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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 456

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 456

Lin Xinyan turned her head and looked at Cheng Yuxiu, saying, “I know I’m selfish, but I don’t want him to know about this. I’m afraid he doesn’t know how to deal with it. After all, he had his grievances about you.”

Cheng Yuxiu held her hand and sniffled, “After so long, I have already let it go. I am satisfied enough to have what I have today. Even without the Wen family, he is considered a public figure. News about him frequently appears on the finance channels. If news about his identity is reported, it will definitely cause an uproar.

After all, Wen Xian and Qifeng were married at that time, and he would only be identified as an illegitimate child. This is not what I want to see, and I don’t want to keep seeing him butting heads with Wen Qing.

Besides, there will be a negative impact not only on his personal image but also on the company’s reputation. I just want him to live an ordinary life with you,” Cheng Yuxiu finished and patted the back of Lin Xinyan’s hand.

Looking at Lin Xinyan earnestly, she added, “I don’t want him to know at all. I don’t want both of you to be involved in the matters of my generation. Living a normal life is bliss. Being able to take my grandchildren to go shopping, to the amusement park, and elementary school after the summer is over; watching them grow up while I grow old, that is bliss.”

Since she couldn’t take care of her son, she would make it up by taking care of his children.

Lin Xinyan pursed her lips. Somehow, her eyes grew misty.

At that moment, the car suddenly stopped.

Seeing that there was no traffic light ahead, Lin Xinyan asked the driver, “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know.” the driver replied. He had no idea what was happening either.

Knock knock…

The bodyguard from the car in front walked over to their car and knocked on the window at Lin Xinyan’s side. She lowered the window.

“There’s a trailer in front which broke down when it was turning, and now it’s blocking the way. We can’t get past it. Should we change our route?”

“Did you ask how long it would take for it to be repaired?” Cheng Yuxiu asked. If it took a long time, they should change to another route. If it were something that could be repaired in less than ten minutes, it wouldn’t matter to wait. After all, their current location was not far from the mall and the amusement park.

“Let me go and ask,” The bodyguard hurried to the front and asked the driver who was repairing his trailer.

Just then, another car stopped behind them, blocking the other end of the road. Even if they wanted to change their route now, their cars wouldn’t be able to get out.

At that moment, someone knocked on the car’s window again. Lin Xinyan thought it was the bodyguard who came back, so she lowered the window. At the same time, there was trouble brewing behind their car.

A group of men had walked towards the car behind Lin Xinyan’s which housed the other bodyguards. Sensing that they did not harbor good intentions, the bodyguards tried to block their way, and both parties broke into a fight.

Lin Xinyan sensed that something was amiss and quickly tried to raise the window. However, the person knocking on the window grabbed her arm and pulled her arm out of the car.

“You must be Lin Xinyan. Come with us,” the man said. He was short and had dark skin, and he looked a little hideous when he spoke.

Cheng Yuxiu grabbed Lin Xinyan, fearing that she would be pulled out. She yelled, “Who are you?”

“Don’t mind us. We just want Ms. Lin to come with us,” he answered.

Those men had a good understanding of their security detail and it wasn’t before long that all four of their bodyguards were pinned down by their people leaving only the driver.

The driver had some skills of his own, but he didn’t act rashly and instead waited for the right opportunity to make his move. On the other hand, Aunt Yu could not fight and could only feel anxious over their situation.

The dark-skinned man added, “Follow us obediently, and you’ll suffer less.”

Cheng Yuxiu panicked. She noticed that those people seemed to have come for Lin Xinyan. She pushed the car door open, wanting to go to the opposite side of the car to free Lin Xinyan’s arm from the man’s grip. However, as soon as she got out of the car, two men rushed forward and grabbed her, they then dragged her to the van parked on the side of the road in the opposite lane.

Just then, the driver took the opportunity to punch the man who was grabbing Lin Xinyan’s arm in the face. The man was taken aback by his move. He didn’t expect that the driver could fight. Then, the driver gave the man a kick.

