in a daze. Seeing that it was Lin Xinyan who called out to her, she forced her eyes to stay open and answered, “I’m okay. How about you?”

“I can’t move my legs,” Lin Xinyan replied.


They heard a noise, and Cheng Yuxiu saw that the billboard above them was about to collapse. They would undoubtedly die if it fell on them.

Gathering the last of her strength, she kicked the front seat down with her feet and pressed Lin Xinyan down on it while she protected her with her body.

“Mom…” Lin Xinyan cried out.

With a low hum of the wind, the billboard collapsed and hit the van below.

Cheng Yuxiu’s body suddenly sank and stopped a few centimeters above Lin Xinyan’s abdomen. Blood started dripping down her neck and fell onto Lin Xinyan.

Lin Xinyan opened her eyes wide in horror. Tears filled her eyes, and she choked, “Mom, mom…”

Cheng Yuxiu smiled faintly and said, “Protect yourself and the children.”

“Someone, help!” Lin Xinyan yelled desperately, but she did not have much strength to yell loudly.

She cried, “Mom, you must hold on. You haven’t seen Xichen and Ruixi go to school…”

“I’m afraid I won’t be able see it…” Cheng Yuxiu’s voice was getting fainter.

“No, no, you haven’t heard Jinghao call you mom. Please… Someone, help!” Lin Xinyan voice was hoarse as she continued to yell, “Someone–”

“Yan, listen to me,” Cheng Yuxiu swallowed before continuing, “I have no regrets. Help me take care of him and protect his unborn child…”

“Mom…” Lin Xinyan cried.

At Wanyue Group, the entire office felt like a pool of stagnant water, as the atmosphere was especially depressing.

Zong Qifeng got Cheng Yuwen to bring the person who Zong Jinghao sent to Baicheng into the office and said, “I guess this person belongs to you, am I right?”

That person went to Baicheng to inquire about Cheng Yuxiu’s past and was discovered by Cheng Yuwen, who contacted Zong Qifeng and told him about it.

Zong Jinghao stood in front of the French windows and glanced at the person.

The person immediately lowered his head and started to apologize.

“Get out,” Zong Jinghao ordered.

The man quickly complied and closed the door as he exited the office.

Originally, Zong Qifeng hesitated to come clean to Zong Jinghao. Now that Zong Jinghao had doubts, it was an opportunity for him, and he need not consider how to broach the topic anymore.

“Why don’t you ask me whatever you want to know instead,” Zong Qifeng said as he sat on the sofa and signaled at Cheng Yuwen to sit down with his gaze.

Cheng Yuwen looked at Zong Jinghao. He was about to say something but hesitated.

Judging by the look on Zong Qifeng’s face, he probably wanted to tell Zong Jinghao something, so he decided to shut his mouth and sat down instead.

“Since you sent someone to investigate, you probably suspect something, or perhaps you already know some things,” Zong Qifeng said. Without waiting for an answer, he continued, “Wen Xian and I are respectful to each other even though we do not love each other as a couple. Her heart belonged to another man, and I didn’t want to force her. But she felt sorry for me, so later, she sent Cheng Yuxiu to my side,” When he spoke about Cheng Yuxiu, Zong Qifeng’s voice quivered as he was reminded of the past.

Zong Jinghao’s jaw tightened, and he slowly turned his head and stared at Zong Qifeng coldly.

Zong Qifeng continued, “I know it is unfair to tell you the truth now. After all, we kept the truth from you since the beginning, made you misunderstand, and allowed you to resent…”


The phone on the desk suddenly vibrated, interrupting what Zong Qifeng was about to say.

His phone kept on ringing, but Zong Jinghao stood still and didn’t answer it.


The door to the office was suddenly pushed open. It was Shen Peichuan. Seeing that they couldn’t get through to Zong Jinghao, the bodyguards called Shen Peichuan instead.

Shen Peichuan stood at the door with a solemn expression and said, “Bad news. Something happened.”

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