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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 433

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 433

Even if he didn’t turn around, Zong Jinghao still knew who was there. Despite that, Zong Jinghao didn’t want to greet him.

He placed Lin Xinyan on the backseat nonchalantly before closing the door, seemingly keeping her away from Bai Yinning’s sight.

He then approached Bai Yinning and held onto the handles of his wheelchair as he looked down on him. Meanwhile, Bai Yinning looked up and met his dagger-like gaze.

With a hawkish gaze, Zong Jinghao’s lips twitched as he warned, “Mr. Bai, stop coveting someone else’s…”

He then took a meaningful look at Bai Yinning’s legs and continued, “My wife doesn’t like you. Just forget about it.”

Zong Jinghao really despised the fact that Bai Yinning still desired Lin Xinyan even though she was already married.

Is it unconditional love?

Or is he trying to show the world how lovesick he is?

The more he thought about that, the more his lips twisted into a sardonic smirk. “You wouldn’t be considered even if my wife wants to find another partner.”

Bai Yinning only managed to stifle the changes in his expression by tightly clenching his jaw.

After all, the condition of his legs was his toughest pill to swallow.

He retorted, “Mr. Zong, since when are you so narrow-minded? Are you feeling threatened now?”

Zong Jinghao flashed an ambiguous smile. “Threatened? Possibly. Some people really just don’t know when to give up.”

Bai Yinning tried his best to maintain his composure. “I’m here today because of you. I know that a lot of things happened recently, and you must be very uptight lately as well. Maybe we can let bygones be bygones and work together.”

Zong Jinghao warned him, “Save your worries for someone else, Mr. Bai. Stay away from me too.”

After that, he propped himself somewhat forcefully with the handles of the wheelchair. As a result, the wheelchair slid backward slightly.

Bai Yinning remained unfazed as he watched Zong Jinghao leave. “I know that you’re a man of pride, but this is not the time to be caught up with that. She’s pregnant now, and things aren’t looking good outside, so we should make peace and face the challenges together.”

“Do you think that we are in Baicheng right now?” Su Zhan mocked. I hate how he said that. Who the hell does he think he is, acting all concerned for Lin Xinyan?

Why the heck is he so shameless?

“I really don’t know what you can bring to the table.”

Bai Yinning ignored his snide remarks and replied with a confident tone, “I met a gynecologist some time ago, and she said that Zong Qifeng brought a woman in labor there thirty years ago. This isn’t something unusual by itself, but, she isn’t from a major hospital in the city. Instead, she’s from a small clinic in the suburbs. Besides that, after the woman gave birth, she was immediately taken away. Aren’t you curious about who that woman is? Your mother, Wen Xian, probably wouldn’t be sent to a small clinic to give birth, right?”

Knowing what happened to Lin Xinyan gave him a chance to take down Wen Qing, but still, he couldn’t do it by himself. He needed Zong Jinghao’s help as well, so he secretly launched an investigation on what happened thirty years ago.

It was a long time ago, so there weren’t many traces of what happened, but fortunately, he was lucky enough to set the direction of his investigation based on an educated guess.

That was – trying to prove that Cheng Yuxiu had given birth before.

If he could do that, he didn’t need to continue his investigation any further because the truth would eventually reveal itself.

Even though that B City was large, there were only a limited number of hospitals there. He decided to carry out a blanket search to look for clues, and in the end, he managed to discover something.

If I can prove that Wen Qing isn’t Zong Jinghao’s biological uncle, would Zong Jinghao still hold back against him?

Once Wen Qing is defeated, Lin Xinyan’s troubles would be resolved, and I would be able to avenge my father as well. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Zong Jinghao suddenly stopped right in his tracks as his entire body tensed up.

Meanwhile, Lin Xinyan started to panic because she never thought that Bai Yinning could actually get some results from his investigation. Didn’t he promise me to stop his investigation?

Her hands trembled uncontrollably as she wound down the windows and said to Zong Jinghao, “Let’s go. I’m tired.”

She managed to see Bai Yinning from her peripheral vision, but she quickly averted her gaze.

On the other hand, Su Zhan didn’t dare to interrupt Bai Yinning anymore. What happened back then?

Did Zong Qifeng really bring a woman in labor to a small clinic thirty years ago?

“Jinghao,” Lin Xinyan called out to him softly again.

However, Zong Jinghao turned around and took a look at Bai Yinning. Even though he had a stoic expression, emotions were surging in his heart.

Since a long time ago, he knew that the secret Lin Xinyan was keeping from him was probably related to him. However, when he saw how anxious Lin Xinyan was after hearing what Bai Yinning said, he confirmed his suspicions immediately.

Even though Cheng Yuxiu and Lin Xinyan’s relationship might seem complicated at first, it’s actually pretty straightforward.

With an unfazed expression concealing his raging emotions, he approached Lin Xinyan and caressed her face.

Lin Xinyan grabbed onto his hands tightly and repeated, “I don’t feel well. Let’s go home.”

Her palms were cold and clammy, so Zong Jinghao stepped inside the car lest her health would be affected.

Lin Xinyan shifted a little to make room for him, and he caressed her tummy gently. “Does it hurt here?” Even though he was feeling very conflicted right now, he never let it show.

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