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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 455

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 455

“I’m really sleepy,” Lin Xinyan emphasized.

Zong Jinghao did not reply.

He pressed his solid chest against her back as he hugged her tightly, he then said, “I won’t disturb you anymore. Go to sleep.”

The sun gradually rose around six in the morning.

Lin Xinyan rolled over on the bed and stretched out her hands, but she did not feel anybody lying beside her. Blocking the sun’s rays with her hands, she slowly opened her eyes and saw that there was indeed no one beside her. Judging from the lack of warmth on the bed, she figured he must have left early.

She frowned and wondered if Zong Jinghao had enough rest since he came back late last night and went out again so early in the morning.

Sitting up, she grabbed the phone with the thought of calling him, but in the end, she changed her mind. She presumed that he must have something important to attend to. Otherwise, he wouldn’t leave so early. She felt it might not be appropriate to call him at that moment.

With that thought, she put down the phone, lifted the quilt, and headed to the bathroom to wash up. Just as she was squeezing the toothpaste, the phone rang from where she left it on the bed. She picked up the phone as she brushed her teeth and saw that Shen Peichuan was calling her. Taking the toothbrush out of her mouth, she answered the phone and heard Shen Peichuan’s voice from the other end, “Xinyan, have you watched the news?”

“What news?” she asked.

“Hurry up and take a look,” he simply said.

Feeling puzzled, Lin Xinyan searched for the news on her phone. The headline was about a murder in a bar. The police reported that a prisoner had escaped from prison, leaving the police no choice but to shoot him dead. The news also stated that the video circulating on the web was maliciously edited and not true.

The police in B City posted the entire case information on social media and warned the public not to believe in or spread rumors to maintain public order.

In just one morning, that headline was spread all over the web. Lin Xinyan lowered her eyes and wondered if the news was why Zong Jinghao came back so late last night and left so early that morning.

“Xinyan, have you seen it?” Shen Peichuan’s voice rang out from the phone.

Lin Xinyan put the phone to her ear again and said, “I saw it.”

“The good part is yet to come. The perpetrator won’t be able to escape,” he said.

“Is it Wen Qing?” she asked.

“No, it’s Chen Qing…” he answered.

“Chen Qing?” Lin Xinyan exclaimed in surprise. Wen Qing isn’t the mastermind?

“Chen Qing’s actually the mastermind. He took advantage of Wen Qing’s hatred for you and came out with ideas for him. He Ruize and He Ruilin were his pawns. He used them to get the He family to retaliate against you while staying behind the scenes, waiting to reap the benefits. He thought we were unaware of what he did, but he doesn’t know that we have evidence of his crimes…” Shen Peichuan explained.

Zong Jinghao went to see Wen Qing that night, and after that, he also went to see He Wenhuai.

If it were not for Wen Qing, who backed down and took the initiative to withdraw the case, he would also be implicated in this matter.

At that time, Zong Jinghao asked Shen Peichuan to meet with He Wenhuai to determine if He Ruize’s death was related to Wen Qing and Chen Qing.

It turned out that his death was a deal between Chen Qing and He Ruize. He Ruize knew that he was bound to die, so before he went to the bar, he sent a letter to the He family. In the letter, he stated that Chen Qing went to look for him and said that as long as he was willing to die, Chen Qing would lend his support to the He family and rescue He Ruilin, so he agreed to the deal.

Coincidentally, He Wenhuai received that letter just when Shen Peichuan went to find him, and Shen Peichuan informed him of He Ruilin’s death and showed him the evidence.

By then, He Wenhuai knew that Chen Qing had used him. Naturally, he was unwilling to let Chen Qing off the hook after finding out the truth.

That being said, He Wenhuai never trusted Chen Qing wholeheartedly. As such, whenever the two met and talked, he would secretly record their meeting in case Chen Qing ever betrayed him.

Now, those recordings had become evidence of Chen Qing’s role in that matter.

Coupled with the death of He Ruilin, Chen Qing’s situation became more unfavorable, and it was certain that the police would bring him in for investigation.

Besides, the police were currently putting in a lot of effort into fighting crimes. Chen Qing’s situation couldn’t possibly end well with him committing a crime at that point.

Lin Xinyan did not expect to hear that. She asked, “But why would he do this?”

Did he have a grudge against me?

Why else would he try so hard to frame me?

