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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 422

Stealing Your Heart Chapter 422

When Li Zhan lowered his head disappointedly, Li Jing thought that he was dejected for the sake of Chen Shihan.

To comfort him, she hugged him and said, “Even though this is complicated, I will do my best to fight for you.”

Li Jing turned around to look at her but didn’t utter a word.

Since Wen Qing is stubborn and cares about his late sister, he wouldn’t change his mind. Hence, the only possible solution is to try to persuade Chen Shihan and Mrs. Chen.

After pondering over it for a while, she looked at him seriously and said, “If you can meet Chen Shihan, are you confident that she will accept you?”

Am I confident? I’m not even fond of Chen Shihan in any way. How can I be confident? I mean, she will be my girlfriend long ago if I’m really fond of her. Why do I have to wait until today?

However, he obviously couldn’t be frank with Li Jing. He pretended to be unconfident and answered hesitantly, “I might have a 50-50 chance.”

Once he finished, Li Jing made up her mind and said, “A 50-50 chance is sufficient enough. I will go to the Chen family house and invite her to our house now.”

In that case, he will have the opportunity to confess to her.

She believed that once Li Zhan and Chen Shihan were together, Wen Qing couldn’t force Zong Jinghao to marry Chen Shihan. After all, she was well aware that Zong Jinghao didn’t intend to marry Chen Shihan. Even if he agreed to marry her for the sake of Lin Xinyan, their marriage was destined to shatter sooner or later.

Initially, Li Jing didn’t want to keep it from her son that Chen Shihan was engaged to Zong Jinghao. However, as a mother who selfishly loved her own son, she decided not to tell him about it. After a while, she changed her clothes and left the house.

Since the houses of two families were in the same neighborhood, Li Jing soon arrived at the Chen family house. However, her phone rang the moment she wanted to knock on the door.

Once she answered the phone, Chen Qing asked nervously, “Is this Li Jing?”

She could tell his voice and replied, “Yes, speaking.”

“Please come to the Second Branch of the People’s Hospital now. Wen Qing fainted just now and was admitted to the emergency room…”

At this moment, Li Jing was at a loss. Why did Wen Qing faint? Did he say Wen Qing was admitted to the emergency room? When she was nervous and unsure about what to do, Chen Qing asked over the phone, “Li Jing, are you still there?”

Li Jing recollected herself and replied, “Yes, I’ll be there right away.”

Since they were married for many years, Li Jing cared about Wen Qing. Apart from the fact that he was stubborn, not gentle, and not romantic, he was still a good husband and always treated her sincerely.

Since he used to be a soldier, he is strong and will undergo medical check-ups twice a year. Besides, he has always been in good health. Why did he suddenly faint and was admitted to the hospital?

Li Jing caught a cab to the hospital right away and forgot her promise to Li Zhan.

At this moment, all she could think of was Wen Qing.

Since a strong man like Wen Qing was suddenly admitted to the hospital, she couldn’t help but worry that something unfortunate would happen to him.

Once the cab arrived at the hospital, Li Jing pushed the door open and hopped out. The driver yelled at her, “Hey, you haven’t paid the fare.”

Li Jing almost forgot about it because she was deep in thought. She turned around to handed a hundred to the driver and apologized, “I’m sorry. I almost forget about it because I’m in a rush.”

Fortunately, the cab driver was easy-going and said smilingly, “I understand.”

To the driver, something unfortunate might have happened whenever a person rushed to a hospital.

When the driver handed over the change to her from the window, she said, “Just keep the change.” The next moment, she quickly rushed into the hospital.

The driver glanced at the money and smiled. Then, he put the money back into his wallet and left.

Wen Qing was still in the emergency room when she arrived. Besides, Chen Qing sat on the bench alone.

She asked Chen Qing even before she came up to him, “What happened? Why did he faint? I mean, he has always been healthy.”

Knowing that Li Jing was anxious, Chen Qing stood up from the bench and comforted her, “Please stay calm.”

“How can I stay calm?” Li Jing couldn’t control her emotions since her husband was admitted to the emergency room.

“Please tell me why he fainted. After all, he has always been in good health.”

Since Li Jing would get to the truth sooner or later, Chen Qing didn’t intend to keep it from her. Hence, he explained honestly, “Wen Qing and I met Zong Jinghao today to discuss his marriage with Han. Zong Jinghao agreed to it on one condition but he would sever his ties with the Wen family. That was why he was irritated and fainted.”

She was well aware that Wen Qing cared about Zong Jinghao very much. Hence, she understood that Wen Qing couldn’t accept it when Zong Jinghao wanted to sever ties with him. Nevertheless, she was a little shocked when Chen Qing mentioned that Zong Jinghao agreed to marry Chen Shihan.

It wasn’t until now that she finally recalled her promise to Li Zhan.

What should I do now?

She took out her phone and dialed the landline number because she didn’t have Li Zhan’s mobile phone number. As a matter of fact, Li Zhan didn’t give his number to anyone in his family to prevent them from contacting him.

Even though the call went through, no one picked up the phone.

On the other hand, since Li Jing didn’t come home after quite some time, he went to the Chen family’s house right away. He was surprised to find out that she wasn’t there as well.

“Your mom didn’t come here today. How about giving her a call?” Mrs. Chen said honestly.

Li Zhan replied smilingly, “It’s okay. It’s not urgent. By the way, is Shihan here?”

Mrs. Chen said, “Yes, she’s here.”

As she spoke, she moved aside for Li Zhan to enter the house. Actually, Mrs. Chen liked him because he was about the same age as Chen Shihan, and both of their families were on par with one another. Moreover, since Chen Shihan and Li Zhan grew up together, she knew him very well.

After a while, she gazed at him and asked, “Zhan, please be frank with me. Are you fond of Han?”

After all, he often came to her house recently to look for Chen Shihan. Even though he initially claimed to look for Li Jing, today was no exception. As such, Mrs. Chen believed that he used his mom as a pretext to approach Chen Shihan.

On the other hand, Li Zhan was stunned because he didn’t expect to hear the question from her.

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