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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 430

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 430

The intruders, dressed in uniforms, came in a big group. It was apparent that they came prepared. No wonder those few bodyguards fail to stop them from barging into the ward. Zong Jinghao tucked Lin Xinyan into bed before standing up and turned his sharp gaze onto the bodyguards. “I will handle this.”

The bodyguards left the ward hastily.

The leader of the uniformed pack held up a warrant. “We are only acting according to the law. Ms. Lin is involved in a murder, so we need to bring her back to the police station for an investigation.”

Zong Jinghao strode towards them menacingly. He had built up a compelling presence from his years of dealing with people from all walks of life.

The policeman, holding the warrant, swallowed hard, but he did not budge an inch. He was jolly well aware of Zong Jinghao’s prestigious status in society. Nonetheless, he held his ground. I am acting according to the law. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, irrespective of their wealth and status.

He feigned calmness as he convinced himself that he had nothing to fear about. “Mr. Zong, we are acting according to the law. Please excuse us.”

This person isn’t Captain Chen. He doesn’t look familiar to me.

Zong Jinghao glanced at the warrant in his hands before smiling at the policeman. “What if I don’t ‘excuse’ you?”

The policeman intended to claim in a self-righteous tone that he was merely exercising his duties as a law enforcement officer. But his voice sounded weak and feeble as he mumbled, “It’s a crime to stop us from carrying out our official duties.”

“Fine. Handcuff me. I will go back to the police station with you.” Zong Jinghao held out his hands.

He was curious to know these policeman’s identity, who was neither Wen Qing’s nor Chen Qing’s subordinate.

The policeman was flustered. He was only instructed to arrest Lin Xinyan. I don’t even dare to touch Zong Jinghao, much less to handcuff him.

Zong Jinghao unbuttoned his shirt cuffs. “If the decision is too difficult for you to make, you can ask the person who gives you the order to come himself. I have a nasty habit of holding grudges against anyone who offends me. Though I don’t have the authority, I’m filthy rich. Tell me, how much does one’s life cost?”

The policeman was so terrified by his subtle threat that his legs almost turned into jelly. He stammered, “It’s… it’s a crime to hire an assassin to kill someone.”

But Zong Jinghao merely smiled sinisterly. “Do you have evidence pointing to me as a criminal? Stop talking about the law. It makes me sick. Are you going to take me in, or will you ask your boss to do that?”

The man was cornered.

Lin Xinyan placed her hands over her belly protectively without saying a word. Zong Jinghao had not told her the latest development of this matter. Thus, she could neither say nor do anything for fear of messing up his plan. I can only leave things in his hands now.

The policeman had come with a bunch of other policemen, who were blocking the doorway now. Yet, all of them were too stunned upon hearing Zong Jinghao’s threat to even budge an inch now.

The policeman pondered before saying, “Let me make a call.”

He went to the staircase, looked around his surroundings to ensure there was no one near him and whipped out a phone to make the call.

At this moment, He Wenhuai was brewing tea in a private room in a deserted tea house. He put a cup before Chen Qing, who was seated opposite him, and said, “The He family has nothing to fear anymore. I have a total of three kids, and two died in Zong Jinghao’s hands. I can’t take this down no matter how useless I am. Hence, I’m truly grateful to you for helping me take revenge on him as I’m afraid I can’t do it on my own. So, please tell me if you need me to do anything, and I will spare no effort to carry out my task. Please drink this cup of tea. It’s to represent my gratitude towards you.”

Chen Qing held his hands. He Wenhuai has aged a lot over the last two years. His white hair has grown out. Indeed, it must be devastating for him to lose two children consecutively.

“Please don’t mention it.” Chen Qing took the cup of tea before he said, “I should be toasting to you instead.”

He Wenhuai smiled bitterly. “I’m a far cry from my former self now. I’m not fit for you to make a toast to me.”

His reputation, which he had built up painstakingly over the years, was in tatters now. Everyone was gossiping about what had happened to He Ruize and He Ruilin. The He family was no longer the prestigious family it once was.

The endless stream of visitors to their house from before had dwindled to zero. No one will bother about us anymore. What will the other people say of us? What kind of father am I if I can’t even protect my children?

Chen Qing patted his shoulder consolingly. “I know. It’s not because you are weak, but it’s just that the Zong and the Wen families are too powerful. To be honest, I’m scared of them too.”

Wen Qing is sick now. I can’t wait for him to recover before progressing to the next stage of our plan. Otherwise, our efforts would have gone to naught.

He could not bear to give up halfway, thus he took the initiative to approach He Wenhuai.

“I understand that he has turned down your daughter’s engagement because of Lin Xinyan?” Chen Qing shifted the blame onto Lin Xinyan intentionally. After all, Zong Jinghao was his future son-in-law, so he must find a chance to get rid of Lin Xinyan.

Thus, he was only using He Wenhuai now to help him achieve his objectives. The latter had no idea that he hoped to marry his daughter to Zong Jinghao and even believed his claim that he was fearful of the Zong and the Wen families.

Although Chen Qing was no small fry, the Chen family was not powerful as the Wen family. Most of the power resided in Wen Qing’s hands. Furthermore, with the Zong family around, Chen Qing was worried that the Chen family would eventually suffer a fate as terrible as the He family.

Hence, he had taken the initiative to persuade He Wenhuai to join forces with him. After all, Zong Jinghao has really killed his children.

He Wenhuai sighed, “Initially, I wanted to form an alliance with the Zongs through marriage, but who would have expected this woman to appear suddenly? Not only had she ruined the marriage arrangement, but she also seduced my son, causing him to fall head over heels in love with her. In the end…”

He sighed again.

“Luckily, we have a chance now…” Chen Qing exchanged meaningful glances with him.

“Yes! Now we only need to wait for news. Once she stepped into the police station, I will ensure that she will not come out alive. She must pay for my children’s lives!”

Chen Qing leaned back in the red chair curved with beautiful flowers. He tapped his fingers on its arms patiently, waiting in anticipation for the good news.

Suddenly, He Wenhuai’s phone rang.

He Wenhuai cast a glance at Chen Qing before answering the call and putting it on speaker mode.

Someone reported from the other side of the phone. “Zong Jinghao is stopping us from arresting her.”

He Wenhuai’s face darkened. “You are a policeman with a proper warrant in your hands. What rights does he have to stop you from arresting a suspect?”

“He asks me to handcuff him instead and to ask my boss to talk to him personally instead.”

He Wenhuai paled, and his hands trembled in fear. Having overheard the phone conversation, Chen Qing patted his shoulders and said, “We won’t have another opportunity in the future if we miss this chance. There are only a few bodyguards of Zong Jinghao in the hospital. Our men outnumbered them.”

“You mean that we should arrest her forcefully instead?”

“What other choice do we have? With Lin Xinyan in our hands, Zong Jinghao won’t dare to do anything to you even if he finds out that you are the mastermind.”

“We are the mastermind,” reminded He Wenhuai. “Although the policemen are in my pocket, you are the one who got us that warrant.”

We are in the same boat now. Don’t even think of shaking me off.

Although the He family tried its best to build a strong network during the good times, it was no match for the Wen and the Chen families. Without Chen Qing, there was no way he could obtain that warrant.

Chen Qing smiled faintly. “Rest assured. It’s only a slip of my tongue. We are in the same boat now.”

He Wenhuai looked at him briefly and made up his mind. He commanded the person on the other side of the phone,” What is the use of you bringing so many people there if you don’t utilize them? You must arrest her today!”

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