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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 425

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 425

As everything happened unexpectedly, Chen Shihan was stunned didn’t move an inch. Hence, he wasn’t sure if she was stone-faced or petrified.

Soon, Li Zhan stopped kissing her lips but came up to her ear. Then, he said gently while breathing out hot air near her skin, “I heard from my dad that you wish to marry Zong Jinghao. Is that true?”

Bang! His words were like bombs exploded near her ear.

After a while, she turned around stiffly to look at him and asked, “You… You found out about it?”

Meanwhile, he caressed her face and said, “What’s so good about him? I mean, he is merely an old man in his thirties. As far as I know, he’s bad-tempered and not gentle with women. How can you choose him after staying single for so long?”

“But he doesn’t seem like what you described. At least, he treats Lin Xinyan very well…”

“Do you think you understand him better than I do? I know him very well because I have been with him for many years. He pretends to be a gentleman with the help of his gorgeous face. But deep down, he is actually a pervert and even obsessed with torturing women.”

“Did you say he is obsessed with… torturing women?” She was totally shocked to hear it.

Li Zhan didn’t let go of the opportunity to slander Zong Jinghao for the sake of helping him. As such, he opened his heart to tell her everything that was buried in his heart. “Do you think it’s impossible? Well, won’t he be stressed for managing a large company? A person who is stressed and depressed for quite some time can easily be a pervert.”

As Chen Shihan listened, she blinked her eyes and felt that his explanation made sense.


Is it possible that a prominent figure like Zong Jinghao is actually a pervert? If that’s so, why would Lin Xinyan choose to be with him?

Since Li Zhan could tell that she doubted it, he deliberately pinched her face and said, “How can you be so silly? Do you think he really treats Lin Xinyan well? If that’s so, why doesn’t he disclose their relationship but hide it instead? In fact, Lin Xinyan won’t be able to bear it if it wasn’t for her two kids. Hence, she can only stay by his side for the sake of the kids. Besides…”

When he paused, he stroked her cheek and pinched her chin so that she could look at him. Then, he asked flirtatiously, “Don’t you think I’m younger and more good-looking than him?”

Since they sat very close to each other, she could clearly see that his skin was even smoother than many women’s. After all, since he was a popular actor, he had to keep his complexion well at all times.

Besides, Chen Shihan admitted deep in her heart that he was rather good-looking.

However, she soon recollected herself and said, “Well, you told me this so that I won’t marry Zong Jinghao. Do you think I’m that stupid and won’t sniff out your ulterior motive?”

Li Zhan was rendered speechless.

Why is she not mesmerized? I mean, I even sacrificed my kiss to her to achieve the goal. During the movie shooting of his first kiss scene, he was reluctant to do it. Since he didn’t have a girlfriend, he felt that it was a waste to give his first kiss to a female actress who was older than him.

The director of the movie was a renowned local director who had several highly acclaimed films. It was said that he was rather strange and dared to do anything for the sake of producing a quality movie. There was a time when a female lead wasn’t good at doing the paso doble. The director immediately hired a dance instructor to teach her. Surprisingly, the director learned it too and could even dance better than the female lead.

In the end, the director won an award for the movie. During the award ceremony, the emcee mentioned the scene and asked, “It was the female lead who had to take part in the shooting and not you. But why did you learn it anyway?”

Surprisingly, the director answered blandly, “How can I direct her if I don’t know how to do the dance?”

The crowd gave him a standing ovation for his answer. He proved that success wouldn’t appear suddenly but was built upon hard work, sweat, and tears. To spice up the event, he even demonstrated his impromptu dance before the audience. Even though he was slightly plump and around 165 cm tall, he could still perform the paso doble that perfectly encompassed gentleness and intensity.

Once he mastered the demeanor of a paso doble dancer, he could demonstrate the charm of the dance in a funny but exciting manner.

During Li Zhan’s first kiss scene, the director complained that he was overly fussy and said, “The feeling when two persons kiss is no different from the moment your lips touch a piece of meat.” Once he finished, he demonstrated it by kissing the cameraman beside him. After that, he looked at Li Zhan and said, “What’s the matter? Isn’t it just about two pieces of meat touching each other? Close your eyes to kiss her swiftly, and the scene will be completed.”

At that time, the cameraman was shocked.

Besides, Li Zhan was also stunned after witnessing the demonstration. He couldn’t help but touch his lips and thought to himself. So, these are actually two pieces of meat?

Li Zhan was probably brainwashed because he felt that the director’s description was rather accurate. The lips were merely two pieces of meat. Hence, when he kissed Chen Shihan earlier, he repeated what the director said by closing his eyes and kissing her swiftly.

In short, he regarded it as a kiss scene.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t aware that after the kiss scene was shot, the director hid and washed his mouth with mineral water. He even scolded the cameraman, “Don’t eat too much leek My goodness, the smell was really disgusting.”

The cameraman was left speechless.

Why do I have to suffer all this?

He failed to seduce Chen Shihan because she was rather alert. Hence, he had no choice but to keep building up his emotions to act.

After all, numerous female fans would scream excitedly because they were impressed by his good look. As such, he didn’t believe that he couldn’t bring her into submission.

“Yes!” His eyes became bloodshot when he continued, “I don’t want you to marry anyone. Instead, you only belong to me!”

At this moment, he felt that he acted as an overbearing president of a corporation.

After taking her into his arms, he looked into her eyes passionately and said, “Can’t you feel me after I have said all this to you?”

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