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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 436

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 436

He took a look at the phone beside the pillow, but he didn’t pick it up to see who she sent the message to.

Instead, he lay down and hugged her from behind.

Lin Xinyan opened her eyes in surprise, but she remained motionless as she gradually closed them again.

When night arrived, the chef hired by Guan Jing prepared a tableful of scrumptious dishes. Meanwhile, Aunt Yu placed the cutlery and dishes down and arranged them neatly.

It wasn’t a celebration, but it sure seemed as festive as one because of how many people arrived.

Shen Peichuan was the taciturn type, so he sat on the couch alone as he tried to decipher Lin Xinyan’s message.

Previously, he received Su Zhan’s phone call when he came out from the morgue because he was investigating He Ruilin’s cause of death.

The official statement was that she committed suicide, but he decided to double-check the statement by asking a coroner who was his friend to undergo some more checks off the record.

There weren’t any scars on the body except the bruise on her neck because she hanged herself, but the coroner still managed to discover something fishy.

He discovered some substance resembling human skin embedded in her fingernails, but it would take additional tests to find out what it was.

After Shen Peichuan received Su Zhan’s phone call, he went back to take a shower and change into a fresh set of clothes. As he was about to make his way to the villa, he received Lin Xinyan. His first instinct was to call Zong Jinghao to ask him what was going on, but he stopped himself because Lin Xinyan forbade him from telling anyone.

He then placed a wheelchair in the boot of the car just as she had requested before coming to the villa.

“What are you looking at?” Su Zhan sat beside him and asked because Shen Peichuan had been staring at his phone ever since he arrived.

Shen Peichuan calmly turned his phone off, but Su Zhan could still catch a glimpse of what seemed to be a text message. “Who sent you a message? Why do you seem so engrossed?”

Shen Peichuan put his phone in his pocket and glared at him. “Can you mind your own business?”

Su Zhan snorted and sat on another couch. “It’s not like I wanna know anyway. I’m not interested in the text messages of an old virgin like you.”

Shen Peichuan was rendered speechless.

He really doesn’t hold back, huh?

Guan Jing was peeling some oranges as he heard Su Zhan’s comment. He then asked Shen Peichuan, “Are you really still a virgin?”

Su Zhan clenched his tummy and stifled his laughter. He didn’t want to ridicule Shen Peichuan, but this was too funny to him.

At that moment, Aunt Yu came over and announced, “Dinner’s ready. Wash your hands first. I’ll go upstairs and ask them to come down.”

Meanwhile, both of them were pretending to be asleep, so they pretended to wake up as well when they heard Aunt Yu’s voice. However, the difference between them was that Lin Xinyan didn’t know that Zong Jinghao was pretending to be asleep while he did.

Even so, he pretended like he didn’t know anything as he used a wet towel to wipe her hands. Meanwhile, Lin Xinyan stared at her hands and lamented, “I’m so useless. I need help in everything.”

Zong Jinghao didn’t look up as he continued his delicate motions. “You’re not useless at all. At least you can give me a baby.”

After he was done wiping her hands, he placed the wet towel on the table and pinched her cheeks. “Stop looking down on yourself. Come on, give me a hug.”

Zong Jinghao wrapped her arms around his neck and carried her up from the bed.

On the other hand, Lin Xinyan was already used to him carrying her ever since she got pregnant.

They were all in the living room when they saw Zong Jinghao carrying Lin Xinyan down. They stood up from the couches as he headed towards the dining room and said, “Let’s eat.”

He placed Lin Xinyan on the chair and sat beside her. Meanwhile, Shen Peichuan and the other two men sat opposite of them. The dining table could accommodate up to fifteen people, so there was more than enough space because there were only five of them there.

Su Zhan broke the silence. “The food looks delicious. Thank you, Xinyan.”

Lin Xinyan smiled and replied, “I should be one thanking you. You all helped me out so much during this period, and I’m remembering all your kind deeds.”

“Aunt Yu,” she called out.

“Yeah?” Aunt Yu approached her as she instructed, “Bring two bottles of liquor from the rack.” She then added deliberately, “Chinese spirits please.”

Aunt Yu heeded the order and went off.

Drinking liquor is not an unusual thing for an occasion like this, but why did Lin Xinyan specifically ask for Chinese spirits?

Don’t tell me she wants to get us all drunk?

Meanwhile, Zong Jinghao remained silent and fell into deep thought.

Aunt Yu came back with two bottles of thirty-year-old Moutai, which were pretty costly according to normal standards.

Lin Xinyan knew that there were a lot of types of liquor on the wine rack, and she knew that there were a few bottles of high-quality Moutai too.

There was a larger variety of red wine than Chinese spirits in stock, so naturally, Aunt Yu brought out the two specific bottles of Moutai under Lin Xinyan’s instructions.

She asked Aunt Yu to open the bottles and instructed, “Pour Su Zhan some.”

She then opened another bottle and asked Zong Jinghao, “I’m in a good mood. Can I pour them some?”

Zong Jinghao stared at her with a gaze filled with affection and love as he smiled. “Sure, as long as you want to.”

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