“I don’t know the specifics, but he must have had a reason. He wouldn’t be so desperate otherwise. Anyway, I called to tell you not to worry about Ruize’s case anymore. The matter is over,” Shen Peichuan replied.

“Where is he?” Lin Xinyan asked, wondering why it was Shen Peichuan who called her instead of Zong Jinghao.

“Zong Qifeng in his office right now. I think he wouldn’t have time to call you for the time being, so I called you first,” he answered.

“I see. If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up then,” Lin Xinyan said. She still had the toothbrush in her hand. Shen Peichuan agreed and ended the call.

After placing her phone on the table, she went back to the bathroom to finish washing up. She felt a little uncomfortable without taking a shower last night, so she took a shower and changed into a set of clean clothes. Probably due to the shower, she felt herself in good spirits.

She headed downstairs, where Aunt Yu had prepared breakfast. Cheng Yuxiu was washing Lin Ruixi’s face, and Lin Xichen had already washed up and was sitting at the dining table.

Seeing her, Lin Xichen greeted, “Good morning, mommy.”

Lin Xinyan pulled the chair out, sat down, and said, “Good morning, Xichen.”

“Mommy, say good morning to me too,” Lin Ruixi said as she ran towards her after washing her face and hands. Lin Xinyan had no way of stopping her and could only ask her to slow down as she wished her daughter a good morning in a loving tone.

Elated with the greeting, the little girl climbed onto the chair and sat down. Aunt Yu placed glasses of fresh milk in front of them and said, “Let’s have breakfast.”

Cheng Yuxiu arrived at the table after the kids started eating. She sat next to Lin Ruixi, took a sip of milk, and looked at Lin Xinyan, “I’m going out later. Do you have anything you want to buy? I will buy it for you.”

“Please let mommy go out with us,” Lin Ruixi pleaded again.

Cheng Yuxiu frowned and said, “Did you forget what I said last night? Your mommy has a baby in her tummy. She can’t strain herself.”

“All right then…” Lin Ruixi said dejectedly. She had wanted to go out and play with her mommy, but it seemed impossible.

Chen Yuxiu sighed, “Kid, you’re trying so hard…” She already explained to Lin Ruixi last night that Lin Xinyan had a baby in her tummy and couldn’t go out, but the little girl mentioned it again today.

“Why don’t I go out with you guys?” Lin Xinyan was in a good mood as the dark clouds that had been hanging over her head finally dissipated. Now, even the sun outside looked to be shining brightly to her.

“But, what about your body?” Cheng Yuxiu was worried.

“I feel good. And I’ll go to the hospital tomorrow during my free time,” Lin Xinyan said with a smile.

Cheng Yuxiu didn’t want to dampen their spirits either and said, “Well, alright then, since Ruixi can’t wait to go out with you. We’ll have Aunt Yu follow us too so that we would have an extra pair of helping hands.”

Lin Xinyan nodded. Lin Ruixi was excited, and she exclaimed, “Let’s go to the amusement park! I want to play bumper cars.”

“Okay, we’ll bring you wherever you want and let you have your fill of fun,” Cheng Yuxiu patted her granddaughter’s head and replied.

After breakfast, Aunt Yu cleaned up the table. Because the weather was getting warmer, Cheng Yuxiu helped the kids to put on sun-protective clothing and sun hats.

“I’ll need to make a stop at the mall later to buy some summer clothes for the kids. After all, summer is coming,” Cheng Yuxiu said.

Lin Xinyan was sitting on the sofa. She propped her chin and said, “Okay.”

Cheng Yuxiu glanced at her, saying, “You have to buy some clothes too. When your belly gets bigger, you won’t be able to wear your usual clothes then.”

“Mom, buy them for me then,” Lin Xinyan acted sweetly in front of her.

“As you wish,” Cheng Yuxiu replied with a smile.

After Aunt Yu packed up, the group of them, followed by their four bodyguards, drove out in three cars.

Cheng Yuxiu, the kids, and Lin Xinyan were sitting in a seven-seater car flanked by two cars in the front and back. The kids were playing in the back seat, and Lin Xinyan was sitting next to Cheng Yuxiu in front of them. Lin Xinyan looked back at the kids and hesitated before saying, “I don’t know if Jinghao knows something. I saw him being emotional several times.”

Although he was hiding it well, she still felt that there was something he was keeping to himself.

“Mom…” she said.

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