“This is not good. Hurry, stop them! They’re not after me,” Lin Xinyan shouted to the driver.

Seeing that Cheng Yuxiu was dragged to the opposite lane, the driver hurriedly chased after her. At the same time, a bodyguard had also broken away from the person pinning him down and he went forward to stop the men from grabbing Cheng Yuxiu. Another fight ensued between both parties again.

“Yan, don’t get out of the car. They’re after me. You will be safe there. Take care of the kids,” Cheng Yuxiu shouted to Lin Xinyan the moment she realized that she might be the one they wanted instead.

Lin Ruixi was scared and got into the front to hide in Lin Xinyan’s arms. Her eyes were filled with horror as she said, “Mommy, I see blood.”

Lin Xinyan pressed her daughter’s head into her embrace, obscuring her view of the scene unfolding outside.

The bodyguards that Shen Peichuan arranged to protect them were all highly skilled. Although the other party had more people, the bodyguards broke free from their siege and went to rescue Cheng Yuxiu.

Lin Xinyan took out her phone and tried to call for help. After all, the other party had more people, and they seemed to have planned this out by blocking their way with the trailer and then pinning down their bodyguards.

Although the numbers from the other party were not great, they had great combat prowess. The leader from the other party who led the ambush realized that they would not be able to take Cheng Yuxiu away, thus, he ordered his men to grab Lin Ruixi.

The leader’s henchman was more than happy to obliged. “It’s easier to deal with the kid,” he said. He called a few of his men over, and they entered the car, grabbed the phone in Lin Xinyan’s hand, and smashed it to the ground. The phone broke into pieces instantly, and the henchman took the opportunity to snatch Lin Ruixi from Lin Xinyan’s arms.

Lin Ruixi screamed in fright, “Mommy, mommy!”

Lin Xinyan hugged Lin Ruixi tightly to prevent the man from taking her daughter. It was at that moment that Lin Xichen picked up the tablet beside him and slammed it on the henchman’s head.

The impact was not strong, but it still hurt. The man was irritated, and he raised his hand to slap Lin Xichen. The leader grabbed his hand and said, “We have only one job. We can’t hurt the children.”

Their goal was still Cheng Yuxiu, but the bodyguards impeded them. Hence, they could only try catching the kids to distract the bodyguards.

Additionally, they were specifically given instructions not to hurt the two children.

The driver ran over to them and pulled the henchman away from Lin Ruixi. He then dragged the henchman out of the car and the two got into a scuffle.

The leader found an opportunity and opened the door, dragging Lin Xinyan out of the car. He was instructed not to hurt the two children, but he was not instructed not to hurt the woman.

Lin Xinyan didn’t dare to struggle too much in fear of hurting the child in her belly.

She stared at the leader with a sharp gaze and asked, “Who are you people?”

The leader took out a folding dagger and put it to Lin Xinyan’s neck, threatening the bodyguards, “If you don’t stop, I will kill this woman.”

The bodyguards stopped when they saw that, and the leader dragged Lin Xinyan to the opposite lane, trying to shove her into the van.

Cheng Yuxiu’s eyes widened. Lin Xinyan was pregnant, and she didn’t know who the other party was. Seeing that Lin Xinyan was about to be shoved into the car, she bit down hard on the man who was holding her, causing the man to loosen his grip on her from the pain.

She then rushed towards the leader who was holding Lin Xinyan. The bodyguards also took the opportunity to run over. In a fluster, Cheng Yuxiu grabbed the leader’s hand and yelled angrily, “If you want to catch me, just catch me and let her go!”

Lin Xinyan shook her head and said, “Run! Their goal is not me. Go and don’t worry about me.”

It was obvious that their goal was Cheng Yuxiu, and she and her two children were just the bait.

“You have a child in your belly. How can I not worry about you? If something happened to you, how will I explain to Jinghao?” Cheng Yuxiu said anxiously.

The bodyguards surrounded the leader, and the leader grew anxious. He wouldn’t be able to hold them off for long, let alone capture anyone. Steeling himself, he snarled, “If you dare rush over, I will kill her now!”

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