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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 447

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 447

In other words, Chen Qing might be ranked higher, but Wen Qing was the one who held real power. He even had his own subordinates to command.

“I don’t know yet,” replied Zong Jinghao. He hadn’t come up with a solution to deal with the matter at hand.

Wen Qing was the mastermind behind everything, so it didn’t matter if they had dealt with Chen Qing. The problem would persist unless Wen Qing was stopped.

Zong Jinghao didn’t want to drag it out, so he would not attack unless he was sure that he could end it in one strike.

Shen Peichuan gave it some thought before pointing out, “I think it would be easy to deal with Chen Qing since we have evidence on him, but Wen Qing…” He paused before adding, “Xinyan had given birth to two of your kids and is now pregnant with your third child. The murder case is burdening her, and that can’t be healthy. I don’t think you should overthink this.”

What Shen Peichuan had wanted to say, however, was that Zong Jinghao didn’t need to show any mercy because Wen Qing wasn’t his biological uncle anyway.

And Wen Xian wasn’t Zong Jinghao’s biological mother either.

Zong Jinghao didn’t turn to Shen Peichuan, nor did he show any change in emotion on his face. It was as if he never heard a word Shen Peichuan said.

In actuality, Zong Jinghao heard and registered every word, he simply didn’t react to them. He wasn’t hesitating because he still cared about Wen Qing. In fact, Zong Jinghao had made things clear with Wen Qing the last time the latter went to the office.

The problem now was that their evidence was against Chen Qing, not Wen Qing, and there was nothing Zong Jinghao could do if Chen Qing remained loyal to Wen Qing.

The only way to get to Wen Qing was if Chen Qing confessed and claimed that Wen Qing was the mastermind.

Zong Jinghao narrowed his eyes as if he were deep in thought.

Shen Peichuan understood that some things were easier said than done.

Zong Jinghao is human, after all, and he has his own emotions and thoughts. It’s normal for him to hesitate to go all out and battle against the man he used to call his uncle.

Besides, he doesn’t even know that Wen Qing is not his biological uncle, so he must be struggling a lot, thought Shen Peichuan.

Both men were completely out of sync.

“Go talk to He Wenhuai,” instructed Zong Jinghao all of a sudden.

Shen Peichuan’s eyes bulged, “Did you figure out a solution?”

“Don’t reveal the truth about He Ruilin’s death, and look into He Ruize’s death. I want to know if he made a deal with Chen Qing or Wen Qing.”

Zong Jinghao had a plan, and it didn’t matter who He Ruize talked to before he died, the one thing that Zong Jinghao needed to know was what role He Wenhuai played in He Ruize’s death.

Zong Jinghao’s guess was that He Wenhuai never knew the whole truth and that the latter was just a pawn in Chen Qing’s game.

After all, no father would be okay with sacrificing his son unless the father was a psychopath to begin with. He Wenhuai might also help Chen Qing if the former was offered something ridiculously grand, but that was not likely. The He family was a family of business tycoons, and there wasn’t much Chen Qing could offer him.

Moreover, what could Chen Qing possibly offer to get He Wenhuai to sacrifice two lives?

It was likely that there were still a lot of details that even Wen Qing didn’t know about.

“Okay, stop the car. I’ll get off here,” said Shen Peichuan.

Zong Jinghao parked the car at the side and requested, “Call me if you learn anything.”

Shen Peichuan got out of the car and closed the door before he said, “I will. You go on ahead, I’ll grab a cab from here.”

Zong Jinghao nodded to Shen Peichuan before driving away.

Zong Jinghao later checked his watch and noticed that it was already afternoon, so he didn’t go back to his office. Instead, he went straight home.

Li Zhan was leaning against the railing of the garden when he saw the car heading over. He stood up and waved Zong Jinghao’s car down.

“What are you doing here?” asked Zong Jinghao as he got out of the car.

“I have something for you,” replied Li Zhan as he fished a pen drive out of his pocket and added, “This is the footage from the bar that day.”

Even though Wen Qing was discharged from the hospital, he was still in a bad shape, so he was resting at home. Li Zhan took that opportunity to steal the password for Wen Qing’s computer and saved a copy of every video related to Lin Xinyan. After that, he deleted the videos in the computer.

