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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 454

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 454

Chen Qing turned to look at Wen Qing, “So what if I like her?”

Wen Qing breathed heavily and huffed, “It seems that our friendship has come to an end.”

“Don’t I have the right to like someone?” Chen Qing retorted.

Wen Qing said nothing in response.

He didn’t say that Chen Qing couldn’t fall in love with his sister, it was just that he felt very uncomfortable by that fact. They had been best mates for many years, and he always thought Chen Qing treated Wen Xian as his sister.

He had never once thought that Chen Qing would like her.

“Your avarice knows no bounds,” he simply said.

Chen Qing understood what Wen Qing was trying to say. If he couldn’t put down his feelings and the longings of his youth, it would turn into an obsession.

He always felt that if the two of them were together, she wouldn’t have died early, and they would definitely have been able to live a happy life. At the very least, he would love and care for her.

“Take care not to let your family fall apart at your age. It will only be a joke to others.” With that, Wen Qing turned and walked out of the study.

As he sat in the car, Wen Qing felt suffocated. Adjutant asked, “Are you going home?”

“Let’s go to the cemetery,” he replied. He missed Wen Xian and wanted to see her.

Adjutant drove towards the cemetery in the suburbs. When Wen Qing said he wanted to go to the cemetery, the former knew who he wanted to see.

“Wait. Stop by the flower shop first. I want to buy a bouquet of flowers. Otherwise, the tomb will be too deserted, and she will feel lonely,” Wen Qing said.

Adjutant turned the car around at the intersection ahead.

Instead of chrysanthemums, Wen Qing bought a bouquet of little irises, which was Wen Xian’s favorite when she was still alive.

Holding the flowers, Wen Qing got back inside the car. When Adjutant started the car, Wen Qing inadvertently glanced outside and saw Cheng Yuxiu, Lin Xinyan, the kids, and several bodyguards behind them.

“Let’s go back after we buy the cake. With your body condition, we shouldn’t be outside for too long,” Cheng Yuxiu said as she was worried about Lin Xinyan’s body.

Lin Xinyan complied.

The kids had suddenly said that they wanted to eat a mille-crepe mousse cake. As she felt that it would not take too much time to buy it, she brought the kids out, taking the chance to breathe in some fresh air as well.

“I’ll go in and buy it. Wait for me here,” Cheng Yuxiu said and walked into the cake shop.

Wen Qing couldn’t hear what they said, but he saw that they were very happy. He averted his gaze and looked down at the flowers in his arms, gently stroking them with his hand.

He muttered to himself, “Your son worries me so much.”

His gaze remained on the flower in his arms as the car slid out and drove away.

Meanwhile, Cheng Yuxiu bought the cake and said, “Let’s go.”

“Let’s go home to eat the cake,” Lin Ruixi said excitedly.

Cheng Yuxiu smiled, “Are you sure you can still eat it?”

“Yes, of course,” Lin Ruixi nodded vehemently, afraid that she would not be given the cake.

“Come on, let’s get in the car,” Lin Xinyan opened the car door and said. Lin Ruixi seemed to feel that they were out for too short a time and commented, “Seems like there will be something fun at night too.”

Cheng Yuxiu patted her little butt and said, “I will take you kids out to play tomorrow.”

“Will Mommy come with us?” Lin Ruixi turned to look at Lin Xinyan with a yearning look as she blinked her eyes.

“Isn’t it the same if I take you? Don’t you know that your mommy has a baby in her tummy?” Cheng Yuxiu replied.

Lin Ruixi pouted. Although she wanted to go out with mommy, she does have a baby in her tummy. Daddy said that the baby would leave if we didn’t care for it… In the end, Lin Ruixi decided not to insist on going out with mommy so that the baby would not leave.

When they returned to the villa, Cheng Yuxiu took the cake to the kitchen and cut it. Everyone got a small slice of the cake as Cheng Yuxiu thought that they might feel unwell if they ate too much at night.

Worried that the cake would be too rich, she then poured a glass of juice for each of them and put it on the table in front of them.

“Why is it so small?” Lin Ruixi stared at the cake on the plate, feeling that it was not enough to eat. Lin Xichen simply shook his head and gave half of his cake to his sister.

Lin Ruixi beamed and thanked him.

“If you get chubby, you won’t be able to wear beautiful clothes,” Lin Xichen said deliberately. She would really gain weight if she ate too much cake at night.

Lin Ruixi snorted, “Do you see anyone who’s chubby in our family? Daddy and mommy are both thin. So how can I get chubby? Our family has a thin physique.”

Lin Xichen was at a loss for words.

When did this little girl become so eloquent and learned to retort?

“Then go ahead and eat it,” Lin Xichen said helplessly.

“Of course I would eat it. If I can’t finish it, I will leave it for Daddy.” Lin Ruixi scooped a spoonful of cake into her mouth happily.

Lin Xichen watched his sister lick the spoon and frowned deeply, “Your saliva is all over it now. Who will eat it?”

“Daddy will eat it. He won’t mind,” The little girl said with confidence. After all, her father didn’t mind her saliva when she kissed him.

Cheng Yuxiu shook her head and chuckled as she looked at the adorable Lin Ruixi.

On the sofa, Lin Xinyan was getting a little sleepy. As she watched the kids sitting at the dining table, the corners of her lips rose slightly.

“Go up and rest first. I will take care of them.” Cheng Yuxiu noticed that Lin Xinyan was sleepy.

Lin Xinyan nodded. She didn’t feel tired or unwell, but she was a little sleepy. She got up and said, “Then I will go and rest.”

She walked upstairs steadily and turned on the lights. The room was instantly lit up. The bunch of lilies beside the bed was a little withered, but she was reluctant to throw it away since there was still a faint fragrance coming from it. She reached out and touched the petals and made a mental note to buy another bouquet to replace it.

She thought that having some flowers in the room made the room seem more lively.

She laid down on the bed without washing herself as she felt too sleepy to move. As she laid her head on the pillow, she then covered herself with the quilt and went to sleep.

It wasn’t until she heard a noise in her daze at night that she opened her eyes groggily. The room was dark except for the moonlight streaming in from the window. She saw a figure standing by the bed.

Having just woken up, her voice was a little hoarse when she said, “You’re back.”

The man took off his suit and walked over to her, saying “Did I wake you up?”

Lin Xinyan hummed in response. She did wake up after hearing the noise.

She grabbed the phone and glanced at the time. It was already two o’clock post-midnight. “Why are you back so late?” she asked.

“I needed to do something. I’ll go and take a shower. You should go back to sleep,” he said as he touched her face. Her skin was warm to the touch, and it felt smooth in his hands.

Feeling ticklish, Lin Xinyan turned her head to the side. Zong Jinghao smiled and said, “Go back to sleep.”

With that, he turned and walked towards the bathroom while unbuckling his belt. He went into the bathroom and turned on the light, and she heard a metallic click. After a while, she heard the sound of running water.

Lin Xinyan was very sleepy. Even though there were noises, she eventually fell asleep. However, she soon felt the mattress beneath her sinking and a strong arm entangling her waist. Smelling the faint fragrance of shower gel, she felt a cool sensation as a pair of lips pressed softly against the back of her neck. The lips continued to kiss and nibbled gently at her neck, making her ticklish. Lin Xinyan mumbled, “I’m sleepy.”

“Okay, I’ll let you sleep,” he said. However, his lips did not leave, and instead, he nuzzled her neck.

Lin Xinyan frowned. She couldn’t sleep with him acting like that.

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