That being said, he wasn’t sure if the videos that were in the computer were the original copies or if there were other copies out there.

“Either way, this can prove that Xinyan is innocent. At the very least, it was clear that she wasn’t responsible for the shot that ended He Ruize’s life. The first shot, the one she fired, was obviously fired in self-defense,” informed Li Zhan, who had seen everything in the video.

Zong Jinghao shifted his gaze to Li Zhan and asked, “You stole this?”

Li Zhan nodded.

Zong Jinghao’s eyes twitched. Wen Qing is military personnel and he holds actual power, so how could his computer be locked with only one layer of security?

I know that Li Zhan knew a little about hacking and can trace a person’s I.D., but to be able to access the computer of someone in the military? That’s a bit suspicious to me.

“You unlocked it after inputting one password?” asked Zong Jinghao.

Li Zhan nodded and replied honestly, “Yeah, and everything is saved on the desktop, so I found the videos straight away. I did check the other folders and found there aren’t any copies. If he does have a copy, he probably keeps it on the computer in his office. Why? Are you suspecting something?”

Zong Jinghao shook his head before simply instructing, “You should go back.”

Zong Jinghao didn’t invite Li Zhan in because the former didn’t want anyone bothering Lin Xinyan at that hour.

As for Li Zhan, he didn’t enter the house earlier because the security guards kept him away. Zong Jinghao obviously instructed the guards to do so. Li Zhan understood that Zong Jinghao had been busy dealing with Lin Xinyan’s issues and was in a bad mood. Hence, he walked away without saying anything.

He put his hands in his pocket before he walked towards his car, which was parked at the side of the road.

Just then, Zong Jinghao called out, “Tell your dad I will meet him tonight at eight o’clock in Lotus Park.”

Li Zhan turned around in astonishment. Why does he want to meet up with Wen Qing all of a sudden?

Zong Jinghao had no intention of explaining himself, though. He simply walked into the house without saying a word.

Lin Xinyan missed her children, so Cheng Yuxiu brought the two kids over that day.

Cheng Yuxiu had been suspecting that Lin Xinyan was pregnant because the dishes that Aunt Yu had been making were all ideal for pregnant women. As such, Cheng Yuxiu dropped by that day to ask Lin Xinyan about it.

Lin Xinyan didn’t keep anything from Cheng Yuxiu. After all, the latter was her baby’s biological grandma.

The driver left after dropping everyone off, so Zong Jinghao didn’t see the car. He only realized that his kids were there after he had already gotten into the house. One of them was lying on the sofa in the living room and reading a book, while the other was staring at the piano in the corner.

Zong Jinghao got closer and realized that the one sitting on the sofa was his daughter. She was reading poetry, and she was so focused that she didn’t even know that someone was standing behind her.

Zong Jinghao took off his suit jacket and put it aside before sitting on the edge of the sofa. He leaned closer to his daughter to read the book that she was holding. It was then that the little girl finally noticed that someone was there, and she turned around to see her father, Zong Jinghao’s face right beside her. She smiled happily and planted a wet kiss on his cheek. Her saliva was everywhere as she greeted in a sweet voice, “Daddy.”

The little girl felt bad about the saliva, so she reached out to wipe his face afterward.

Zong Jinghao seemed intrigued by the fact that his daughter was reading poetry on the sofa, so he commented, “You’re starting to learn about poetry, huh?”

The little girl was excited to hear that question, and she boasted, “Yeah, I’m going to elementary school soon, so I need to know about poetry now.”

“Is that so? How many poetries have you memorized then?”

Lin Ruixi became ecstatic upon hearing that. She bragged, “I’ve memorized this one.”

Zong Jinghao traced his daughter’s finger and saw that she was pointing at a poem named Goose. That got him to grin.

He stroked his daughter’s head before scooping her up and setting her on his lap. His tone was filled with adoration when he praised, “My daughter is so smart. You even memorized a poem that complicated.”

“It’s complicated, right? I think so too, but Xichen said that it’s only complicated to me because I am dumb. The way I see it, he’s the dumb one,” said Lin Ruixi happily because she finally found someone who agreed with her. She laid in her dad’s arm and requested, “Daddy, can you tell Xichen to stop bullying me like that?”

Lin Xichen was utterly speechless upon hearing his sister’s words.

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